Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Haha Suckers!

Strong/Smart! Hooray!

Yeah, ends up it was a good decision, AND that it was an act of manly strongness, not girly weakliness.

Yeah, Isn't that cool? You don't get to know what it is, but just know that it's cool.

Fine, Here's the main explanation of what happened, very short.

~I had the oppurtunity to view some stuff that was supposed to be secret. I wasn't supposed to see it. However, I had a great oppurtunity to see it. And I chose not to. ~

Short one today

Well, work was real easy today, we got 3 rooms done in 3 hours. We bailed at 12 for multiple reasons, had we stayed the whole time, we would have finished off creekside. I'm about 70% done with Levi and James' and Hope's present. It should be pretty cool.

Well, tonight I made a decision. I'll fill you in on it later, but it was either one of the strongest things I've done in a long time, or one of the weakest. It was also one of the smartest, or one of the dumbest.

I'm now taking bets... Whether it was strong/weak, or smart/dumb. Comment with your guesses;)
If you get it right, well, we'll find out later. And no, I'm not telling you what it is till later. For my sake I hope its strong/smart. But of course, that's probably not gonna happen.

Well, g'night, we'll keep you posted. PUN!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Crisis Averted!

Alrighty, drama over. Things are good again, thank you for your concern. (like you even read that post before this one was posted.. yeah right)

I got a good nights sleep last night, talked to hope, and it ends up she doesnt hate me, so things are good again. My average for the day has been about 130. Yay, things are good again.

That is all. Rock on chillins.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

...And the last seat on the plane is next to you

sigh, this week kinda blows, but I guess it's alright. It just kinda seems like everything is piling up against me, it's kinda wearing me down ya know? I might as well not have friends anymore. I either don't get to talk to them, get annoyed whenever I do talk to them, or they don't wanna talk to me, so it's a crappy system.

I started work last saturday, and it's tuesday night right now. That means I've worked 3 days. 6 hours the first day, 6 the 2nd, and 4 today. That's 16 hours, that means 112 bucks. I guess that's pretty cool, but it's been super super hard. We're doing tear up right now, and its just ridiculous.

We're doing parkside right now, and this is the school that I've always heard horror stories about. Last year we didnt have to do tear up, and every single day sharpe would remind me how lucky we were that we didn't have to tear up parkside. Well, he wasn't overexaggerating.

The carpet is only 5 years old, and whoever put it down sure was liberal with that glue. In all seriousness, the carpet will tear itself to shreds before it'll come off of the floor. We just spend at least 7 hours in one room, spread over 3 days. It's just insane, I don't know why it is the way it is. The boss showed up and agreed to let us soak the last room in there, maybe that'll help. All I know is that we busted a scraper on that carpet, and those are supposed to be indestructible. Im kinda tired of how hard it is, I hope horizon will be easier.

You know, in all reality, I'm tired of everything. I know my schedule probably isn't any more full than anyone else's, but I feel like I'm never home. It feels like I can't take care of myself anymore, I'm always ready to yell at people, and I'm just freaking out. I know I ought to be happy, there's no real reason to be sad. Sigh, I guess I'm just freaking out.

I suppose I have to stop expecting other people to magically make me happy, because it's just not happening anymore. It's pretty stupid to rely on someone else to make you happy, or at least let them make you sad. I'm not sure what I've done or haven't done, but it kinda seems like things are just falling apart all over the place. My health, my friends, myself, it's pretty lame.

Of course, things will all be better in a couple days, they always are. In a way that's dissappointing, in another it's good. I guess I'll consider it good this time. All I really wanna do is complain, but I have no right to, so I suppose I'll hold my peace. Sorry for the lack of happiness this time, I'm a little tired of everything.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Singing In The Rain

What a week. Summer is upon us at last, and I'm not sure how cool that is. I mean sure, sleeping in, but is that really worth all the boredom? I'm pretty sure I'd rather wake up and go to school than sleep till 12 and be horrendously bored the rest of the day. But, since that's not currently the case, I'm going to enjoy my summer holiday as much as possible.

I start work on Saturday, that's gonna be super awesome. It's just muscle work, which I'm not good at. I like to pretend I'm good at alot of stuff, but pretending I'm strong is just a bad idea. I really could make myself strong, but I'm not too dedicated to it. So I'm stuck benching a max of about 100 lbs, and trying to carry around huge amounts of carpet all summer.

In all seriousness I'm excited for it though. Nothing else really ever makes me work too hard. And now I get to go slave away like a madman for some honest pay. And ya know what? I earn every single penny that I get out of it, and that's a good feeling. Sure, maybe I could score a good job where I get to sit and think all day and get paid for it, but I'll do that for free. Give me a good job where I can come home with a bruised shoulder, a back that's dreadfully sore, and a good days pay, and I'll keep coming back, morning after morning.

I'm super excited, I get to hang with Sharpe, his son Buddy, and whatever other lackey he roped into it. I hope he's not an 8th grader. I'd rather be the small guy like last year. If I'm not the weakest guy there, we're gonna have some serious problems.

All in all, it should be good, and I should walk off with a very good looking pay check.

Well, back to life as it is, recounting my tales. Last night I got a call from Trevor Whiting, asking me if I wanted to practice with the Taylorsville Cross Country team in the mornings. I felt pretty studly, because I was getting recruited, and I told him I'd be there. Yeah, it ends up they called Kyle first, and he told him to call me. Booo, that kinda made me feel less cool, but that's ok I guess.

So I show up at the track this morning at 7, and there was some seriously crazy rain. It was just coming down like madness. Torrential Rain fall, take shelter immediately. Well, someone stupid decided we should still go running, so away we went, there were about 7 of us.

Well, the thing about running around in torrential rainfall is that you get a little wet. When you get wet, you get cold, and your clothes start to gain weight. You're breathing cold air in for the first time in 3 months, you're soaking wet, and you haven't run since the district track meet several weeks ago. So, pretty much everything hurt. I didn't manage to run the whole thing, I had to stop and walk, and I was pretty disappointed in myself. But oh well, I guess I'll get better tomorrow right? I didn't stretch today, so I'm pretty sore, but things will be fine. It'll be good to go running, get me in shape, help me control stuff, it’ll be good. I’m not sure I'm gonna be able to still go running once my job starts, I hope I'll be able to, we'll see.

It was my birthday a week ago, it was really cool. Everybody was really nice to me, and things were just fun. I even got cupcakes from Hope and Tania. It was loads of fun. Today was Hope's birthday. I haven't really gotten her anything yet, and I feel kinda bad about that. But I'm gonna make something really cool that I think she's gonna like, so that's good I guess.

The girl situation is pretty nice. It ends up Marissa isn't evil, that kinda blew me away a little when I heard it. I was pretty used to being bitter. But now things are starting to be better between me and her, and things are going to work out. Hope is still awesome, and I've got a friend back. Hooray for me!

Life is on the up and up. Work starts soon, I'm gonna start learning a little stuff on my own, I've got great friends, things are good.