Sunday, May 22, 2005

I Love Church

Last night was definately an adventure. Somebody dropped the drama bomb or something, and the whole world is still shaking from it. Im not sure what's going down. It really irritated me, and everything was just stupid. The posse was being annoying, girls were being annoying, everything was stupid.

So I woke up this morning less than happy. I went to BYC, and it was alot longer than it needed to be, I kept throwing my pen on my shirt on accident so I get all marked up, and I was just ready to smack something. I was more irritated then than I have been in a very long time.

Well, I went to church irritated, and it made everything better. Sure, girls are still stupid. Sure, the world is still stupid. But that's alright, I can deal with that now. Church makes everything better, I love the feeling you get when you go. The world just tosses you around and pushes you down, but you go to church and everything is just so right. All these problems just go away, and you can be peaceful for a couple hours. I love it.

Well, now im back in the world. And in the process of writing this I could definately feel it. But things are going to be ok, just hold on to those good feelings I guess.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Anybody got a pet ram?

Anybody got a pet ram? Cause if you did that'd be great.

Whee, it's been a while, but I'm back. It's currently 9:24, I'm gonna blog till 10, then hopefully get to sleep before my usual, it'll be great fun.

Life update: The final four nerd game was awesome. I honestly think it was the best game we played this year. We went into it knowing that they would be the hardest team we'd have faced to that point, and we were ready for them. Round one was a normal round one, 20 to 23. Round 2 will go down in the history books of the nerd team for ages. I was pretty nervous about it, because I've always got to be in charge, and half the time I screw things up bad. They already showed us they knew stuff, so we had to be on our toes. The first card got dropped, and it was a bunch of cities, and I had to find out what state they were in. We were pretty close, but they got us on the speed, and we got hosed, they tied it at 23-23.

At this point, something awesome happened. Either the other team got the crap stupored out of them, or we got some divine intervention on our side, but we just started owning. We went on an 11-0 run. 33 points in 11 minutes. We took the next 11 questions straight, and they couldn't touch us. By the end, it was 56 to 23. Round 3 and 4 were mostly boring, but the moral of the story is, round 2 was the coolest thing ive ever seen in a nerd game. w00t.

And so we were on to the national championship game, to be held in 1 week. We were all pumped up, we all came to practice, and it was like good old regular season times. No more of this "Ive got track" crap, oh no, we all showed up and worked. We were finally unified at practice again, and it was great. We knew that the final game would be like nothing we'd ever seen before. They were the only team that scared us even a little, but we would be ready.

Well, the game was today, and in a way, it was something we'd never seen before. We got our butts kicked in round 2. they got 6 questions, we got 3. I got hosed by 8th graders! North carolinean 8th graders! But no worries. At the end of the 2nd quarter, it was something like 28 to 24. We were up by 4, but that wouldnt mean anything, and we all knew it, we were a tad worried.

Quarter 3 was great, our team did really good, and got a 23. Their team, well, they were kinda funny. I gotta admit, they did cover most of the subject material, but they did it in a way that was just plain hilarious. They did the whole schoolhouse rock business, minus the singing. One person would say one line, then another guy would pop in with his over-enthusiastic voice, and say one more line, and after that, another guy would pop in. Lather, rinse, and repeat. I wasn't watching their choreography too much, but they did some cool dance moves. It was like the drama club all took happy pills, and got good all the sudden.

Anyways, we gave them 18's or something for being overly dramatic, the other guys gave them 24. They were mad about our ratings, so they protested it, and we waited for about 10 minutes for the crazy lady to talk on the phone with the all knowing suzy.

so, we went into round 4 up by only 8 points or something fun like that. Round 4 started, and we took off, and kicked their butts. we outscored them by 14 points, and you could just see them developing eating disorders as we abused them over the satellite. I thought I did great, I got a couple free for alls, and I was just happy as could be.

So, we won. We are now the NAL national champions. I'm super happy about it, but I'm pretty sure more people are excited about it than I am. We win. Hooray. We don't get much for it though;)

After we won, we went back to the school, and the whole school came out to meet us, it was great fun, they were cheering and all that business, yeeha. We went and ate some pizza, then hung out and played around at some dude's playground. It was great business, I had so much fun. We did some relay races on the balloons, and just had great fun. I had the privalege to pull Marissa down off of a wall and push her on the floor. Check that one off the list too.

Well, we win. 3 years of study, games, and staying after finally paid off. Good work team.

Well, life is good. I got a crazy freelance graphics job the other day, that's insanity. Brough's son Michael kinda hired me to make a logo for his company by next monday. That'd be great, minus the fact that I have NO idea how to do it. But, it'll get done, and it'll be pretty good I'm hoping, I gotta get crackin on that though, because that's definately not my area of expertise.

Things are pretty nice, Im way excited for summer, and way excited for stuff. Someday I just might be a mime, but probably not. Girls are still weird, so is kyle. I don't understand a lot of stuff about all that jazz, but oh well. Why when james likes a girl is it cute, and when I did it was satanic? Good question Christopher, I'll log that away.

Anyways, stuff is good, Im a champion, and not just cause my socks say so this time. w00t, have a great life.