Saturday, March 19, 2005

Stray Mulch Diznope

I'm pretty sure nobody even knows this blog exists, and thats pretty awesome. But oh well, on the off chance that briahna reads this, I guess Ive got to blog.

So, what's new in life? Well, I cleaned my room. That's pretty cool.

I played ultimate frisbee last night. That was a beastly good time. I really am not so good at that fun game, but thats alright. It's kicks anyways. I really want to be good, and I'm just gonna have to practice to do that. Im honestly considering joining an ultimate frisbee league. I'd have to find a team, but that's not too hard. I think my friends are probably getting tired of my frisbee fetish. I just dig the novelty flying disk.

Next week is spring break, and I've got absolutely nothing to do. If anyone has anything cool they're doing, and want me to do it to, let me know.

I figure I'm going to format my hard drive next week. It's pretty messed up, I don't know what the deal is. Oh well, I think itll be fun. I need to change some stuff. I might just partition it and go with linux, but thats an outside chance. I really should learn how all that mad linux action works, I should start on that I guess.

My friends are doing good. Kyle got pantsed infront of hope last night, that was friggin awesome.

The whole Marissa situation still blows, but thats just somethign I have to live with. I still really care about her, but either she doesnt care about me, or doesnt want to care about me, so thats just the way things have to be I suppose. Oh well, someday I'll stop missing her, itll just be awhile.

Hmm, so I really want to make a little program to draw fractals, just for kicks. But first I think I need to learn C++, so thats on my list of things to do. I know VB, but lets face it, VB sucks big time. I need a job too. ~sigh~

Oh well, I'm getting by, and stuff is gonna turn out good in the end I'm sure. The moral of the story is, stop being lazy, and appreciate what you have. Because really, You never know when its going to be gone. And you never really understand what you had until you've lost it. I thought they were all just crazy when they said that. Nope.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Pi Day!

Hooray, it's Pi day! I only say that to be a nerd, but a nerd I am, and a nerd I shall be. Ive been telilng everybody happy pi day, but I don't think anybody got it. If you get it, good for you. If not, you're not alone in your ignorance.

Anyways, since I yelled at you last, things have changed a whole lot, but life is still good. The unofficial not significant other but kinda not really is gone. Sad news really, but I suppose I'll live. Its really pretty lame, the situation as it stands. Its not stopping me from having a happy day, but I kind of miss being able to smile at her. But alas, thats a no dice.

Stuff is still working out good for me though. Another 4.0 this term, that's pretty awesome. Assuming I get Jurassic Park done today or tomorrow, I'll scrape by again. It hasnt been too hard this term. Aside from Jurassic park, everything else has been cake. I don't think I've been up late for homework once this term. Yeeha, life is moving on.

We've got our first national nerd game tomorrow. Good crap, I'm just a tad nervous about it. I'm pretty confident we are the best. I'm not too worried, but it'll be a tough game. We're playing a school from deep microsoft territory. Super super rich school, They've got about 500 students, and they go from grade 7 to 12. You get in by lottery if you're a nerd. It'd be kind of like playing AMES, except these guys are probably smart.

I really think we're going to win, but we've never really gone up against a team that is as good as us. We honestly have no idea what to expect. I expect a bowtie on at least one of them.

However, I have a plan. I'm gonna make a poster that is the equivalent of the blue screen of death. When we win, I'm gonna shove that baby up against the video camera, and have a little fun with it. I figure that should demoralize the little boys. I'm kind of making this a little holy war for me. Just to show the rich boys where it stands. I'm pretty sure Utah has the lowest spending on students per capita, and we're gonna go win this national tournament. Good times, good times.

Well, I'm off to rant philosophical-like, so have yourself a dandy day. I hope everything works out for you. Toodles~