Friday, December 30, 2005

It's All Been Done

Some of you are wondering about the title. Well, the simple truth is that it has no hidden meanings. It's not poetic, it doesn't reflect how I feel, its got nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that all the good titles have been taken. That title literally means what it says. I wanted to think of something witty, something clever. Nothing lended itself to being funny though, I'm not funny tonight. There are no funny titles, there are no clever titles, and no titles with deep meaning coming to mind at the moment. That title is simply there because it sucks so bad, it's in a category all of its own. It's all been done - tell me about it, there are no good titles left. A title that dry must mean something right? Nope. It means nothing. Once you learn to come to terms with that, you can read on. Until then, you are not ready for what I have to share with you next.

*deep breath*

*climatic pause*

ANTICLIMAX! Nothin'. I got you all to expect something good, and there's nothing climatic here. No news, no gasp-wrenching revelations, just my normal life, rolling on. Take that.

So whats new? I'm equipped with an entire nerd ensemble, it's amazing. Last blog I mentioned how I didnt get any T-shirts. Well, I definitely didn't, but I tried out a polo with khakis today, and boy it's pretty cool. I wish I would have known this last year, my nerd status would have gone through the roof. So, the tuesday we go back to school, you'll all see me in Khakis, a super cool polo, and a combover, simply because I really want to wear a combover to school.

I played Frisbee today, and it was amazing. It was ridiculously windy, and instead of the usual 18-20 people we have show up, we had a good 10. So, we played some 4v4 in obscene wind, and it worked out really great.

The teams were me, Andrew, Turley, berlin and porks vs. Brad, Bryce, Bryan, Carie, and Christina. Brad and Bryce are frisbee idols, it's ridiculous. Bryce is the best frisbee player I've ever seen, but he doesn't show it off much. he could probably single handedly win a game, but he doesn't. I really appreciate that fact when he's on the other team.

So, we expected to get ran because their team looked alot better than ours. They took a quick lead of 2-0 cause we weren't on our toes. We were getting abused by the wind, and just weren't playing smart. It happened pretty quick, so we weren't too disappointed. We figured out how to compensate for the wind, and then pulled it to a tie.

Eventually we won, they never got the lead back after they lost it at 2. It really did look like the game ought to go their way, but they just weren't playing as hard as we were. I had some really cool plays, which I really wanna talk about, so I'm going to.

We were within scoring range with the disk, but since it was outrageously windy we figured we ought to take 2 passes instead. So, Turley or Berlin does a pretty high pass to me, but Brad is all over me. Brad has some insane white man hops, plus he had better position, so he jumped up and swatted it a tiny bit, it was more of a flounder than a swat. So, the disk is just fluttering in midair, and I kinda hop up and catch it on the way down, as Brad is spinning to see where it went. In all the confusion, I pull it down, and send a nice shot pass in for a point. w00tah for 2nd chances.

The other play was hardly a play, it was a kickoff. We were kicking in to the wind, so we only expected 20 yards or so, it was way windy. I wound up some awesome forehand, got really really low to the ground on the release, and just put all the power I could into it, and it sliced into the wind like mad and just flew straight and low out there like mad. It was better than my normal kickoffs on calm days, I was so proud of myself. You should have seen it. Just flying there, as if the mass of the atmosphere wasn't opposing it with all it's might. oblivious to the pounds and pounds of airdrag fighting it. It just flew like...well, like a frisbee.

So, we won, against most odds. I contributed on offence, not too much on D, but thats cause I was guarding Bryce, and you can't stop him. That, and I'm not too good at D. It was great times though, I love frisbee with a fierce passion.

so, I went to a rockin' party tonight. It was alot of fun, and I totally won the wet T-shirt contest. I got my butt kicked at capture the flag, and I have no excuses for it. I just lost. Lost hard, it was humiliating. There was a pretty cute girl there that I didn't know, and then I found out she was in 7th grade. Yeah, that was pretty embarassing.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I think i've got to work a bit. Good old Jolene. Always a nice standby. On any given month I can expect to get some sort of work out of it. I swear I ought to be a professional janitor. "We need you to put up ceiling tile, we need you to put up lights, we need you to cut some carpet and put it in, we need you to move all this crap to this truck." Its not a bad job at all. Im afraid of the carpet though. We're trying a very complex surgery I like to call the old cut n' swap. I've got to cut carpet from the back of the store, and put it in on the sides of the store. It's gonna be messy, especially considering we don't have the right tools. I'm gonna call sharpe and ask if I can borrow a carpet knife, cause that'd make my life a ton easier. Either way, we still don't have glue, or scraping tools, so its gonna be a rough job. Oh well, builds character, and bank accounts.

(8)Dime que no(8)

Sorry, a little spanish rock never hurt anybody.

I really think my hot frisbee is coming in the mail tomorrow. I'm actually gonna take pictures of it and post it for you all. I always say that im gonna do pictures. Well, I really am this time.

What else what else what else? See, a normal person at this point would say "Good crap, I've got nothing else to write! I should probably just end now." Not me. Im gonna keep wasting your time, AND my time. Take that suckers.

Oooooh, get folding@home already you slackers. It doesnt hurt you at all, and helps science. Once you have it, talk to me, it's gonna be fun.

New years is coming up. My new years resolution? Well, I stole it from wanda sikes.

"Don't stab nobody."

I think it's going to be pretty successful.

So what do you sick people want to see? I feel like answering the call of the masses. You want art? You want a short story? you want poetry? you want philosophy? You want pictures of me and my frisbee? you want me to finally finish that debate thing (please say no to that one). I'm open to suggestions. Either way I keep on writing, but if you want to see something in particular, give me a buzz, I'll see what I can do.

The future looks bright. Sure, there are dim spots on the horizon, but all in all it ought to be great. There's not much that can hold a person back. People can try, but no matter what, time marches on, and it takes you with it. You're never the same person 2 days in a row, and the choices you make change the person that you are going to be tomorrow. No matter what we all keep growing and changing, and thats why the future looks so bright. Even if you're a loser now, you've got potential to be a stallion tomorrow. I figure if I work to make the best choices I can, I'm bound to end up cool one day. Hooray! Have a nice night everybody, I'm dead tired. Sleepover night before last, scout camp last night, and no naps inbetween. Yikes, the old man thinks he's gonna die. This old man is out, like a fat girl in dodgeball.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody! Today has been a super spectacular day. It's just been great to hang out with my family, and just have a good time. I really love my family, they're amazing.

So, what'd I give this year? The coolest stuff ever. I havent ever really given gifts in the past, but this year I gave them to all my family, and it was way cooler than all those other times I was lame and didn't. I got my dad some swedish fire steel, which is some souped up flint 'n steel. I figure since he's the scout master it'll come in handy. For my mom, I got her the one thing I could find that had an attitude as great as her's, the 2006 demotivators Calendar. It's hilarious.

For my lovely sister Stephanie, I got a super cool si-link fm transmitter. The cd player in her car doesn't work, and she really wanted one. Since that was out of my economic range, and since I couldnt purchase it from the comfort of my office chair, I got her the next best thing. Its a pretty cool doo-hickey. You plug it into the headphone jack of a portable CD player, and it'll broadcast whatever is coming out of the cd player on a short range FM frequency. You just tune your car radio to whatever frequency it's one, and you can listen, it's amazing!

Nathan got my favorite gift, Silly Putty on 'Roids. I was very tempted to keep it for myself and just give Nathan money. I was a bad person, and I totally played with it all night on friday cause he was gone. It's the most amazing stuff. Sure, it's 12 dollars of silly putty, but it's worth every cent.

Andrew got a Google T-shirt. Google is Andrew's one true love. He has a thing for google. In his own words. "I would pay them to let me be their janitor, I just want to be able to say I work for them!"

If you havent noticed, i did all my shopping online. Hooray! I like getting stuff for people, it's good times.

My Christmas haul was rather good this year. I got a super nice new frisbee, tons of shirts. The problem with the shirts is that they're not T-shirts, which leaves me in a predicament. All my life my wardrobe has consisted of jeans and a t-shirt. Now I'm going to have to learn how to wear something that isn't a T-shirt. My mom is trying to break me out of my ultra-conservative shell, and that's a dangerous thing to do. Nathan got me and Andrew a combined gift of the 5th season of simpsons. That's quality right there. Michael sent me a super amazing gift, I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Well, That's my writeup. It's been a super great day. Now, as promised, here's a little something for you. It's not much, but it's all I can do from my desk. Here is a bunch of crap that I've found to be extremely useful on the internet. The internet is a great tool, here's what I've found thats good.

Weather Forecast: This is the weather forecast for SLC and the surrounding area. it's generally way accurate, and just a good thing to know. How warm is it gonna be on tuesday? Just check online tubby.

Google News: Google's news service, it searches thousands and thousands of news sources, and shows you the most popular/best ones. it's a great way to keep up with the world. Don't be kept in ignorance, read the news.

Dollar Theater:
These are the listings for the dollar theater, updated every Friday. "Hey, whats in the dollar theater?" Go here, it'll tell you. Its got links to reviews too, so you know if something sucks or not. If you ever talk to Hope, 80% of the things she asks you have to do with vocabulary words. Fear not, will help. It defines everything for you, it's great.

Google: Find it, with google. If any of you are ever using another search engine I will have to smite you. Google is the best. Hands down. Google is superior. Use it.

Wikipedia: The best online encyclopedia ever. Need to know something about something? Wikipedia has the answer, just go search it.

Nick's blog

Marissa's blog

UPA: The Ultimate Players Association, the governing body of Ultimate in the United States. They're the guys in charge of the mad action frisbee I love.

Firefox: Most of you are using internet explorer. This needs to stop now. Firefox is better in nearly every aspect. Not to mention, its open source, which is just cool. No, it's not going to blow your computer up james. Sure, your parents aren't gonna let you download it, but it's superior, so try to get it. Everybody else, at least go take a look at it. I'm looking at you Nick. Get firefox, it's amazing. Its a web browser, kicks butt. Yeah.

Folding@Home: This is a scientific project. Here's what happens. Some guys at stanford are trying to figure out how proteins fold. See, proteins do everything in our body, but in order to do the things they do they have to "assemble" themselves into certain shapes to do it. They call this folding. Protein mis-folding leads to many diseases, including some cancers, huntingtons, parkinsons, and even madcow disease. So, these stanford folks are simulating this folding to figure out how it works. Unfortunately, this stuff happens really really quick, microsecond quick. Its nearly impossible to simulate that on even the fast super computer. You couldn't even do it on a cluster of supercomputers. So, what's the solution? It's called distributed computing. You let people like me and you install and run a little application on their home computer. That app connects to their server, gets a "Work unit" and folds it. This generally takes about a day. once its finished, it sends it back, and you get another one. That alone is kinda slow, but when you get millions and millions of people running their application, you can move mountains of data. I've been running it for a while, and it really is just amazing. It makes me feel like im not such a lazy loser. I can say "Hey, while I took a nap my computer moved the world 1 step closer to understanding protein folding." This application does not harm your computer at all. It runs continuously in the background, using all your idle processing time. I have never had any problems whatsoever with this program. I can play counter strike just fine with it running, i can edit videos just fine when I'm running it. It's a great thing to do, and I'd like nothing more than for all of you to run it. If anybody is interested talk to me, cause its way awesome.

I believe that that is it. Was that a worthless present? Yes, but at least now you know what the weather is gonna be like. Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday. I'm really looking forward to spending this week lounging about, and taking it easy. Have a great one everybody, Toodles~

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Please Don't Feed the Animals

Good crap. You give a bear a pretzel and then he just keeps coming back for more. As soon as you miss a day giving a pretzel, he mauls you! Thanks alot guys.

Anyways, It's been a while since I last wrote. Well, about a week. Generally that's not that long of a time, but I started writing pretty frequently lately so it seems longer. I do like writing, I just havent had the drive to do so this week. So, I'ma fill in and waste as much time as possible before I have to debate. Honestly, who just makes me debate about common sense?

So, whats new in the life of Christopher J Thatcher? Well, not too much. Last week I sluffed Track practice every single day cept Friday, and this week I've got every day but wednesday. It's been really fun to go work out with Jason and Levi. Me, Jason, Levi, Hai, and some other weirdo are the only ones that are ever there from T-ville, except for the chirons or whatever. It's pretty fun though, bike 2 miles, run 2 miles, do some weights, then play some ball. It's been fun to work out again as opposed to being a fatkid. Endorphins are a great thing I tell you. Maybe by the summer I'll be ready for carpet again. Instead of having girly muscles like the last two years, I'll have something. Thats a longshot really... chances are they'll stay girly, but at least I'm working on it.

School is going pretty good, I'm sitting on a 4.0 as it stands, and I don't expect much to change unless I bomb a chem test or an algebra test. Everything else is pretty secure, and those two are alright, just not set in stone. World History is still pretty lame, at least it's interesting stuff. I just wish he went about stuff a different way. Granted we learn the stuff, at least for a short time period, but its still boring as heck. Even though a teaching method works, it doesnt mean that it ought to be used, or abused as it is. Physics is fun, I like getting stuff. I've taken to hiding whenever we go to the computers because I've always got to teach everyone that was sleeping how to do it again. Sure, I was sleeping too, but I can figure it out. Its funny to hear them search for me as I hide next to Jessica Thompson in the corner, it's good times.

Today in Fitness for Life we did our Pacer test. I did pretty crappy, but still beat this semester's number. Assuming that nobody beat it in 4th period, or tomorrow, I ought to stay at the top at 56. Thats not half as good as I wanted to do, but I was hurting and just didn't feel it. I don't have any sprints at all, I'm distance to the end. Heck, I'm not really even distance to tell the truth, I just pretend. I'm just more operable at distance than at sprinting. Distance I can get into a groove with my steps and my breath, and forget what's going on and just go. Sprinting you can't do that, your breath comes short, your legs hurt, your brain is dead focused on how much oxygen it needs-and how much it's not getting. Sprinting is teh suxxorz. Granted it's probably more useful than distance. From a sports perspective, sprints are probably better than distance. What's better, someone that can run at normal speed for 30 minutes, or someone that can burst out for 15 seconds to block that huck to the endzone? The difference is 1 point, and that's one big point. Oh well, I can't sprint, and I'm fine with that.

Lets see, what else? The frisbee dream is still very alive. I'm working out some details as it is, I think it's really going to take off and work. There are local tournaments we could get into, it'd be amazing. I'm doing it, Don't let me back out. No lame-o's allowed. W00tah. I'm thinking of calling it UFAT, Ultimate Frisbee Association at Taylorsville. We could get into the High school tournaments, get our butts kicked, and come home happy about it.

Christmas is in X many days. Find a calendar and figure it out yourselves slackers. I'm excited for it, I did all my shopping online, and it's gonnna be pretty cool business. Sorry to all y'alls, I didn't get anyone but my family anything. Maybe I'll post something fun for you on Christmas. Then again, maybe I won't. Either way, I wanna wish you all the most merry of Christmas', we all ought to party down over the break.

I really want to fly. Just like, soar. I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it, but I figure that someday I will. Nobody knows how, but it's gonna happen. Even if they have to shoot me out of a cannon at my funeral, it'll happen.

So, they're thinking of making another seminary video over the Christmas break. What nutjobs. Taylor came into my class to warn me about it today, he was pretty funny about it. "They said that they were gonna invite you to see if you wanted to help them write the script over the break on tuesday or something. Don't go. Just say no. I'm sure you've got better things to do. Don't go. Don't do it man, don't go. Say no, and don't go. Sleep, do something, just don't go." It was hilarious. Oh well, either way it ought to be fun. I need to remember a tripod this time though;). I'll upload that other video as soon as I get a copy of it. Somebody smart killed it on my computer.

By the way, I like Spanish music. And bananas. And firefox. For those of you that don't have firefox, you ought to get it. It kicks the smack out of IE.

Oh man, I wrote a killer cinquain in English the other day. it's a fun little poem that has 5 lines, and the sylablles go 2, 4, 6, 8, 2. It had to be about Christmas or snowflakes, so here goes. Mind you, it's not good, but c'mon! It's poetry! Let me be emo for 45 seconds, c'mon, it'll be fun.

No Christmas here
No Han'kuh for the Jew
The ACLU will kill you

Yay! Pretty much its a crappy poem, minus the ACLU will kill you part, im pretty proud of that. If I ever write a book, the main character is gonna be named "Thread" cause thats just a cool name.

What else what else what else? I smell funny cause I'm still wearing the shirt I done worked out in. I've got issues, that smell is comforting to me. it comes from my troubled childhood.

What am I gonna do when I grow up? No clue. I don't really wanna work for NASA anymore. I think it'd be fun to be a teacher, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I'd be a terrible terrible teacher. Professional gamer? Maybe if I were good at anything. Professional Frisbee Enthusiast? Too bad nobody wants to watch a frisbee game on TV.... except for me of course. Televangelist? Good chance.

Thinking is a good thing. Go sit and think for 5 minutes about stuff. It'll make you feel better. Think about whatever. Just think about it for a bit, it's amazing.

Anywhom, I guess I got to get to that debate now that I've floudered for the last however many minutes. So, common sense eh?

There are those within earshot that were forced to argue that common sense is a myth, and not a true human value. To those that believe that, I have 2 words for you.



With nothing against aforementioned individual, there are just some people in the world that lack this common sense. I do believe that there is a correlation between experience and common sense. Someone that has never sat down at a computer before is not going to be able to find their way around. However, once they know the basics, that is the jumping off point where we begin to see the difference between those who posess common sense and those who do not.

Lets theorize here. lets make up a fictional character, we'll call him Kyle. Kyle knows how to use a computer, he's done it before. he sits down at a computer with the assignment to put a picture in to a power point presentation. He doesn't know exactly how to do it, so he looks around at the tools around him. it takes him 45 seconds, but eventually he analyzes the top bar, and finds the "insert" one. Using his noggin, he says "Oh, I want to put something in. Insert is a synonym for "put something in" lets click that and see what my options are." So he clicks it, find the insert graphic, and does it.

Then lets make another person, we'll call them Reynold. Reynold has the same assignment, knows how to use a computer, doesnt know how to insert. What does Reynold do? Raises his hand and asks a question.

Bam, there's the difference. Everyone has some measure of common sense, its a matter of how it is applied. There are those in the world that are not willing to take a jump. Common sense, it's making a choice based on background knowledge, but it has to be background knowledge that isn't certain. Common sense is a choice.

There's a line between ignorance and not having any common sense. Common sense requires effort. It requires you to go into the back of your brain and say "Ok, what's the situation? What have I done that resembles this in any way? Is there anything that relates to this that I know how to do?" Example: You're in an elevator, and the buttons don't have numbers. You know you want to go up 2 floors. The middle button is lit up, and there are several buttons above it, as well as below. What do you do? Well good crap, you hit the button that is two above the one that is lit up. How do you know that? Well, you know that generally the numbers go from highest at the top to lowest at the bottom, that generally the one you are on is lit up, and that you want to go up two levels. It took thought, no matter how little.

How do I cook a turkey? Experience tells you the exact way to do it. Common sense tells you that you've cooked chicken before.

Everybody has common sense, it's not a myth, its a fact of life. Not everybody uses common sense. I don't use it enough. There have been several times in the past month that I've said "You know, had I sat down to think about that for more than 20 seconds, I could have figured it out." But I didn't, I wussed out and was an idiot.

Take a chance, use what you know, use your resources, and make a decision. That's common sense for you. Its no magical voice in your ear that tells you what to do, that goes by another name. This is just the smart way to make decisions you're not certain about. It does exist, its not a fanciful myth that we all pretend exists to make Jade look like an idiot. Nah, its effort, it's searching your knowledge base, then its acting on what you've discovered.


Friday, December 16, 2005

The Great Debate

Ok, this is gonna be short cause its 7:10 and I'm still not entirely ready for school.

Nick needs stuff to write about on his blog, and I don't mind getting told what to write about. So, I'm proposing that you, my readers, tell me and Nick what to have a debate about. You give us a topic, and then choose who gets to argue pro, and who gets to argue con.

so, for example, you leave a comment saying "Wow, thats a good idea Thatcher, I want you two to debate about gay rights, and I want Nick to argue for them."

Think of good stuff guys, you know it's gonna be fun.

oh, and I havent talked to nick about this yet, but im sure he'll agree. Aight, g'night all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Swahili Revenge

And I'm back with a vengeance. Last night was terrible, and we're just going to forget that it ever happened.

Well, much has changed since last I wrote. We watched the seminary video in class today, and I kinda grew to like it. I guess I was just a little burnt out on it or something, because last night I honestly hated it, but today I thought it was alright. It's still not great or anything, but it's operable at least. It will get upload as soon as I get the DVD back. I accidentally got rid of the main video file on my computer before I rendered it as just a .mpeg, so it'll be some time before you all get to see it online. Oh well, it'll get there.

For a long time my frisbee dreams had died down. You could say that i had a traumatic experience. Over the Thanksgiving recess we played some day frisbee. It was real windy, and there were alot of lame-'s that showed up. Now I'm not saying I'm not a lame-o, cause I am. But generally when I'm the only lame-o it works out alright. This time we had about 45 lame-o's, and it just wasnt the quality frisbee I had come to expect.

I was disheartened. One of the only things in life that had never turned its back on me had turned its back on me. I didn't know what to do. I haven't played frisbee since to tell you the truth. That's been about a month.

Last night my mom was telling me the story of how they couldn't find a frisbee in any store anywhere near here. I'm like, that's lame, I can find millions online. So I come up here to my fun computer and start checking out the flashflight, then some other stuff. One thing leads to another and I'm reading about frisbee games, checking out local tournaments, and just breathing it all in. I'm officially in love again.

After a good month of me and frisbee being broken up, we're back together. See, that's one great thing about inanimate objects, they'll always take you back. *cough*

Just kiddin, I'm over that. I just coulnd't resist the joke.

Anywhom, the plan is back on. Next year I'm gonna spearhead the Taylorsville Ultimate Frisbee operation. I know Shaun/Shawn/Sean Fairborne is gonna be in on it, leastways he said he would be. That means we can have flocks and flocks of girls as well. I'm gonna run things a ton differently though, and it's just gonna be amazing. There are actually local High school tournaments we could get in on. They've got guys, they;ve got coed, and they've got girls tournaments. I just think that'd be amazing.

When my dad tries to trick me into doing an Eagle project, he always asks "So what are you passionate about?" The only thing that I can ever come up with is Frisbee. I really want to do this. I really think that it's gonna happen. If I take 4th period athletics next year, that means I'll have every other day after school off. That means I can run games, I can run little clinics for people who wanna learn to throw a frisbee. I can set up a website, I can advertise, I can make cool Ultimate montages. Who needs noscopes when you've got frisbee?

So who's with me? If you're not, I'll find others. But we'll be dedicated, and we'll make it fun. There is a serious lack of professional frisbee this year. None of this 3-step crud. None of this "I don't wanna go" crud. If you don't wanna go don't sign up. There will be amazing frisbee next year, even if I've got to fail every class to make it happen.

Speaking of failing, I'm never gonna graduate. We got those stupid "how are you doing towards graduation?" papers the other day. Yeah, I've got like, 9 gym credits, about a million electives, comp tech, applied tech, whatever else. It's not even good, I'm not gonna graduate. Who needs a diploma anyways?

So that's all. Life is getting better. Sometimes it bites a little, but that's not too hard to shake if you know the ways to get happy again. Merry Christmas everybody.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


/in come the shrews

at least Peter will appreciate my title.

Well, it's been a while since my last blog, but thats cause I've been a little busy. It's nice to be able to say I've been busy, because generally I'm not. Generally I'm just a lazy slob that pretends to be busy, but the last couple days I actually have been. So, that's my excuse, and I'm stickin with it.

So, what's been going on in my life the last week? way too much editing, not enough sleep, and definitely not enough kill-taculars. (Even though I did get one in Counterstrike earlier today, which was AMAZING)

Pretty much, last week my main worry was the seminary video. The plan was to film on Tuesday or something, so I totally sluffed track so I could make it, and it ends up that we didn't have a camera. See, I don't have a camera, because I'm just that lame. They knew that when they asked me to film for them. One of the seminary teachers has one that they always let council borrow, so we're like "Aight, we'll just ask him to bring it so we can film." But, due to lack of communication, we didnt have a camera. So we go to hailey's house and make a script. It took alot longer than necessary, but that's alright. That was a bit stressful, but oh well right.

So, we decide we're gonna film friday, before school, and after. So that means I've got to be at the seminary building at 6, hooray. So, I go to bed at 8, which was ridiculously amazing. Wake up, anad show up on time. I forgot the tripod, so the whole video ended up shaky, but oh well. So, we film, and things go slow. Filming takes alot longer than anybody ever thinks it will. I don't know what the deal is, but it takes ages. We film, nothing too great happens. There are alot of funny people on council though. To quote Taylor, when he was trying to be a bad guy: "I'd wear a shirt that says "I think modest girls are hot"...but I don't." That was just hilarious.

After school filming. This means 2 things. 1) I miss track, which was swimming, and looked really fun. 2) I don't get to go home for a long time. We film, and it gets done. I'm not too excited to edit it, because the filming didn't go too well. We were short people so we had to borrow some of the swim team for extras. Mind you, they were in speedos. Those aren't seminary appropriate, at least not the sizes they were wearing. I actually had to edit some shorts on to them, that was great.

Sigh. Long story short, I spent all of Sunday after church and all of yesterday till about 1 editing. It ended up about 10 minutes, and you know what? It's not even good. My name isn't on it. Last time I didn't put my name on it because I was working on that humility thing. This time I didn't put my name on it cause I don't want to be associated with the trainwreck that I created. It's not really funny, it's not real uplifting. It actually makes me pretty sad. I didn't salvage it. I was in charge, and it pretty much bombed. It hasnt been shown yet... I turned it in today. Chances are y'all will see it thursday and friday. I apologize in advance.

Despite how crappy that last paragraph sounds, I'm doing pretty well myself. I am very happy to be alive today, 'specially considering how close I came to death.

Ok, not really close to death at all, but I expected today to be alot worse. I was up till 1:30 last night working. till 1 editing, then I had to write a speech for English from 1 to 1:30. The written speech blew, but I had to give it today in class, and I decided to just screw what I had written and go off on my own. I'm alright at telling stories and arguing with people, and the speech was a mix of that so I figure I did pretty good.

When I stepped out of school today I was surprised to not be in tears. I finished the day! Look at me go. 4.5 hours of sleep yesterday, no nap. Ages spent hitting my head against the keyboard while I try to get the video to work. And I'm still alive. No alligator attacks.

So, pretty much this blog sucks big time too. I ought to start a mediocre production company that just makes crappy stuff for a living. none of this good stuff that sells, oh no, I make crappy stuff now.

Ummm.... anything else that needs to be said? Nah, not really. Nothin' y'alls want to hear at least. I figure I've complained enough today. Time to go salvage the rest of today by writting about politics, swing over to my philosophy to hear it.

Well then, g'night. I took a 4 hour nap today, and I'm still tired. I've got not much left inside, aside from those fajitas I ate for dinner.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hall Tag

Hey everybody, happy thursday. Right now it's about 6:17, and I'm nearly ready for bed. I have to be at the school tomorrow at 6 to film another Seminary video. Aye, that's gonna be rough. Oh well, at least I'll finally get a good nights rest because of it. I havent had a nap today, and I'm gonna run off to bed ever so soon. I just wanted to get some stuff out for you all before I run off.

So, life has been fairly swell these days. I've been sleeping everyday in class this week, but only when I can afford to. I'm not a slacker or anything, I just like to use my free time to sleep, is that so bad? I don't think it is. Today my algebra table got the smart idea to put the long pointy end of my glasses in my ear as I slept. That's just not a good idea. See, us Thatchers are generally very nice people. We joke around being mean, but deep down I think we're pretty nice. We're nice until you wake us up that is. People just shouldn't try to wake us up, it's a bad idea. People especially shouldn't try to wake us up by putting crap in our ears. That made me pretty mad for the next hour or so. Last time I help them with algebra.

Anyways, Track today was way cool. We were supposed to go to the Kearns Ice Oval, but couldn't, so we stayed back and played Hall tag. We had about 10 people playing, and 3 people were it. They carried around a rolled up hand-towel, or a sock-in-a-sock. Their goal was to run and hit somebody with that. Whoever got hit was it. We could run anywhere in the school, as long as it was a hallway. A and B hall were considered off limits due to their remoteness.

Taylorsville is built pretty good for this. Every hall has 2 access points. One from above, and one from below. That means that you've always got somewhere to run, but that also means that you've got 2 ways to get surprised. For this game you had to be quick, but you had to be smart too. Well, I've got the smarts mostly handled, but good crap I can't sprint. I used to think I was good. yeah, nope. I can go run a mile faster than most fatkids, but they can outsprint me 80% of the time.

So, Hansen explains the rules to us, then just tells us "" So we all sprint out of there like crazy, and the bad guys follow us about 4 seconds later. At this point we are all out sprinting like madmen. Everyone is fresh, and the guys that are it don't wanna be it for long.

Sprinting out like a gazelle, I chance a look back, and they're right behind us. Hoping that I'd lose the pack, I turned down H-hall or I-hall, im not sure, it was all a blur. Unfortunately, 2 other guys went that way, so one of the it's branched off and followed us. One of my fellow gazelles outran me with ease, but the other was as fast as me, so we were racing to not be the last guy. we got to the end of the hall quick, and then had to mount the stairs. I got the edge on him there, thanks to all those crappy stadium circuits we did for Cross country. I can do stairs like none other thanks to those. Anyways, I'm now not the last one, but I'm still pretty vulnerable. We start back up the hall way, except now we're on the top floor. The first guy branches and goes north, towards G-hall, and I go south towards the gym. The bad guy follows the other guy, so I'm safe for now.

Coach had told us to keep moving, even if we weren't being followed, so I kept a joggin. I had made it around the gym area once, and then gone down towards the center, and was coming down the bottom of H-hall towards the main hall when a hunter turned the corner, about 15 feet in front of me.

Had I been a swearing man, I would have cussed like a sailor. It's the worst feeling in the world. You know that you're trapped. He's facing you with a sock, 15 feet away. You've got to turn around, accelerate, and somehow keep running fast enough not to get hit, and long enough for him to give up. He's just got to keep his pace and own you. Pretty much, you're screwed.

My face contorts in fear for a moment, and then quick as a half submerged hippopotamus, I turn on a dime and book it down the hall the opposite way. I've got no hope of outrunning him, he's alot faster than me, I've got crappy shoes, and c'mon, its the circle of life, he was bound to hit me. He caught me when I slowed down for the stairs, and gave me a very resounding smack across the back. He dropped the sock, flashed a grin, and he was off. He was off limits to me now, at least for a bit. I couldn't turn around and be a lamewad to hit him, I had to go find fresh prey.

This was only about 3 or 4 minutes into the game. The hunters and the prey hadn't had time to sufficiently evolve to best suit the environment. The longer someone plays a game the better at it they get. They learn which hallways are least trafficked, they learn how to best sneak up, and how to best avoid getting snuck up on. Well, this was 3 minutes into the evolutionary time period, they hadn't learned jack yet. I knew I wasn't fast, but I figured I might be a tiny bit more clever than them as of yet, so I turned that to my benefit.

I stowed the towel underneath my right arm, in the armpit really. This way, I could approach other prey without them thinking I was going to bust out and smack them. I picked this up pretty quick, after the first guys saw me from ages away and booked it. I wasn't gonna catch them, so I had to adapt. I busted that thing into my armpit, and then just casually jogged over to Levi. He thought I was just a friendly little gazelle until I smacked him upside the head with my now-sweaty-sock. He sighed only as Levi can, and picked up the fallen sock and trudged off the other way. I sure thought I was smart.

Well, It ends up that being smart definitely isn't going to save you in this game. You get hosed no matter what you do. You'll be prancing along a hall you know to be deserted, and all the sudden two bad guys will pincer you. One from upstairs, and the other from downstairs. You know that they didn't plan it, but it happened sporadically what seemed like every time. Other times you'd just pop up and the bad guys would be on top of you. Other times you just didn't run as fast as them (....ok, all the time...)

The game went on though, I got tagged, and I subsequentially tagged. It was super super fun, because it was total commando action. There was a phobia about stopping to walk for too long, because Hansen would smite us, so we all tried to keep moving around. We all tried to sneak around a little when we were alone. We learned pretty quick where all the mirrors were in the building so we could peek around corners without being peeked upon. Stairways were interesting, because if you ducked right you could be almost invisible, and still see down the hallway. We got to be good friends with all the janitors, making them do recon for us. We learned which stairways you could reach from one level to the next and still tag them. It was crazy fun.

In the end, I didn't end up with a sock. That's all that matters. I spent alot of time with the sock though, but it was fun anyways. The simplest of games, but one that developed into a pretty serious affair pretty quick. I love it.

Having fun isnt hard when you've got a library card. Its not hard when you've got 10 guys and a couple socks either.

And with that, I'm out. I have to be up at 5 tomorrow. That's 10 hours from now. good crap. We're swimming for track tomorrow after school, and i'm gonna have to film then too. Before, and after school. Oh man, there better be some freakin' sweet halo action to make up for this stuff. It really ought to end up a good video, I'll slap it up here as soon as she's done.

In the meantime, here's a pretty sweet quote. I'm gonna toss one up every time now, cause I've got alot of them that are good. so.... yeah. G'night all, have a good one. I'll see y'all later.

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters."
- Solomon Short

Monday, December 05, 2005

A Day in the Life of Christopher J Thatcher

Welcome dear friends and associates, to another excited episode in my life. I sure hope this blog turns out good, I've done alot of work on it. I hope you enjoy it. If not, go suck a lemon.

The other night I had the crazy inspiration to write down everything I did in one day, and then make a blog about it. I waited on the idea for about a week, but today decided that I was finally going to do it. So I tracked around school today with my trusty little notebook and my trusty little blue bunny pen, and wrote down pretty much everything. This is the chronicle of one day of my life. Italicized text is what I actually wrote in my little notebook. Normal text is stuff that I've added later. I hope you enjoy. Begin!

5:50 - Get up, pee, back to bed.
My alarm went off, so I turned it off, took a leak, then crawled back into bed till mom forces me up.

6:24 - Finally get up, enter shower.

6:35 - Finish getting all ready upstairs, and proceed downstairs.

6:41 - I test, and my bloodsugar is 154. That's good, not super good though. That means 6 novalog, 11 novalin, and one bowl of costco granola.
This is good. my bloodsugar usually sucks, it's good this morning. Hooray.

Note* I actually ended up eating Malt-o-Meal's equivalent of cinnamon toast crunch, yumm

6:46 - mmmm, cinnamon toast crunch-like cereal.

6:51 - Bowl in sink, as I ate I thought about yesterday. Today will be great.

6:55 - While I wait for Sis to get exit bathroom I check the weather. Mostly cloudy, high of 31. Disappointing, but not gonna make me sad. My head hurts a bit, is she out yet?
Don't worry, my head felt fine all day except for now.

6:58 - She exits, I go to do hair and brush teeth!

7:03 - My teeth are clean, my hair is good. Not really on the hair.
Today was a "Who gives a crud about your hair?" day. Just like the past 25 days have been too. Every morning I get up, do my hair, and say "Hmm, I don't care." and by the end of the day I'm happy with it. In the meantime, I don't care. Hooray! too lazy to write it.

7:11 - Me and mom just filled out the stuff for indoor track. I'm ready, and excited for school, but no ride yet. So we wait.

7:15 - Leave - dad.
Dad drives me to school, pretty normal.

7:21 - get here, Michaels coat, hooray off to physics. Translation: I arrived at school without accident. I was wearing Michaels coat cause mine still smells like fire. I'm excited for physics.

Sometime during physics: I get to physics on time. In the halls I saw Nitro smack Alan with a mathbook, it was pro. Olsen said I was "one of the highest" in the class. Awww. I hope we watch dumb videos in here. Ought to be good, Olsen is still stoned.

SDP - Whoohoo! Dumb video time! Sure it's a waste of time that makes me stupid, but it's a waste of time nonetheless.

"Does anyone know the second law of motion?" Of course I do! Am I gonna say anything? heck no.

Oh good, Hawaiian flamboyant physics professor. Hooray!

Hmm, they got new tables in Hawaii, too bad they still dress like the '80s.
So we're watching this Hawaiians physics man, and it's nutty.

I'm cold and sleepy.

Good nap, I fell asleep.
Yeah,I fell asleep halfway through. I always do with this guy. How many of you's be knowing how long it takes for me to fall asleep? It begins with an "N" and ends with "ot very long."

-Later- Aight, still sleepy. I get the physics 100% though, makes sense.

So, just got my test back. 144/150. Highest. I'm mad though, cause I missed an easy one. Oh well, Off to golf!

Between 5th and 6th - Here I am in world history. I such at vector golf with the grid. I hit 1 shot out of 4, not even good. I hate this class. Kill me now. Robert sucks.

9:30 - booooooooring. We're correcting in world history, my person didn't do much of her assignment. So, I sit here, nearly dying.

why does everyone have to ask "Does this count?" just figure it out! Classic line from today - "How could they stop wars? Try to be friends!"
Glen honestly put the answer "They could try to be friends" to the question "What could the pope and kings have done to limit some wars that went on in the middle ages?" Good times, gotta love Glen.

9:36 - To fight boredom, we put a rubber band around one hand, and have to get it off like a retard, yay! 1 minute, 14 seconds was my record.
Ok, that's a pretty fun game. You put a rubber band on your thumb, then snake it behind your fingers and put it on your pinky. Make sure its tight, then you've got to get it off just using that hand. It's fun!

9:42 - Test time. pee. I got no idea how to do this madness, It's BS time.

10:15 Break time. I'm all done 'cept for 3 essays. I have no idea on them, so I'm leaving them till next time. I didn't have my notebook. Oh well, 5 minutes till TVTV. I don't know if I'm gonna make it.

10:20 - Sweet lady freedom! I made it.

10:24 - Stop the press. Robert got an A on his assignment. Good crap, it's amazing, I'm surprised.
Yes. He did make me write that.

Band - I play crappy in Jazz 2, good in combined. It was cold in there, and I didn't write. yeah. So, band was good I guess. I do fine if I'm confident, but if I'm not I don't hit notes right. It's bad news, I'm not good at all, you can tell.

Lunch - I ran to my locker, then me, Jasahn, and Robert go to firebert's house to play halo. we played 2 games of lockout. I got 2nd and 3rd. It was great. Almost missed 8th period, had to run.
Ok, it was good times with Halo. I was playing pretty good, and keeping up with Paco at least. I got some good plays, it was good times indeed.

1:00 - Our final for Macbeth is to write an essay on one of 18 topics. They all suck, I've got no idea, and it's hand written.

In short, I'm screwed.

I get to English, and this is the assignment for the whole day. Curseword.

1:03 - I'm gonna write on "Who is ultimately responsible for Duncan's death?" We're searching for Mike hoffman. We've got the vampire sub.
The vampire sub is the one that got lasered by the dentist, and had to tell the whole world about it. Its a sad story the first 4 times you hear it. After that, you begin to think she's just a lady on a soapbox, and then you begin to hope the soapbox will catch fire. luckily, she kept it down today.

1:15 - I just got done webbing, but can't seem to start. I want stallion so bad. I don't wanna do it..............Maybe it's me.
Do you know how hard it is for me to write by hand? Pretty hard.

1:18- Still nothing.

1:21 - Ahhh! I wanna go ride bikes.
ADD sets in, HARD.

1:25 - I just threw a paper in the [garbage] can from my desk and made it! Score! Still wrote nothing.

1:26 - I'm actually moaning.
At this point, I audibly starting moaning like some sort of wounded cow. It was pretty fun.

1:35 - I just finished my intro paragraph. 4 more to go. w00t.

1:44 - 2nd paragraph done, I feel like my brains are getting sucked out of my nose. Send help soon.
I'm gettin desperate here folks, Its so hard to concentrate. Courtney and Joey and Erin are very distracting people. Ahhh!

1:47 - I just took a break and visited Steven in the hallway. I'm a rebel.
So, I saw Steve Mundee in the hallway, and just walked out of class to hang out with him for 3 seconds. Good times.

1:54 - 15 minutes left, and halfway through paragraph 3. Ahhh!

2:00 - One paragraph left! This essay blows! Oh well!

2:07 - Done! It sucks, but it's done. Slap a catchy title ("I blame the economy") and turn it in. w00t, time for track.

2:19 - No shirt on. Jason has ragin pecs.
Yeah, he made me write that too. In the locker room he saw me writing, and made me say that. Don't ask.

3:30 - Track just got finished. 20 minutes indoor. Should have been easy, wasn't.

It was fun to hang out w/ the CC guys again, my legs hurt.
It's just a fun time when you get a bunch of guys that like hanging out with each other to run around inside the school together. We jumped and hit every single thing that we could possibly touch for the first 3 or 4 laps. Then they all started doing insane stunts and crap that were just funny. Thadeus did a cartwheel, and a roundoff, then a somersault. Wow, I wish I was as cool as that studmuffin.

Now I wait for pops.

3:34 - outside sittin' on the curb waiting. Dad is gonna take me straight to the doc. I'm worried, He's not gonna be happy. (the doc). My A1C is gonna be high. Oh well, at least I've exercised. Maybe I'll hit 6 foot.
When you go to the Doc they measure your weight and height. The last couple times I've been there I've always got closer to 6 foot, but never hit it. I really want to today.

3:41 - Dad gets me, we drive to the Doc. I take a little nap cause I'm exhausted.

4:07 - Made it here, Dad logs in, I sit and look at fish. It smells funny.
I love this place, cause its a pediatric place, for little kids ya know. So there are always a bunch of little 7 year olds running around, then me. They sit and watch Disney movies, and I sit there and try not to look too scary. It doesn't work, they always run from me.

4:43 - On the road again. So, they call us back to the room, and the nurse comes in to do her junk. She must have been new, not even good. I'm shrinking. She's not good at blood.
The nurse wasn't even good! She didn't do the A1C blood thing right, and then blamed it on me. I was a little ticked. She got my height wrong I'm pretty sure. How can I be shrinking?! She measured me at 5'11.25, which is shorter than last time! Ahh!

Dr. Lindsay came in, and we joked about me gettin' last in CC. Then we got down to business. My A1C was poop, 8.6, not even good. So, I got switched to Lantus, which I'm excited about. It ought to be good, he was nice about it, didn't really hassle me too much. On the road~
I expected him to give me a lecture about how bad I sucked, but he didn't. He was pretty mellow today, which was surprising to me. He was way nice about stuff though. He seemed glad that I was running and stuff. He sent me home with 2 vials of Lantus, which is alot cooler than the novalin I'm on now. it works 24 hours long, not just 8 like novalin. I think I'm gonna be able to take alot better care of myself now. Score.

5:12 - Home, hooray. On the drive home me and dad talked about band stuff, I don't know if I'm gonna do it next year. I saw a crane that said "Putzmeister." Made me laugh. I really need to take care of my bloodsugar.
C'mon, a crane that says putzmeister, that's funny.

Check my email - More junk from colleges. I shouldn't have signed up for that trash. I'm gonna waste the next 30 minutes.
Every day I come home and see I have mail, and I'm so excited. Then I realize it's from the university of Colorado, blah blah blah. Shutup.

I just got a good email forward! Ha!

5:30 - That was unproductive. Nothing exciting. Nada fun. I think it's nap time, I'm out, like a fat girl in dodge ball.
Nap time!

6:20 - I'm tired, the power it out, we're going to dinner now. I wanna sleep!
So, they woke me up, and I really didn't wanna wake up. I have trouble waking up.

9:23 - I didn't write for 3 hours, here's how it went.

We drove to La Frontera (106th South State) and ate. I had a smothered burrito with cheese and onions, way good. I had fun being with the familia.

So, we came home, and our power is still out. Steph suggests we go to the dollar theater and see Just Like Heaven, so we do. Mom doesn't want to, oh well.

I absolutely loved the movie. It's the best movie I've seen in a long time. I suggest it to anybody. Best dollar I've spent on a movie in a long time.
Wow, that was a super great movie. Good times indeed. Best movie I've seen in ages, go see it now. It costs a dollar, c'mon.

So, the power is out. It's a very odd deal. It's been out for at least 3 hours now, and it's a tiny block that is powerless. When we got home we looked out our back window and saw our back door neighbors had power. We groaned, and said they were buttheads. 30 seconds later their lights went out. Oops.
I feel like a bad person for that.

So, I write by flashlight. It's fun. Nothing to do. I think ima read my sticks.

9:31 - Whoohoo! I just went downstairs to read and before I had opened the BOm the Christmas tree turned on! Yay! Power! My computer is booting up right now, I'm gonna type this all up real soon. w00t.

9:32 - Internet is down, I gotta go restart dad's comp. Ahh.

9:33 - Nah, I don't. We have Login.

9:40 - When there's no power it seems WAY late. Now I'm up, perky, and seeing things w.o the use of a flashlight. Messenger is fun, a waste of time, but fun. Gonna fly now.
So now I'm just hanging out on my computer, it's fun stuff. I love electricity.

9:51 - I lack the motivation gene.

9:53 - Well, I typed my title, but I'm chatting, and just started whiteboard with autumn, so it might be a while.

9:58 - Whiteboard woulnd't connect. I guess I write at last!

10:35 - Finish transcribing notebook. Gonna add comments now.

10:52 - Finish comments.

Today has been a really great day. It's been a long one, with all sorts of stuff in it. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day too methinks. Umm, I think that's it. Live long and prosper guys, I hope this was more fun than boring. I had fun doing it. Alrighty, G'night all.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Upheaval

Something weird is going on. Its not like one of those weird things that goes on in the middle of the night when you think there's an elephant in your driveway making weird noises at you, its like one of those weird things when you wake up in the middle of the night and you realize that you're switched 180 degrees, your feet are where your head ought to be, and you have no idea how it happened.....but there aren't elephants.

See, those of you who know me (That ought to be all of you, unless there are weird pedophiles out there) you all know that I'm pretty old. Im pretty much an old man. I like my cereal cold, my TV as quiet as possible, my cars slow, and fiber glass tall and frothy. I'm a little afraid of change, I've got to admit. I go to restaurants, and I get the exact same thing every time. I'm afraid of this new age technology. I'm afraid of cell phones, escalators, and the future. And thats why this week has blown my socks off.

I am acting uncharacteristically bold, which is kinda crazy. I've done things this past week that I've never done in my life before, and I enjoyed them! The sky is definitely falling. Heads up.

So, Monday was a normal day, so was tuesday. Then wednesday hit, and weird things started happening. In Chemistry I made a fool of myself by randomly shouting "Fluorine!" when the answer clearly wasn't fluorine, but I was too stupid to even know what the question was. That wasn't much of a biggie though, just me screwin up, that's fine.

And then I got fat.

In fitness for life, we did our warmups and stretches, situps, pushups, whatnot. Then we went out to run our 6 laps, and I hauled butt like usual, just like every other day of my old man life. We all got back, and Mackay unlocked the good old closet and started dishing out basketballs and whatnot. Generally I'd wander over to a game and join, but on Wednesday, I sat my fat butt down with Marissa, Courtney, and Katie, and I talked like I was a fat girl. Those three girls aren't fat, I'm not saying that at all. But I felt like a fat girl, and I sure enjoyed it. I didn't run, I didn't break a sweat. I didn't block any shots, or own anybody at badminton. In fact, I never stood up. For the first day of my life, I was lazy in fitness for life, and it was fun. I've now seen the other side of the fence, and the grass truly is greener over there.

Will I be lazy forever? Nah, chances are I'm gonna work my butt off tomorrow just for fun. But now I have tasted of the fruit of laziness, and I know the joy of sitting in the middle, and watching basketballs go by, and not chasing them. I know the agony of watching the birdy fall into the circle of sitting people and having to fight them to get it back no more. I AM the sitting people, I am the obstacle, and I love it!

So that was kinda weird, but that wasn't the biggest shocker. My mom and dad are out of town for the last 2 days. That means that there wasnt anyone to make my lunch this morning. You see, my mom is amazing. She does everything, she's just the very best. If she needed to copy the mona lisa in a day, she could do it, im not sure how, but she'd find a way. Anyways, with her gone I'm kind of like a beached whale... incapable of anything. And since I don't know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich too well, I decided that this morning instead of making a lunch I'd take money for a lunch.

Yeah, I bought a lunch at school. What the crap? I was shocked too.

It was pizza, and it was everything I always dreamed of. Greasy, cheesy, peperoni-y. It left my hands dripping with liquid gold. It was rich, it was fluffy, it wasn't a ham sandwich. I bought pizza for the first, or maybe the second time. I might have done it once before in 7th grade, I just don't remember. Either way, this was monumental. My first high school piece of pizza. wow.
My rebellion didn't end there. When sharks get a taste of blood, they become man eaters, they lust after more. Generally they're nice docile creatures that like man. But not anymore, now that they know the truth about how good we taste, they crave us. With my recent taste of expensive school food, I wanted more! I soon found my prize. The MegaBite. A quarter pound cookie with 75 carbohydrates, 480 calories, and the most heavenly taste ever. I like to call it "Diabetic Coma in a wrapper." I spent 2.50 on lunch today, and didn't have a piece of white bread.

First laziness, and now pizza. What is going on? What's the next bandwagon I'm gonna jump on next? Does anyone have a nightmare before Christmas sweatshirt I can borrow? Does anyone know how to put mascara on a boy? I need girl pants!

Ahhhh! I don't know what's happening to me. The forbidden fruit of laziness and pizza has finally breached my once impenetrable defense of pride, and now I'm just like everybody else. No longer can I say that I worked super hard every day in fitness for life. No longer can I say I had a sack lunch every day of my life.

And you know what? I don't care, cause pizza tastes good, and sitting down and talking is more fun than getting hosed at basketball. That's right. I'm average, and I love it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

That was fast

So, Robert complained about me not mentioning him in my thank you note. I said that I'd write a whole blog about him, but I don't think I shall. I shall however say this:

Thanks Robert, for getting a triple kill over lunch today.

It was pretty hot, I've got to admit. I was dead at the time, so I was watching his screen as he did it, and it was ridiculous. He sniped 3 guys just sitting there, it was just pretty good. I got myself 2 hot sticks right in a row, and that made me happy. Good times.

So, life is pretty dandy at the moment. My mom and dad have to go to boise for the next two days, and that's gonna blow, but at least that means me and Steph are going out to dinner every night. Crazy Timmy wants to set up a new JoDans, so that's what i've been doing all day today, running around gathering dresses, racks, grids, and all that other crap with my mom.

See, it's probably not professional to complain about it, so I'm gonna go back and change the name of the company. It is now Jodans. You all know what I'm talking about, and it's not Joanns fabric and junk, its the other one. Anyways, it's stupid. He has to pay my mom and dad to drive up to boise, work one day, spend the night, then work the next drive, then drive home. They're going to be on the clock the whole time, it's not very efficient.

I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't know what was going to happen. In a year, maybe 2, maybe even 3, that store is probably going to close. I've been helping my mom set up new stores for the past 3 or 4 years, and I've taken down just as many as I've set up. It is very depressing when you have to unscrew the exact same screw that you screwed in 2 years ago. I think it's pretty dumb, I don't like the way that it is run. I'm not employed by the lameo, but my mom sure is, and he's dumb. That's all.

Anyways, I'm making a pretty hot program that I'm gonna slap up on mac's site pretty soon. He's being nice enough to host the download for me. It's gonna be a pretty lame little right brain vs. left brain game, with loads and loads of easter eggs. More info to come on that later.

so, life is fairly dandy. I think tomorrow I might just post "A day in the life of Christopher J Thatcher" if I feel like it. it ought to be fun. but it's about 10:30, and I've got no super new news to tell anybody. I hate my nose, but that's alright.

So yeah, the best is yet to come. Life is on the up and up:D. Have a dandy one chillins, I'll talk to y'all later. Toodles.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Fight

Sorry guys, my posts recently have been high on the quantity, and low on the quality. I vow to change that. I'm going to start posting less, im going to start posting shorter stuff, and it's going to be better stuff, stuff that gets you thinking. As often as possbile, I'm going to publish work that I do up here. Right now I'm programming a useless little game that I'm gonna get up here as soon as possible. Anyways, I'm currently being evicted from the computer library. Somehow the unjust have gained power, and the computer library is being transformed into a bedroom for a night. You see, this is why we have a computer library, so we can always use it without people sleeping in it. It's the computer sanctuary. Oh no, I'm being kicked out. I've got 4 minutes to write this, go go go.

A dear friend of mine doesn't believe in happily ever after. She just says that it doesn't exist. Reason tends to side with her. How many times have we all reached breaking points? Times when we think things are always going to be good from this point on, or that they're always going to be bad?

A breaking point is a time in your life when you reach something that you think is the end. Times like these are the first time I held a girls hand, the time I built my computer, the time I got that world of warcraft 10 day free trial, the time high school started, the time the cross country race ended, the time that I won at halo, the time that I was getting ready for the halo party, the time I finished that cool program I was working on. You look forward to those points for so long, and that's your goal. When you get there, you expect the world to fade out, and everything go to black for a few seconds, and then white lettering to pop up that says "6 years later" and then a party scene to develope.

Movies have messed up the idea of happily ever after. I'm here to tell you that the world never starts spinning and fades to black. There have been plenty of times in my life when by all means it should have, and it never did, and boy am I angry about it. The time I finished carpet for the summer. Heck, both times I finished carpet it should have faded out. The time that I laughed my head off watching Sons of Provo, the time things finally got better after being sad for a week or whatever. Nope, no spinning, no fading. Life went on.

So, whats with happily ever after? Why doesn't it happen? Why can't I timewarp to 6 years later? I want to pretty bad. We reach these breaking points, and we say that everything is going to be ok. We solve a problem, accomplish something, do anything, and we think that that will bring us happiness forever.

Well, it doesnt. Happiness doesn't last forever. I can tell you from my own experience, good times are followed by crappy times, and crappy times are followed by good times. Those good times are subsequently followed by crappy times, and they are caboosed off with good times. Sometimes the caboose gets stuff following it too, like crappy times. Even the caboose clingers have clingers, usually good times.

There is never going to be a point in your life where you can sit down and say "I am going to be happy forever from this point on. It just doesnt work that way. There will always be good times, and there will always be bad times.

So, where does happily ever after fit into it all?

I assure you that it does fit in, but not in the way the movies say it does. 45 seconds left, Ahh!

Anyways, you always have to fight for that happiness. Hold on to it. Its not about being happy always, or being sad always, its about being happy as much as you can and making the most out of the days that you have. Go out, fight, win. Know that there will be happy days and sad days, but that its up to you what you do with them, and that what you do influences whether you'll be happy or sad. No forevers yet, but we do know that tomorrow will always come. We know that we can always shape tomorrow, go make it the best you can, because its a wild one. What you do today isn't going to shape all the tomorrow's forever, but its going to shape the next one. Go for it.

Christopher Thatcher -out-

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Today has been an amazing day. I love Thanksgiving so much. Food, Family, Sleep. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, I answered the last couple questions from my all request thursday deal on my other blog, so, go there.

Anyways, now that that's through, I want to say thanks to a couple people that I really appreciate. If there is one thing that I find it really hard to forget, it's people that just randomly do really really nice things for me. Everybody has the potential to do something extraordinairily nice to someone every day. Very rarely is the oppurtunity taken, but I'd like to thank the people that have been nice.

Thanks Mr. Hansen for being nice to me when I walked into class 20 minutes late.

Thanks Kira Fulton for always saying hi to me in the halls.

Thanks Porter for giving me a ride home, and being nice to me.

Thanks Apple for thinking I'm cool for some reason.

Thanks Mrs. Neal at Eisenhower for helping me out with my book problem last year. She hadn't ever talked to me before the day I went to her for help, but she totally went out of her way to make sure everything got taken care of, that was awesome. Thanks so much.

Thanks Andrew, for being an awesome brother and letting me play frisbee and raquetball with you.

Thanks Kyle, Levi, and James for making me the person I was in Junior high.

Thanks Peter, for giving me insight into my own self, and for always being a stud when I needed one. You're gonna go far man.

Thanks Sharpe, for giving me a job, and valuable training.

Thanks Marissa, for making me understand the world alot better.

Thanks to my brothers, for teaching me everything I know, giving me all I've got, and shaping me into who I am. You guys rock to the max.

Thanks Dan Rasband, for being the best teacher ever.

Thanks Travis Benson, for being the coolest adult to hit a 13 year old ever.

Thanks to anyone that's ever said hi to me in the halls, I appreciate that alot.

Thanks anyone that's ever made me laugh on a crappy day.

Thanks Kyle and Tanya for making me run Cross Country.

Special Thanks for Peck, for being the best nerd mentor in the world, for putting up with me as a sevie, and making junior high worth it.

Thanks Colver, for making me realize I wasn't all that and a bucket of cheese.

Thanks Morris, for making me realize I'm not even the bucket.

Thanks Sylvia, for listening.

Thanks Hope, for being a good little sister to me.

Thanks Kyle, for being a good little brother.

Thanks Levi, for being my comedic relief, always.

Thanks James, for being the only one to stand by me in my time of need.

Thanks Donald for letting me call him that.

Thank you, for teaching me about the internet.

Thank you guys for reading this.

Thank you Courtney for that gum I'm still not done with.

Thank you Mr. Fiack, for teaching me algebra, even though I hated it, I learned everything I needed.

Thank you Brough and Sharpe, for oppurtunities to prove myself.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for everything. You're the very best parents ever. I wouldn't be anything without you guys, thanks so much.

Thank you public education system, you do work, no matter what they say.

Thanks Briahna for ALWAYS reading these, she's the most loyal reader a guy could ask for.

Thanks Nick for thinkin' I'm cool.

Thanks Darren, for letting me follow you around in Elementary.

Thanks Branson, for inviting me to play football with you guys that first time.

Thanks Marty, for being a good Jr. Jazz coach.

Thanks Jeff, for talking nerdy with me.

Thanks Microsoft and Walmart, for making my life easier.

Thanks Mr. Bauer, for teaching me stuff.

Thanks Jason, for being my foyle.

Thanks Tanya, for making me show off all through 7th and 8th grade.

Thanks for the RAM sharpe.

Thanks for teaching me to program Michael.

Thanks Brothers Whitmer and Pearce for being stallions.

Thanks Tania for being a great friend.

Thanks Valerie for being fun.

Thanks for the genes mom and dad.

Thanks for teaching me to read, teachers in elementary.

Thanks for teaching me to write, Bauer and Colver.

Thanks for the great search, email, satellite image, instant message, and translate services google.

Thanks for Halo Bungie.

Thanks for Frisbee Mr. Frisbee.

Thanks for lighting your field at night bennion elementary.

Thanks for being president Mr. Bush.

Thanks for March Madness seminary.

Thanks Marissa, for making me smile last year.

Thanks Kyle, for being my warcraft buddy.

Thanks Peter, for listening to my stupid ideas.

Thanks to whoever programmed my calculator games.

Thanks Thaddeus, for letting me run in state for you.

Thanks for region dances.

Thanks simpsons, for making me good at nerd team.

Thanks Theron, for being my hero.

Thanks Wright brothers, you guys rock.

Props to the founding fathers, you ownt those brits.

Thanks Jen Davies (Amazon) for teaching me to dance.

Thanks Steph, for playing the piano for us.

Thanks Steph, for letting me visit your class, and boost my ego.

Thanks Steph, for taking me to lunch, and dinner, and letting me drive your car.

Thanks for the sweat genes dad, I use them well.

Thanks for firefox, I love it so.

Thanks for open office, my english papers are finally legal.

Thanks Mrs. Ryberg, for being the best band teacher ever.

Thanks to seventh graders, for being sevies.

Thanks Sylvia, for not being dead.

Thanks Levi, for getting rid of that part.

Thanks for the insulin doc.

Thanks to all my friends for being there.

Thanks to my family for making me who I am.

Thanks for life.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody, happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you have all had super awesome great days. As for me, It's not Thanksgiving yet. I'm writing this to the future, since I assume nobody is gonna read this in the next 30 minutes while it's still the day before Thanksgiving.

See, this ought to be a full out blog, but it's not gonna be. I'm too tired. However, I have a happy Thanksgiving gift to you all, I hope you don't kill me for not blogging.

My seminary video is now online, it's at the very bottom, and it's called "Matt's Day Out". So if you all want to watch it again, or see it for the first time I guess, go for it.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, I'm gonna answer the rest of those questions tomorrow, including the ever curious "Who do you like?" It's gonna be fun. Have a great day everybody, I'm out, it's late.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Best Game Ever Played II

So, no questions answered today, that'll be next post. Right now I just feel like giving everybody the update.

There was a frisbee game I played a few weeks ago that I never got to write about. It was the most amazing game that I've ever played, and I dont know how i managed to get by without writing about it. Well, here it is, something I should have done a long time ago.

It was about 10 O'clock PM, it was cold outside, but not bitter quite yet. Off to the North, thunderclouds were forming, and streaks of lightning could be seen in the distance. Back at base, the wind was calm, no rain, no lightning, but the clouds all seemed red. It was eerily serene, and we knew something must be afoot. The past 2 games had both been shutouts. Both times one of the newbie seniors was captain, and brad was the other. The newbies all picked each other, and brad assembled a dream team both times, it was a rout. Hardly worth playing, the outcome was predetermined.

The 3rd game promised to be better. We had decent captains, and the teams stacked up pretty even. The bad guys had Andrew, Brad, Walker, and a few more I can't remember. My team had me, little Selck, Bouy, another old guy, Brady, and Benji. The teams looked great, we had enough for subs, and so the game started, just like any other game.

My team didn't have any clear leadership, and so anarchy ruled for the first couple plays. First guy to sit was Brady, and he was our second best guy. Next guy out was Bouy, our best guy. Next was little Selck, and then after him our other old man. We never had our best players all on the field together until way late in the game, and by that time, it looked like all was lost.

Somehow, it was 8-1, in favor of the bad guys. We were discouraged, but we knew we weren't beat yet. We finally got our guys in, and leadership arose. Whether it was me, or Brady, or whoever, leadership came in, and our brains kicked on. We knew we were down 7, we knew the bad guys had us on the run, but we figured out how to beat them. With out players stacked the way we wanted them, our team finally had the depth it needed from the bench, and we began to actually play the game for the first time.

The first time we scored surprised us alot, we weren't expecting it. We decided to pull it up the field real slow, and wait for the openings. The bad guys were playing relaxed, and we just slipped it right in, 8-2.

They figured out that we were finally going to play, so they picked it up a bit, and the next point was in their favor, 9-2.

rejuvenated by our recent realization that we weren't all fat and worthless, we started pushing it hard, and took it to 5-12. We were finally in the game, even if it was just barely. The bad guys needed 4 points to win, we needed a good 10. All light was far gone by this point, we were playing off of the floodlights, but the red clouds still looked down on us, pushing the underdogs on.

And then, we broke like mad. We went on an 8-1 scoring run, bringing it to 13's a piece. I honestly don't know quite how it happened. Me, Bouy, and the other old guy just started taking it up short, and they didn't know how to stop us. Twice I was in the top right corner, and just had a nice and easy toss in to old man for the touch down. They couldn't protect our short game, they didn't have the energy or the brains for it, and so we capitalized.

We knew that we had them scared now. They had given up a 7 point lead, and a guaranteed shutout to let us tie it, 2 points from the win. Every time we scored, we'd huddle before the pull, and we knew the air around us was electric. It was tense. We knew that we couldn't let it go, that if we gave up even one point they could put us in a ninja headlock that we'd never get out of. It was do or die for us, and we knew that it was do or die for them.

At 13-13, play starts to get fierce. It brings out the very best and worst of all the players on the field. When you make a good play, you know it, and your heart goes wild. When you screw up, it's one of the very worst feelings you've ever had. You've invested so much into the game, it hurts to lose it. Your legs hurt, your hands are getting hashed from catching, swatting, and throwing. Your lung hurt from the cold air, your breath comes out hard and short, and very frosty. But you know why you're in the game, and you know that you want to win. You put everything out there. This is when Frisbee gets real.

Brad had the disc 15 yards out from our endzone, and Andrew was cutting across the front of the endzone. I was playing man on Andrew, but he had good position on me, it'd be tough. Brad got the disc off with a pretty flick, chest height, pretty quick. Andrew was ready for it, but I busted out some mad speed, and knocked it down, the best moment of my life. Thinking to myself, I knew that if I let that through it'd be almost impossible for us to win, I felt pretty cool.

Then, Andrew bear hugged me, and I thought he was gonna break me. He didn't hurt me at all, but there was that rage in his eye, and for a minute, I was really afraid. Andrew is a great guy, but he hates to lose. I had just taken glory from him, He had it inches from his hands. He would have made it 14-13, taken away our momentum, and made us fear again. As it was, he couldn't do those things, but he could sure make me want to wet myself.

So, I yelled at him not to touch me, and he let me down eventually. He got pretty mad cause I yelled at him, but I figured it was alright to do when he was in a position where he could have wailed on me. So, we brushed it off, and play continued. Disc was down, so my team took control.

I'm not sure how we did it, but somehow we made it 14-13. I don't remember any details, but we scored, and we knew that right then, the bad guys faced humiliation. They had been 8-1, confident, heads high, on top of the world, and they had stumbled. Covering his fear, Brad proposed the "win by 2" rule, and we all accepted. It was go time.

The pull was up, and they scored alot faster than we should have let them. They totally school us, and we got that familiar fear back in our navels. Their kick was up, and we, through powers not our own, scored. 15-14.

That's generally the end point, all games run to 15. But, we were playing win by 2, you couldn't win if you were just up by one. And so, play continued, just like it always had. Our legs hurt more, our breath was shallower, it was colder, our hands were number, but the game continued.

They scored, tying it. We scored, pulling ahead. They scored, we made a mistake, they pulled a head. We scored, then rushed another point in quick to pull ahead. It went on like that, over and over again.

The game progessed, both teams fighting. One for glory, and another to avoid humiliation. If we won, we'd remember it always, the time that we beat the impossible, and slew the dragon. If they won, they wouldn't have to live with knowing they let their 8-1 lead go. Either way, we knew the game was epic. Eternal bragging rights awaited the winner, but neither of us could win.

It was nearing 12 O'clock. We had been playing straight for 2 hours. Our subs had long gone home, so it was the same 7 guys on each team booking it up and down the field. Time slowed down, the red twilight stayed the only constant. The air, once electric, was now heavy. We were fighting for life, even though it seemed to be leaving us. We had to play on, it was our destiny, but we all knew it had to end soon.

It was tied around 19, and the seniors started saying that they'd all be killed if they weren't home by 12. The old guard wanted to stay, they would have played all through saturday to sunday if they had to. My team decided that if it was still tied at 21, we'd call it a tie. The otehr team never really agreed to it, but that was the way it had to be.

And so it was, we played our hearts out, and they tied it at 21. 21 to 21, the longest game I've ever played, and hardest game, the highest stakes, and the best game ever. 42 kick offs, 42 touchdown passes. 42 touchdown catches. Innumerable turnovers, amazing saves, and spectacular swats. The game will never be forgotten.

Glory aside, my body was spent. Andrew wanted to stay around and talk to his buddies, so I bundled up with everything I had and tried to wait, but my whole body shook. I was shivering, but this was shivering on steroids. Honestly, my whole body was just shaking uncontrollably. After some time Andrew noticed this, and decided we had to go home. We drove home, and when I stood up from the van I could hardly walk. I hobbled into the house like an old man. My bloodsugar was 46, definitely too low. So I ate, then fell on the couch. When I say fall, I do not mean it metaphorically. My Grandpa could walk better than I could, and he uses a walker. All my muscles hurt, and I was still shivering. I shivered for more than 30 minutes, could hardly walk, but somehow I made it to bed, and the night was over. The night had been epic, one never to be forgotten.

Eternal glory wasn't awarded to anybody that night, but both of us deserved it. 14 men, fighting with all that they've got, that is what dreams are made of. The air has since lost it's voltage, and life has returned to normal. I haven't played frisbee since, and my life has felt empty. I'm sure you all think I'm a nut for feeling this way, but I love frisbee. Do I love it more than my family? No, but boy do I love it. Someday, I'm going to be amazing. Someday I'm gonna be the guy to go to in the clutch, the guy that everybody looks to for leadership, the guy that when he says there's gonna be frisbee this friday, everyone shows up, because they know it's gonna be good.

Am I chasing a stupid dream with all this frisbee business? Maybe. Am I going to play frisbee in college like I want to? Probably not, but good crap, I'm gonna try.

Monday, November 14, 2005

We got a serious problem here folks

Since I am way too lazy to do this all at once, I am splitting it up into groups. That means, you're going to get the easy questsions answered first. Hooray! Give me a break guys, these things are hard to write. Before you throw bricks through my windows for never writing, remember all the cool things I did at one point. Like.... that cool picture of Morris I made! I'm gonna put that in here too. Anyways, on to the questions.

Question: Does diabetes hurt? (Jason Liu)

Answer: Yes, but not all that often. Now, I made myself a little deal back in the day that I would try as hard as I could to never complain about my pancreas sucking. I've tried to stick with that, and I've never tried to make people feel sorry for me, or try to make excuses because of my delinquent pancreas. I never said "Hey, I can't run the mile as fast as you, I'm diabetic." or "Feel bad for me cause I have to turn down those brownies cause I forgot my insulin." I've always tried to be cool about it, but since Jason asked, and it might be interesting, I'll give you my take on it.

First off, it's not as bad it seems, and it doesn't seem all that bad. I honestly can't remember what it was like to sit down to a meal and just eat it and walk away. It doesn't bother me at all, it's just something you've gotta do. As far as I can tell, my life has always been like this, and it'd be really weird if it wasn't. I don't wish that my pancreas was better, I'm pretty fine with it as it is. It's just the way things are ya know?

Shots don't hurt 98% of the time. I've given you all this talk before. I havent had a shot that really hurt for months. Now, the other 2% of the time sucks big time. You see, you've got all these fun nerve cells on your skin, but not too many of them in the fat, thats why you always shoot into fat. Well, I've managed to kill most of em where I do my shots all the time, but some still persist. There is always a chance that you will land directly on top of a nerve, and shoot down into it. When a needle penetrates into normal fat nothing happens, you barely feel it, it's not uncomfortable at all. When a needle lands on a nerve, you jerk the needle at, proceed to yell at it for the next 5 minute for what it just did to you, and hate it with every feeling in your body. Now, this rarely happens, few of you will see me actually yell at my needle, but it's happened before, and it will happen again.

it's actually kind of cool, because it's like adding a fun puzzle to every day of my life. At any given point during the day I can test and see how I'm doing. If I have done everything right, I'll be between 80 and 140. If I've made some mistakes, I will be above that, or below that. If I've made big mistakes, I'll be significantly above or below that. It is like an extra measurement of how your day is. What'd you get on your physics test, AND what's your bloodsugar? Its not just physics anymore. Of course, I'm not as good at keeping my bloodsugar where it ought to be as I should be, I don't know anybody that is, but yeah.

It doesn't hurt, it doesn't bother me, I kinda think it's funny when you make fun of me. I think everybody ought to try it for a day, it teaches you all sorts of stuff. So, I hope that answered that question. Any more, feel free to leave comments, and I'll answer em the best I can.

Question: What kind of music do you listen to? -Anonymous

Answer: It beats the heck out of me. I honestly don't know what to call this stuff. Perhaps a brief history is in order.

It was the summer of 98-99 I think, maybe 99-2000. I was around the 4th grade, and my brothers had just set up our network at the house for the first time, and we were busy playing our pirated copies of starcraft against each other. At this point Nathan and Michael were substantially better than me and andrew, but I could still hold up against Andrew sometimes. Anyways, that summer, we got up early nearly every day, and played a few matches. The weather was perfect, the smells were new, and to this day I can't smell that particular summer morning smell without getting a longing feeling to go back and hang out with my brothers and play a few games.

Well, this was a cherished time in my childhood. Me and my brothers bonded, I had alot of fun playing starcraft, and there wasn't a thing to worry about in the world. Every time that we played, my brother Michael would bust out his radio, set it in the hallway, crank it up so we could hear it all through the house, and we'd listen to the radio of that day. They were always good songs, cause Michael made sure of that. This served a few purposes: Because we weren't exactly playing with the CD in the drive like you're supposed to, we couldn't listen to the original music from the game as we played, and that's no fun. The other reason was that this way we couldn't hear what was happening on the other guys computer. If we heard that they were building a bunch of wraiths, we'd get detectors and lots of anti air, and that woulnd't be half as much fun as being caught by surprise, so we blasted the music.

Just like the smells, that music has stuck with me, and in my mind means strictly Starcraft. To this day, I love that music more than any other kind. There are only a few songs I remember, but whenever I hear one I've forgotten I immediately remember it. |Sugar ray - Someday| was my personal favorite of the time, |the way| (Who knows who sings that business), The one about "Did you make it to the milky way?" and truly madly deeply were good stuff. So, that's the basis of my love for music, cause it reminds me of bonding with the brothers over starcraft.

If you can't tell, I got all my music from my brothers. Back in the day when morpheus was super cool, and everybody thought napster was cool, but it really wasnt, michael and Nathan did alot of questionable things to get their music. We didn't mind then, but now we're mostly legit when we can stand to be. I don't really like pirating, thats why I don't do it. They didnt' have a problem with it at the time, so they amassed huge libraries of music. Stuff that was good, stuff that was clean, and stuff that I liked cause I grew up listening to them listen to it.

So, I stole it.

That's why I dont know what to call it, because I never had to find out. I'm living out of their libraries with a few songs that I've found that I particularly like. That's the truth. This way, I know the stuff is good, I know its not gonna start droppin F-bombs on me, and I figure its fun. That was alot of history to get to what kind of music I like, but I really like telling that story.

So, here's the main chunks of my playlist for you:

BNL - about a 6th of my playlist is BNL. They are fully clothed canadian men, and they are way cool. They sing everything, and I guarantee you've heard them before. Some of their songs actually have meaning, others mean nothing, I love it.
One Week

Oldies- I don't know, my brothers had a thing for oldies, so I guess I do too. probably another 6th of my playlist is devoted to all the old school stuff. I've got "stuck in the middle" by bob dylan, peace train, drift away, all sorts of that good stuff.

Spanish Rock - Some of my absolute favorite music in the world, and I can only understand 8% of it. When my brother got home from a mission to Mexico, he really liked the cool music he heard down there, so he got on limewire and got some of it, and I horked it. It's way cool, because its got an awesome beat, sounds just like our American crud, except all the words are clean cause you have no idea what the devil their saying. Every few words you can pick up a few "Amor"s, and some others, but mostly its just well sung garbdlygook. If any of you want to hear some I'll send it to you, it's awesome.

Enya, and other relaxing stuff- I like relaxing stuff, I really like enya, I wish I had more enya. Enya makes you feel good after a day of feeling like you hate algebra homework. Everybody loves Enya. If you don't, well, you can go to Russia.

Modern Junk- Some greenday songs, collide, Real world, some lifehouse, some coldplay, the Halo 2 theme, some fruity songs like listen to your heart..... anything after the summer of starcraft I consider modern.... so, yeah.

Colors, insideout - Some local stuff, Colors is really good, but not too many people would like them methinks. Insideout is hilarious, they sang the stalking song.

The rest are cool simpsons quotes, simpson techno remixes, and other fun songs I've got. That was way overkill. If you're still reading this, you're one patient person.

So, just for the heck of it, lets list my current favorite songs ever:

1) Long December - Counting Crows
2) Closing Time - Semisonic
3) Light in your eyes - Blessed Union of Souls
4) Change your mind - Sister Hazel
5) Minutos - Ricardo Arjona
6) How Bizzare - OMC
7) We are the Champions - Queen
8) Pinch Me - BNL
9) Its all been done - BNL
10) Never is enough - BNL
11) Too little too late - BNL
12) The impression that I get - MMBT
13) Real world - Matchbox 20
14) Angel de amor - Mana
15) Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse
16) Doctor my eyes - Jackson Browne
17) Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
18) Collide - Howie Day
19) 99 red balloons - Goldfinger
20) Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
21) Eve6- Heart in a blender
22) Crazy for this girl - Evan and Jaron
23) Leaving town - dexter freebish
24) Higher - Creed
25) Clocks - Coldplay
26) CCR - Up around the bend
27) Sunscreen - I don't even know who sings/says it, but it's amazing.

So, thats in no particular order. It's 11:56, and I just got done going through my playlist picking out songs I like. Hooray!

Question: Who would win in a cage match battle to the death: Picard or Kirk? (Nick MorandIE)

Answer: That's easy. Morris

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Well, That's my pumpkin for this year. I decided to stick it to the man and blow off that stupid idea of using patterns, and return to the old school. Sure it doesn't look al lthat cool, but it makes a statement. That's right, my pumpkin was political this year, hooray!

Well, not too much has been going on lately. Life has been getting steadily better for the past couple weeks, it's been nice, and I've been figuring things out. Anyways, since apparently its the "hip" or "in" thing to do to post poetry on blogs, fasten your seatbelts, I actually wrote some:D.

I wrote this in English over a course of about 8 minutes today. It's called a Sestina, and it's one crazy format. You choose 6 words, and they have to be at the ends of certain lines in certain patterns and stuff, it's insanity. The subject was "Macbeth, ghouls, stabbing, ghosts, scary things, kings, dead, floating daggers, blah blah blah" My 6 words were: Gangrene, Mistress, Traffic, Parliament, Hags, and Fatal. I went a little crazy, but I'm proud of it, so here it goes: (Tip, don't try to read it in sentences or lines, it doesnt work:D)

His gangrene
arm had been stabbed by his mistress
during heavy traffic
near the parliament
building. Five hags
fell out of a window, fatally.

The stab wound wasn't fatal
but it sure hurt 'cause of the gangrene.
His mistress
cussed at cars in traffic.
made a law against pushing hags

out windows. The hags
rejoiced, and fatally
wounded a mailman. Gangrene
is a bad problem. Mistresses
generally aren't liked by wives. Traffic
makes people want to stab members of parliament.

people hate getting shot, especially by hags.
Macbeth's craziness was fatal
for king Duncan. No gangrene,
just death. I wonder if the king had a mistress.

around the castle was very heavy, I hate traffic.
ought to make a law about it. Hags
would like that. Sneezing can be fatal
when combined with gangrene.
Stabbing mistresses

is a bad pastime. Mistresses
don't like being stabbed. Traffic
stabbings are common in Scotland. Parliament
is fun to watch on C-span. Hags
have beards, even though they should be fatal
ladies. They are smelly and have gangrene.

Macbeth fatally stabbed the king before he could develop gangrene.
The traffic at the funeral was heavy, hags, members of parliament,
and various mistresses came to pay their final respects.

Hooray for poetry! I'm pretty proud of that baby.

In other news, I went trick or treating tonight, without a bag. I went out with a frisbee, and just gave all the candy that I got to James. That was pretty fun business. We saw some 12 year old kid smoking a cigarette, and it just made me giggle my pants off. Fortunately, my shorts stayed on. But in all seriousness, it was just hilarious. The kid couldn't have been out of the 7th grade, and he was smoking. Good luck breathing to that kid. I would love to see him run a mile. I don't get why you'd do that, but hey, its not my life eh? Maybe he wants to rebel or something.

Well, nothing else really to write about, except a proposition of mine. To stir up comments, I am going to let you all direct my next post. It is question and answer time, as well as request time. So, everybody, leave me a comment asking a question you'd like answered, or some request. If you want to hear me talk about anything, ask me to and I promise I will. If you want me to get a picture of the giant mushroom that is sitting in the bucket outside underneath the porch, leave a comment asking for it, and I'll do my best to post one.

So, all of you that ought to be playing the stock market game now, leave a comment, and my next post will answer you something great, it's going to be great fun. I expect good comments dangit, go post!

so yeah, life is going good, things are peachy. I ought to nail my 4.0 this term, providing I don't bomb chemistry somehow. I'm going to start running again, and just go exploring. I get to play frisbee this weekend, and I'm nearly drooling over it. I love frisbee more than I love smothered burritos. I'm gonna take that practice ACT test on Friday, you all ought to too. We don't have school that day, but its a cool practice test, and that's just gonna be fun. I don't know, I love tests. After that I'm thinking Halo at my place. Remiscent of Kyle's on saturday. It's gonna be fun.

So, life is good. Leave a comment. tell me my pumpkin looks good, tell me it sucks. Tell me my poem is good, tell me it blows chunks. Ask me who I like, tell me I'm repulsive, say you like my hair, I honestly don't care. As long as you post a comment, I will be happy. I know that Kyle, Levi, james, jason, and nick are all going to read this someday, and I expect comments from all of you. Just post as anonymous, it's not hard guys. If you don't know how to post a comment, just click on the little "0 comments" link at the bottom of this little post, it's not tough. C'mon, I'm comment starved. Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme! Yay, life is good, and I really like my pumpkin. G'night all y'alls.