Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Well, That's my pumpkin for this year. I decided to stick it to the man and blow off that stupid idea of using patterns, and return to the old school. Sure it doesn't look al lthat cool, but it makes a statement. That's right, my pumpkin was political this year, hooray!

Well, not too much has been going on lately. Life has been getting steadily better for the past couple weeks, it's been nice, and I've been figuring things out. Anyways, since apparently its the "hip" or "in" thing to do to post poetry on blogs, fasten your seatbelts, I actually wrote some:D.

I wrote this in English over a course of about 8 minutes today. It's called a Sestina, and it's one crazy format. You choose 6 words, and they have to be at the ends of certain lines in certain patterns and stuff, it's insanity. The subject was "Macbeth, ghouls, stabbing, ghosts, scary things, kings, dead, floating daggers, blah blah blah" My 6 words were: Gangrene, Mistress, Traffic, Parliament, Hags, and Fatal. I went a little crazy, but I'm proud of it, so here it goes: (Tip, don't try to read it in sentences or lines, it doesnt work:D)

His gangrene
arm had been stabbed by his mistress
during heavy traffic
near the parliament
building. Five hags
fell out of a window, fatally.

The stab wound wasn't fatal
but it sure hurt 'cause of the gangrene.
His mistress
cussed at cars in traffic.
made a law against pushing hags

out windows. The hags
rejoiced, and fatally
wounded a mailman. Gangrene
is a bad problem. Mistresses
generally aren't liked by wives. Traffic
makes people want to stab members of parliament.

people hate getting shot, especially by hags.
Macbeth's craziness was fatal
for king Duncan. No gangrene,
just death. I wonder if the king had a mistress.

around the castle was very heavy, I hate traffic.
ought to make a law about it. Hags
would like that. Sneezing can be fatal
when combined with gangrene.
Stabbing mistresses

is a bad pastime. Mistresses
don't like being stabbed. Traffic
stabbings are common in Scotland. Parliament
is fun to watch on C-span. Hags
have beards, even though they should be fatal
ladies. They are smelly and have gangrene.

Macbeth fatally stabbed the king before he could develop gangrene.
The traffic at the funeral was heavy, hags, members of parliament,
and various mistresses came to pay their final respects.

Hooray for poetry! I'm pretty proud of that baby.

In other news, I went trick or treating tonight, without a bag. I went out with a frisbee, and just gave all the candy that I got to James. That was pretty fun business. We saw some 12 year old kid smoking a cigarette, and it just made me giggle my pants off. Fortunately, my shorts stayed on. But in all seriousness, it was just hilarious. The kid couldn't have been out of the 7th grade, and he was smoking. Good luck breathing to that kid. I would love to see him run a mile. I don't get why you'd do that, but hey, its not my life eh? Maybe he wants to rebel or something.

Well, nothing else really to write about, except a proposition of mine. To stir up comments, I am going to let you all direct my next post. It is question and answer time, as well as request time. So, everybody, leave me a comment asking a question you'd like answered, or some request. If you want to hear me talk about anything, ask me to and I promise I will. If you want me to get a picture of the giant mushroom that is sitting in the bucket outside underneath the porch, leave a comment asking for it, and I'll do my best to post one.

So, all of you that ought to be playing the stock market game now, leave a comment, and my next post will answer you something great, it's going to be great fun. I expect good comments dangit, go post!

so yeah, life is going good, things are peachy. I ought to nail my 4.0 this term, providing I don't bomb chemistry somehow. I'm going to start running again, and just go exploring. I get to play frisbee this weekend, and I'm nearly drooling over it. I love frisbee more than I love smothered burritos. I'm gonna take that practice ACT test on Friday, you all ought to too. We don't have school that day, but its a cool practice test, and that's just gonna be fun. I don't know, I love tests. After that I'm thinking Halo at my place. Remiscent of Kyle's on saturday. It's gonna be fun.

So, life is good. Leave a comment. tell me my pumpkin looks good, tell me it sucks. Tell me my poem is good, tell me it blows chunks. Ask me who I like, tell me I'm repulsive, say you like my hair, I honestly don't care. As long as you post a comment, I will be happy. I know that Kyle, Levi, james, jason, and nick are all going to read this someday, and I expect comments from all of you. Just post as anonymous, it's not hard guys. If you don't know how to post a comment, just click on the little "0 comments" link at the bottom of this little post, it's not tough. C'mon, I'm comment starved. Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme! Yay, life is good, and I really like my pumpkin. G'night all y'alls.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

DO DO DO....dododododo! (That's maelstrom if you can't tell)

No philosophy yet, because there's nothing to write about yet. So, you get more me blogs! Hooray!

Last week was UEA, and I didn't do half the amazing stuff I wanted to. However, I did finally make it up to Logan to hang out with Andrew and Nathan for a couple hours. It wasn't 2 whole days like I wanted it to be, but it was fun, and I got to play raquetball. I am definitely taking a CC class next year, just so I can get into the SLCC gym for free to play. It's cool, because you can get a friend in for a buck with your SLCC student card, so if a couple of my friends take CC classes, its definitely fun date time. Nick isn't invited though, I hear he's good, and I don't want to be embarassed in front of the ladies and kyle.

Anyways, back to UEA. Me and Steph painted the family room, against the will of our Mother. She said it was alright, but she didn't really want us to do it simply because she thought we'd start, and wouldn't finish. Well, we did most of it during UEA, and then Steph finished it yesterday, it's pretty good. Hooray for painting.

This week has been crazy talk, but mostly alright. School hasn't been all that hard, no homework yet, no tests, just kind of coasting through it. The only stressful thing that has happened this week was filming for the seminary video.

So, they asked me to help them with video's a couple weeks ago, and didn't say anything to me between then and tuesday. So, I go tuesday because that's when they were planning to do it, and things were just a tiny bit unorganized. Problem being: "Oh, we don't have a camera." Plus, they had a general idea of what they were doing, but they didn't have it down concrete, and thats never a good idea. Videos are tough to make, you need to know exactly what you're doing beforehand or it takes 3 hours.

3 hours later, we had found a camera, driven around, and filmed almost all of it. We ended up getting the camera from one of the girl's on council, and filming most of it at her house and robert frost elementary. We were filming the last scene (in her kitchen) when horrible things began to happen. The camera was on the tripod, and I picked up the tripod to move it. In ways unbeknowst to me, it had managed to unscrew itself.

That's right, I dropped her camera.

Dropping cameras is a bad idea in general. You all know you shouldn't do it. Its the thing everybody fears most, that someone will borrow their camera and drop it. I am now public enemy numero uno, I borrowed a camera and dropped it.

In the movies whenever a priceless artifact get's dropped, or something tense happens that involves gravity, time slows down. Frame by frame you can see the object falling, and hundreds of hands reaching to save it. I don't know what it is, but that's how it went for me. I could see it tip off of the tripod, and almost gracefully fall like a lead block through the air. Nothing was there to stop it but the floor, it just tumbled.

I don't know what these video cameras are made of, but NASA needs to look into it. I swear the camera bounced 9 times. Each one bringing a new horrifying crunch, and making me want to be invisible and back at my house underneath the bed instead of trying to help with videos and ruining expensive and nice digital cameras. I honestly believe that had I dropped the camera and a super ball from the same height at the same time, the super ball would have stopped bouncing first.

It wasn't just one swift blow to my soul, it was 7, one right after another. I nearly died. The girl who's camera it was ran to pick it up, and I was standing there in shock. She quickly checked the outside for damage, and said optimistically "I think that was like that before..." She didn't grasp the seriousness of the situation though. External flaws are one thing, but if I screwed up the lenses, it was all over for me. Ignoring her, I took a glimpse at the view screen, and it was 100% fuzzy. Not a discernable shape to be found. At about this point her mom walked into the kitchen, and if possible, I felt even worse than before. Half of me wanted to bust into tears and apologize, and the other half wanted to whistle my heart away and then run home as fast as I could. Well, I can't whistle, but I wasn't about to tell her what happened. So, I held the camera, and acted like everything was dandy. One of the other guys started whistling, and that was mildly reassuring. Since I figured hasty action was needed, I escaped to the other room to check it out. I popped open the view screen, and despite everything I had been wishing for with all my heart in the other room, it was still fuzzy, no magical solution to cover up my blunders. I turned her off, then back on again.

Fuzzy yet. I flipped the night shot mode on, then back off. Then, like an old and tired lady getting up from a nap, it regained focus. I don't know how it did it, but to me that sharp and clear image was better than Christmas.

I went back into the other room to assure them that everything was alright, by then her mom had left. I feel bad not telling her personally that I dropped her camera, but that it's ok. I'm sure the girl will though. There are actually some glaring defects externally, but nothing life altering. The little tape eject deal is a mite screwed up, and not exactly totally automated like it was before, but it's ok. you just have to push to close it instead of it doing it itself. It's faster this way anyways.

Well, I got home at about 5:10-ish, and found out my parents had nearly sent out a whole manhunt looking for me. I had mentioned to my mom that we'd be filming that day, but I only said it once, and I guess she didn't remember it. They didn't actually tell me they thought I was dead somewhere, but I found out when Kyle called and was super relieved that I was home and not dead and still able to play warcraft. Apparently they had called everywhere I might be, because they called alot of people back to tell them I wasn't dead after I got home. Kinda crazy really, but nice to know I'm loved right?

And now, enough about the past. Tomorrow is super hero day, and I'm gonna go crazy. I love dressing up, it's just kicks and giggles. I don't have anything especially cool planned for tomorrow, but it's going to be fun. There's a scout camp in my backyard tomorrow night.... that's going to be something else. Instead of going to the party I was going to go to, I have to go to the ward halloween party, then sleep in a tent in the rain with a bunch of 12 year olds in the backyard. Hooray! It'll be alright I guess, I'm just not overly excited for it.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Over UEA I uploaded my caminos video onto Google Video. You should all go watch it, I'm still kinda proud of it. You don't have to download it, since google is amazing, you can just watch it straight off.

Caminos Peligrosos
^^^Click above, the link is white for some reason

And, just for fun, here are all of Andrew's super cool seminary videos he made. Hooray for google video!

^^^Click above, the link is white for some reason

Well, that's all for tonight. Life is pretty good. The camera has been returned to it's rightful owner, and that's a major relief for me. I was on tenterhooks all day today because I knew it was just sitting in my locker, and I was afraid a terrorist was going to climb in there and blow himself up, just to screw me over. It's like the ring in lord of the rings. Super powerful, but bad things happen to those who use it, namely me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

5A State Cross Country Meet - October 19th, 2005

Whoohoo, Dead last and proud of it. Today was the state CC meet, and I came in dead last. Nobody behind me, not even a fat kid. Porter came second to last, about 40 seconds ahead of me. All my great plans to run my heart out fell through, and I am not the least bit sad about it.

See, Buddy Sharpe, one of the guys I worked with last summer explained to me that "Americans love situations in sports. Bottom of the 9th, 2 guys on bases. 4th quarter, 32 seconds left, down by 1." I figured that he was probably right. There's nothing that can make people go crazy like 4th down and 15, going for it. Well, here's the situation of the meet today:

Taylorsville has no chance, Clements has a good shot at taking first, but other than that we've got nothing. I'm a sophomore, its the last race of the season, and I'm going to be back here next year. So, bearing that in mind, my plan was to go out there and do my best. Well, today my best happened to score me last place. Hooray for that, I really didn't push myself amazingly hard. I'm kind of proud of my last place to tell you the truth. I'd much rather have last than 3rd to last, at this way I get to have a title.

See, I'm happy with last place. I don't really need phonies to tell me "Hey, at least you finished, good job, you did good." Nah, I know I didn't do good, but that doesn't make me sad, so let me be happy. I absolutely love getting compliments, but when I know that they are forced, it cheapens the whole experience. I really dont think that people ought to give out fake compliments. If the whole market is flooded with compliments, their value goes down. It's like supply and demand. If compliments were only given when they were deserved, they would mean much much more than they do now. I don't mean to say that we shouldnt say nice things about each other, but when I give someone a compliment, I want them to realize that it's for real, not just forced.

so, last blog I said some stuff that I have been criticized harshly for. Allow me to explain all that ugly business.

"On to the bad news: I'm still pretty lame. That is all."

No, I really don't think I'm lame. To tell you the truth, I think I'm pretty cool. I'm one arrogant boy, you don't need to worry about me worrying about myself. The reason I say that is because thats just the way me and kyle talk. Every day Kyle reminds me that he's a "weenie" cause he doesn't talk to a certain girl. And every day I remind him that I'm much more of a weenie, cause thats just how it is. I tell people every day that I smell funny, and really, I find my musk rather pleasant. Why do I do it? It's because that's just something I've picked up, I don't know why. I don't think I'm lame.

About that nobody caring business: Well, that's how I felt. The night before I wanted to rant on and on about stuff, and the only person that would talk to me was Malyssa, and she was twitterpated with some guy named billy or something.

So.... just for the record, to clear everything up: I am not, nor ever have been, nor ever will be "emo". I'm quite a happy individual, with too much self confidence for my own good. I appreciate the concern that was expressed though, you can now stop telling me I'm an idiot.

Hmm, what else what else. I've determined that iceberg isn't all it's cracked up to be. I mean, it's kinda good... but its pretty slow, and not amazing. Thats not to say I won't go there ever again, because of course I will, it's good. Just not amazing, that's all.

I talked to Sharpe a little bit today, and he dropped some hints about maybe working for him again next summer. That'd be pretty cool, I could make some good money again, I like good money. It's a tough job, but I hope that I get it, it'd be good for me. If that falls through I'll just get a job at someplace that will hire 16 year olds, preferably not harmons.

I decided I want to learn C++ again. Yeah, this is like the millionth time I've tried that. Don't you love how lazy I am? I sure do. Snake still isn't done mind you. But does that discourage me? Never. Someday, that will be done, if its the last thing I doooooooooo. This saturday I think I'm going to take a running adventure, and just run as far as I can. I'm going to take it easy, and go exploring, I'm not sure where yet. I'm thinking Jordan river parkway, somewhere fun that I haven't been lately. For some reason I think that'd be great fun. Just to go and spend 3 hours exploring on foot. I think I'm going to do that, it'd be kicks.

So, I'm not even good at cross country, but just think, I can only get better from here. Next year is going to be kicks and giggles, because I'm going to make myself get good. Hooray for goals, I'm going to get crazy good by the time I'm a senior. I'm going to break a 5 minute mile for sure this year in track, and I'd love to break a 4 minute mile as a senior, but I doubt that'll happen. I'll see how it goes, that'd be insanely fun though.

Hmm, you ever feel like I've got ADD? I do.

I want to get together with everybody and watch either Hook or batman begins. Chances are that's not going to happen either. Every single weekend we all say that we're going to hang out, and it never works because we're all too lazy to plan anything. It's a vicious cycle I tell you. How sad that we're all just that lame. Oh well, always another weekend.

So, that's enough random business for a day I suppose. I'm running out of things to make new paragraphs about. How bout that hurricane wilma? Strongest ever recorded. Crazy business this year, crazy business. Kind of makes you glad to be landlocked in good old secure Utah doesn't it? I definitely want to buy an island some day. Just a small one, but I think it'd be fun. And islands are definitely for sale out there. Someday I'll have an empire of energy. Windmills with my name on it, solar fields for miles and miles, and a bunch of cool dams. Then I'll buy an island and do something amazing with it, I just don't know what yet. Well, that's something only the future is going to tell, for now, I've got to worry about what i'm going to do with my UEA weekend, probably go to Logan. I feel so inadequate without ugly facial hair though. Oh well, suck it up princess. Toodles.

Monday, October 17, 2005

> mediocre

Welcome back, it's good to be writing again, it's been a while.

So, I've got some ridiculously good news, and then some very lame news. Good news is, I get to run varsity in state. I didn't know my time or place from region for a long time, cause coach just never told me, but it ends up I beat porter and Thaddeus, so I'm gonna run state, and I'm happy about that. My new idea of not sucking has been working out pretty good, I'm enjoying it. I'm so excited to get out there and run my little heart out on wednesday. I know I'm not gonna get a good place, that's asking way too much, but I'm going to give my best. Hooray for state.

The second piece of really cool news is my physics test. I slaughtered it with a fierce passion. I'm starting to really enjoy test days in high school, because tests are just kind of fun. I know I'm a nerd, but I enjoy competition, and I see tests as competition, and as something that I can actually win at. Sure, Jason beats me at Halo, and Robert does something-that-words-can't-describe to me at halo, but can they beat me in physics? No dice.

On to the bad news: I'm still pretty lame. That is all.

So other than that life is going pretty good right now. I'm excited for Cross country to wrap up so I can have a little more free time on my hands, and a little more energy. I'd really love to get a job, but I don't think anyone is going to hire me because I'm 15. I'll have to wait till summer to get a job, but I'm definitely going to do that, because I like income. I think it'd be dreadfully nice to have a car for next year, because transportation opens up alot of oppurtunities for a person. With any luck I'll get myself some sort of vehicle that doesn't have alot of seats, because I don't want to be ferrying my friends around everywhere. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself, right now I'm pretty much broke, without transportation, without a job, but not without hope.

Ooooh, good news #3: The other day some people from Seminary council cornered me and asked if I could do videos like Andrew. Now.... I definitely can't do videos like andrew, but I can almost do videos like andrew. Im not good or anything, but I can function. Well, they kinda asked me to be their video guy for this year, and I'm pretty excited for that. It's going to be tough, but I really love making videos, and I think this is a pretty cool opportunity to do something amazing. My life is currently lacking great opportunities to be amazing. Sure, I could go feed the homeless or something, but there aren't any amazing projects in school that just let me go wild and have fun and do the very best I can. These videos are going to be something that I can do my best at. I'm excited for them. Chances are I'm going to bomb the first couple of em, don't be too mean when you see them, but with any luck I'll pull some good ones off eventually.

I really want to work on my writing. It would be amazing to be able to just bust out amazing and entertaining essays without trying. I know these blogs aren't dreadfully good, but I'd like them to be. Writing is really cool, because it's the way to get stuff done. It's like putting an amazing argument down on a paper, and holding on to it. It's permanent, but fluid at the same time. A vocal argument comes and goes, and you can't really analyze it, or twist the opponents words with it. With a paper, you can cut that thing to pieces, feel it, quote it, and obliterate it. I definitely want to work on my writing.

bad news #2: Nobody cares. Is there anybody out there that really cares what place I take on wednesday? or anybody who cares what i got on my physics test, or what I'm going to get on my chemistry test tomorrow? Anybody mind when I'm sick? Nah, not really. I guess that's ok, I just wish somebody cared. Nobody wants to listen when I want to break down and just talk about stuff. Nobody really needs to listen, I'm quite fine dealing with things by myself, I just wish there was somebody who cared.

well, with that in the past, on to greener pastures. I'm going to do amazing things. I'm gonna ace my chemistry test tomorrow, and then run my heart out wednesday. After that I'm gonna focus on school until that first video project comes up, and then that's what I'm going to worry about. There's no sense in worrying about other stuff, it doesn't do any good. Why dwell on that which makes us sad? I didn't use to get that. If you ignore stuff, it really does go away. I don't know why it works, and occaisionally it comes back, but if you ignore it, it doesn't bother you. so, I'm going to focus on school and CC and video projects, and then we'll see about frisbee later.

So, All y'alls have a dandy day. This is Christopher Thatcher, off to find something amazing, to make something of his life, to be greater than mediocre. Whoosh~

Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's nice to win sometimes

So, I changed the whole way the blog looks, and I really like the way it is now. It's all classy and cool, way better than it was before. I added some google ads up at the top too, how cool is that? I’m not going to make any money off of them, but they're there, and it makes me happy. You should all leave me comments, because I want to know who's actually reading this, and comments make me happy. Comments make me want to write, so leave me a comment, please.

Yesterday was the region II cross country championship, and it was just amazing. For the first time ever we had a bus, so I got to get out of English early and then ride with the rest of the team up to the meet. Sitting on the bus I was counting people, and realized we had 7 guys that ran faster than me. We all know what that means, that means I get to run JV. Hooray! I get to run with the people I ought to be running with!

Well, I think I ran pretty good. I came in either 21st, 26th, 31st, or some other multiple of 5. All I know is that my sticker was the first on a new page of their little sticker book, and I think there are 20 on a page. Anyways, I was way happy with how I ran, and it was fun. The best part was the fact that I didn't have to be responsible if we lost. My time didn't count for anything, I was just out there to have fun, and so I did.

Well, long story short, Taylorsville didn't have too many highlights. We came in 4th overall, but that means we're going to state. Whoohoo! Aaron Clements, the most amazing stallion ever came in 1st, and that was just a party. They announced the top 10 finishers in all the races, and Taylorsville didn't have one..... Except Aaron! When they called him out, the whole team just jumped up and started screaming like animals, it was the coolest thing ever. We were all so proud of him. He got up there, and shook the other 9 finishers' hands, was real nice and humble about it, and I couldn't help admiring the kid. He’s just got mad skills, that's all.

That made me decide that I want to be good at cross country. Sure I've always wanted to be good, but now I really do. More than just the "I wish I didn't suck" business, now I want to actually be better than mediocre. It would be so awesome to get my name called and walk up there when everyone was cheering for me, even if it was 10th place. Heck, even if it was girls JV I'd be happy. I'm gonna train hard the rest of this year and this summer to see if I can get better. Right now it feels like training isn't doing anything for me, but I know it is. I just got to push myself harder in practice, and it'll be great. Hooray for getting good.

This week has honestly been one of the better weeks I've had in a really long time. Monday and Tuesday don't count, because they were lame. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and today have just been rockin. Everything has been working out. My body has felt a lot better than it has forever, I'm not sore, my appendix feels awesome, my blood sugar has been good, and it's just been nice. School has been great, I've been acing all my tests and assignments, and fitness for life is just a party. Floor hockey is one of the coolest things ever. I think the only thing that can beat it now is Ultimate. I've been a mad Canadian, and just rampaged with that hockey stick. You can't stop this mad action. On Thursday when we were running our laps inside I decided I was tired of being slow and running with everybody else, so I just raced the whole way. It was so much fun to get out there and just book it. I love running like that, just free to go as fast as I want, no worries about burning out because I know its not all that long, just good old fun.

Today I did nothing but clean and sleep. This was the first Saturday in I don't know how many weeks that I was able to sleep in. For the past million weeks I've had to get up and do something with scouts or cross country or some other worthwhile cause. Not this week though, I slept till 12:30, and when I woke up, it was raining. I absolutely love days like today, where you never see the sun. Sure the sun is great and all that, but I love the rain. It's so cool, it makes everything smell better, it cleans the air, it moves the whole world around. I love it. So, I wake up, and then install my hot new DVD RW/CD RW drive into stallion, and do a little upgrading to her while I'm at it. I got my front LED lights working again, and taped the front panel on so it doesn't fall off, its nice. Then, I popped the Simpsons season 2 DVD into the drive, and watched Simpsons while I cleaned the computer library up. Its now super super nice, the whole thing is cleaned and vacuumed. I have enough room on my desk to put my lava lamp, its great.

I had the greatest idea today, I'm not going to go into too many details, but it involves super glue and old CD drives. I think it's got a lot of potential; I'll let you know how it goes. It's an art project, and if it works out, its just going to be awesome.

Today I think I made the world a little better place. I cleaned up the room, made stallion better, and I've got plans to make a lot of other things a lot better. I think that's important, leaving the world better than we found it. Sharpe always talked about that when we did carpets, he always managed to find a way to leave the classroom better than when we found it. And I'm not talking about leaving it with better carpet on the floor. He'd just do whatever odd things needed to be done, it was pretty cool. That's what I want to do, I want to make the world a better place, one little thing at a time.

Quite a super week, I'm excited for the future. I've got potential, and I'm going to use it. A rolling stone gathers no moss, but neither does a rocking amazing stone. I want to run a marathon, I want to get 1st in a race, I want to be featured in popsci, I want to be artistic for once in my life, I want to write, I want an audience, I want a windmill with my name on it, I want a logo, and a theme song!

Things are going to be great. I'm excited for the future. Sure, things could be better. It's up to me to make things better. Nobody knows what the future really holds for us, but I plan on finding out sometime, and I'm going to enjoy the adventure while I go exploring the unknown.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Best day of my life? Probably.


WOW! I just spell checked this beast, and I spelled everything right! Sure, “Canadian” wasn’t capitalized, and all my “I’m”s were “im”s but good crap, its spelled right, and I’m so excited about that. Could today get any better? I contest that it could not!

*end edit

Wow, today kicked butt. Right now it's 4:02 PM, and things are great. Why? Because my legs don't hurt, I can breathe, my appendix feels like a million dollars, and I'm not in gym shorts.

That’s right, after cross country I actually had the energy left to change back into my jeans, how cool is that? That’s the first time that has happened this whole year. Cross country rocked to the max today. We ran 4 miles just as a run, no stadiums, no sprinting, just good old running and messing around with the team. Boy that felt good. It felt super great to just get out there and run again. Mmmmmm, I love it so.

School today was rather enjoyable. I was falling asleep in physics, but that’s to be expected right? "So... that's the constant acceleration gravity I guess" -Mr. Olsen. He's a studmuffin that Mr. Olsen is. Physics is a pretty cool class.

I love my English class. It's got a ton of Eisenhower people in it that are pretty cool, so I've got friends, and the class is just so cool. Ward is hilarious, and she makes me think and write, which most people can't do. Today's "thinker" was to write 3 haikus, and you had to use at least 7 vocabulary words. Well, I managed to work about 10 in, and I was actually proud of my haikus. I'm rarely proud of my work I do in any English class, but I'm just always excited when I finish my stuff in Ward's. She makes me want to write! I love that class.

So, region cross country meet is Friday, and I'm going to kick butt. That’s right, I'm going to run my best meet ever, and enjoy it! Every other meet I've dreaded like crazy, and not run my best. Friday, that will change. I will run my hardest, and no matter the outcome I'm going to come out of it smiling. There's no way I can be unhappy with myself if I run my hardest. I know that I'm going to place last out of T-ville, and thus my score won't count. But, I'm going to try as hard as I can, and I’m going to enjoy the run. Victory will be mine, even if it's just over myself.

So, things are really great. Last night blew, that’s for sure, but today just makes me smile. No particular reason, but it's just been nice. I'm excited for tomorrow, mostly for seminary and hockey. I'm going to be a mad hockey machine tomorrow; you'll swear I'm Canadian.

Rarrrr matey, things are going to be great. We've got a mouse in the house, so I'm going to build a spoons style mouse trap to own it. I'll be sure to picture document the whole thing for later. Rock on, and remember: If we fail, we fail with glory.