Monday, December 13, 2004


Well, today was fierce, but it was fun. Life is really good. That's right, im a teenager that think life rocks to the max. Funny how that goes eh? Sure, about 90% of the people I know think life blows, but I absolutely love it.

School is going well. Im getting a 4.0, and im gonna get another one this term. Nerd team will be good this year, we're not the best, but we shall be victorious. Journalism is fun, I hate being a slave, but if thats what's necesary, a slave I shall be!

The only real grief I have about school is being treated like a delinquent all day. I know that just about every teenager, given the oppurtunity, will be an idiot and destroy something. But I'm not like that, and automatically being filed into that category really bugs me. After school they lock up all the halls, and take in all the phones. And yeah, I know thats to herd out all the idiots that dont need to be there, but I need to be there. Im sharpes slave, I help brough somedays, I need to be with the nerd team. Im not there because I want to. Im not there so I can pee on the walls when the janitor looks away. Im there to help out, learn something, and just be a nice kid. Unfortunately, they don't want me there. Or maybe they do, and they just dont know it. Anyways, the hall nazi, and the deranged janitor of wrath are always stalking me, and they think im gonna pull out a handgun and shoot people all the sudden. I don't get it. Why when Ive never ever done anything to warrant such treatment do I get things taken away from me? Ive never once made a problem. And here I am, left without a phone, and without a way to get into C hall to nerd practice. Good crap. Why do they maintain an after school program if they don't want us there? That's obvious, they don't want us there. They dont was us scuffing up the tiles, or making problems. Why keep us? Why keep us in the school when we are only problems that wont leave soon enough? Good crap! Just let me use the phone, and get to where I need to get. Guaranteed I'd be out of the building 10 minutes earlier every day if I could just get to where I needed to be. Sigh

However, other than that, life is supremely good. I suppose one could say that I've got a sort of unofficial significant other, but we shan't really call it that. I don't really know what to call the whole situation. I really like this girl, and she likes me. However, we decided being a couple would be lame, and we don't walk around the halls holding hands or anything like that. In fact, I've hugged the girl once, even though we've been in some sort of unofficial and not real relationship even though we say we arent for a long time. She's awesome though, and thats part of the reason I'm so happy these days. I've always been happy, and I've always loved life, but she just makes school so much more bright with her smiling face, its beautiful.

well, I wish I had raging muscles, and that I was good at basketball. Im not either, but by george I've got a hot computer I built from money I made laying carpets. Yeah, im a nerd, and im proud of it. And ya know, I've been working out, as well as playing some ball lately, so maybe some day I will look like the increidble hulk. Its doubtful, but there's an outside chance right? I like to think im a well rounded person, maybe not, but I like to think so.

Well, life is good. And this is Christopher, signing out like a madman.

Have a nice day.