Friday, April 27, 2007


*note-> I wrote this a little while ago, but hesitated to post it. I think it's fine to post now. However, don't be getting any ideas. I liked it though, so here you go.

A few bits and pieces because I haven't been here too often.

~There's a law of conservation. Many laws of conservation actually. You can't create matter, you can just change it. You can't create energy, you can just change it. Unless you move things really really fast. But that's a story for another day.

Many things are conserved. More than you'd think, it appears.

~This is 4th quarter. The beginning is going to be the hardest part of the year for me. Not because the work is the hardest, but simply because I'm tired of work and want to stop doing my English. I just don't want to write that argumentative paper.

But this is the 4th term, this is crucial. If I screw up now, I screw everything up. After all, heroes aren't made in the first 47 minutes of the game. It's only the last minute that really counts.

~I have been romantically inactive for a little more than a year now. Am I ready to actually talk about that now? I don't know.

But if there's one thing I do truly miss about the romantic chase, it's the freshness of it all.

You wake up in the mornings with a plan to woo the lady. When you do your hair, you do your hair so you can look dang good to impress the girl. You go to school with a mission. There are no questions as to what your purpose is. You're on the chase.

It's a bold world out there. One with obstacles and troubles, but nothing you can't overcome. It's a world rife with accomplishment and failure.

In short, it's life in a nutshell.

I miss the quick success or quick failure. You know if one of your jokes worked or not. There are tangible results to your efforts.

I could get all mooshy here.

But you know how in Ultimate, how it feels so great to jump up and get a swat, or run so hard to get the catch? That exhilarating feeling of success, the great accomplishment. It's the same for basketball, hitting that three and jogging back to play defense, huge grin on your face. Or maybe getting the test passed back, and seeing the big 100 circled in red.

It's that wonderful feeling. That big rush, the one that makes you want to stand up on the chair and reach your arms toward the heavens and just feel how good it is to be alive. You're the man, you did it.

It's the same when the girl smiles at you. Not a pity smile, not the polite you-made-a-joke-now-I-have-to-smile smile, but a genuine smile. My oh my, that's a good feeling.

What's the point of it all? I've been pretty anti-sentimentatily for a long time. Maybe I don't think it's all a bunch of crap anymore. Something made me remember. Nothing anybody did, just some old documents. No old fires rekindled, just a nice reminder of a nice smile that made a crappy situation not quite so crappy.

So hey, smile at random guys. Maybe it'll make them not quite so scared of dying while Sharpe is laughing and there's a horrible drop curtain tearing your hand off.

Unless you're a dude. Then smiling at guys would be weird.

That's all.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Can you read my mind?

There is so much right now. So much good, so much potential. So many good people, so many opportunities.

I wish that I had written more in the past few weeks. I wish that I'd slept more too. Those weeks served their purpose, I'm older, stronger, and hairier because of them. Here we are, weeks later. Welcome to April 23rd.

Life is good, but it's got its questions. Life's got the wonder, the mystery and the longing.

Contradictions and fields of stars.

This is one of those posts that I'm going to wish I had explained better. Will future me remember what fields of stars means? I had doubts initially, but I think he will now. I feel good about it.

Where do the answers lie? Stay the course, or attempt something bold? A breath of fresh air, or the steady pneumatic pace of the oxygen tank? The thoroughbred or the unicycle of chance?

Questions. But amidst the questions there are certain certainties.

And that's the key to understanding it. I don't know what's going to happen; the contradictions contradict themselves. There is no clear path to the very end. And yet the definite steps remain. A pithy portion of my personal puzzle, but a profound portion nonetheless. As I pursue the few steps I know I must take, the pathway will be made clear.

If I were to stand in a field and stare at the stars, would I know what I truly want? Could I be completely honest and unchanging? There, in the midst of the far-flung photons and toiling carbon, would the course unfold before me?

The field and stars contradict in beautiful harmony. Perhaps the course is simply not the course yet. Perhaps the course unfolds as it is created and forged. Not the predetermined route of careful planning and meditation, but rather the natural sequence and succession of the culmination of my decisions.

Perhaps the picture seeks not to be understood in full, but to be sought after with loyalty and dedication.

One must contemplate the possibility that step two never has, and likely never will, exist. The notion that step one is forever followed by step two does not do justice to the intricate and romantic workings of the unraveling secrets of life. Completing step one illuminates the path, creates a new set of inherited values and parameters. And one must pause and evaluate the new reality that one exists in, and then pursue the path that leads to the best end. Step one is reborn in the new and reborn circumstances of the new parameters. Step one leads to just one more step one, and thence onward forever, indefinitely.

Is it a happy path? Yes, I like to think it is. Step two is elusive, forever fading and crossing from my view. A multitude of step two's cling and vie for my eventual chase.

And yet the answers remain fully within step one. Step one will lead me exactly where I need to go. When the time comes, I will have the courage to give step one my one hundred percent.

The certainties in life are few, but by pursuing the fleeting group the pathway becomes clear. The nebula draws itself together not as a whole, but particle by particle. Step one by step one, the field of stars reveals its secrets.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Good people. That's what makes Track worth running.

Because Track attracts good people. I'm not saying other sports don't attract good people, I'm just saying that track does it as well.

And good people make me happy. They're just so good.

But what makes a good person? What changes a normal guy in my eyes to a great guy in my eyes?

I think it's kindness to those that have absolutely nothing to offer him or her. They don't have to say anything nice, they don't have to smile at the strangers. But they do. Not because they're going to get anything out of it, but because it's the right thing to do.

What's the point of it all? Good people make the world a better place to live. You want to save the world? Start by making yourself a better person. Make yourself a better person by being kind when you don't have to be. Be nice to your siblings, be nice to your parents. Be nice to your teachers and the Mexicans and the people that aren't as smart as you are. Be nice to me, be nice to Kyle.

Not because I said so, but because you know it's the right thing to do.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I really should be in bed, but I have a bit to say. Much thanks to all the modest girls out there, good work on all that. There used to be more of a problem, but these days my friends are dominating at dressing appropriately. Nobody has really talked about it much because it hasn't been a problem, but I'm here to say great work, it's pretty awesome.

All you modest girls make the world a much brighter place to live. Thanks for being cool and covering yourselves. It makes all the guys pretty proud to be your friends.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Regret Nothing

It's 1:38 AM, I just finished my homework for the night.

It's late, but I am good with that. I read that history chapter.

But it's more than that. It's more than the fact that I just read it to finish it. I learned from it. I absorbed it, I figured out how I could use the concepts for me. I ate that chapter up.

I also wrote a poor-quality english paper. It is not good, but it will suffice for now. I'm not proud of that one, but I've got time to fix it.

Big changes coming, things I'm super excited about. No time to talk about them now, but in the near future. Really now, I haven't been this excited for a long time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's go time.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bipedal Rest

You are in a clearing. You see a tree, and a stand. Obvious exits are East, West, and North.

--> Take Stand

Plans have changed. Things are changing.

More info to come.

Stay tuned--> This is gonna be good.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Next Level

Today's the day I've been waiting for. I haven't had a day like this for more than a month. I used to have them all the time. This is it, for reals. Today is go time.

Today's the day I plan five. Five ambitious plans. Five super cool projects.

I'm taking life to the next level. No more mediocrity. I am raising the stakes.

Go go go--->


I can't make it to prom. This is mildly upsetting.

So, what's the solution? I'm going to be out of the state, there's no way I can get to prom. So, I'm gonna host a pseudo prom in my back yard. Maybe it'll be in Sharpe's back yard. The concept is the same.

Music: Supplied by me. I'll DJ it, so we know it'll be good. It'll be like a region dance, but better.

Venue: Outdoors. Under the moon light. It's not half as hot and sweaty, and it's just a cool environment.

People: Not dirtbags. It's not a school dance. You're not going to have people making out or making babies. It'll be smaller too. It'll be sorta classy almost. It'll be cool.

Economy: Not expensive. Will it cost you anything to come to the pseudo-prom? No dice. This will be a free event.

Get a new dress: Nope. This will be pseudo formal, but you aren't going to have to rent a tux or get a dress or do the whole flower thing. If you want a limo, I'll pick you up in the minivan. It has limo seating anyways.

Date before: You better believe it. It's pseudo prom, I'm gonna make this the best date I've ever been on. That means a date before hand. It's not going to be too expensive, but it's not gonna be lame at all. I'll plan it out, it'll be smooth. I don't wanna ruin any plans or anything, but I've got some good ones kicking around. Depending on how many people are going to come to this pseudo prom deal, it could be just a cool group date, or maybe we'd all have to split up and do littler group dates. I'm personally a fan of the littler group dates anyways. I find that double or triple dates are cooler than an octuple date. It'll be primo.

Pictures: Yes. For free. I'll borrow my brother Michael's good camera, set up a nice sheet, and take pictures. Print them off on nice glossy paper that's either been donated or purchased on the black market. For a few extra dollars I might even print your picture on a T-shirt. My Costa Rican brother suggests I take the pictures in front of a quality green screen, so I can just impose whatever background behind you that I want to. It's a possibility.


So why have the pseudo-prom? Three Reasons:

I can't make it to prom. But I want to do a date like that anyways. This will substitute.

Have a prom by my rules. I'm not content with school dances, there are things that need some changing. Therefore, I am taking it into my own hands and changing it. Not expensive, not crappy music. Not waiting in line for a million days to get pictures. To have a good prom, for cheap.

And finally, to prove that it's possible. For as long as I can remember, man has talked about holding his own pseudo-prom. It has been one of his highest aspirations since the first man entered the first high school. I want to finally fulfill the dream. I've always wanted to have my own dance, I've always wanted to DJ it. I've always wanted to have a dance outside. My brothers wanted to do this, their friends wanted to do this. I bet my dad wanted to do this. I have got to make it happen. Because if I don't pull it off, then who will? This is my destiny.

The dance would be guys choice. Difficult asking and answering would be outlawed. Creative asking is approved, but whoever is doing the asking must be there in person when the askee is asked. No anonymity.

Pseudo-Prom. For me, and for you. This is what I want a dance to be like. I'm going to make it happen. As a proof of concept, and as an enjoyable evening for everybody involved.

It'll take a lot of work, and I'll need some help. But it's not impossible, and that means I'm going to do it. This is one thing I vow to do. I'm the last brother. I've got to do it. For me, for my brothers.

It's happening. Believe in it.

If I were President

Student Body Officer grassroots today. The potential officers visited our English classes and we got to ask them all sorts of questions. It was cool, I just wish there had been more time to talk about stuff.

Events like this always make me want to run, to be the guy in charge. It's not something that's realistic of course, but it makes me think of what I'd do if I were the man wearing the pants.

So, here we go. The totally un-thought out list of things I'd do if I were the president. Go go.

Step 1. 5 v 5 student body basketball tournament.

Have a march madness tournament here at the school. Exclude anybody that was on the basketball team for obvious reasons.

Basically, we announce we're going to have a 5v5 competition. The winner gets something cool, haven't figured that out yet. But it's not about the prize, it's about the glory.

So, Bill wants to get into the tournament with his friends, so he grabs the papers from the office and gets his friends to sign up. They practice after school at Fred's house, and play Saturday mornings in the preliminaries.

Eventually you boil the tournament down to the final four guys teams and final four girls teams. (That is, assuming you get enough teams to sign up)

And then you do a battle of the sexes style assembly. At the end of the day, you've got the last three games. Quick 15 minute games with a little break between them all. The champion team is crowned at the end, yeehaw.

What does it accomplish? It let's people that want to play ball play some cool ball. It gets people involved, and helps school spirit. It's an opportunity to show what you've got. I'd kill for 5v5 basketball tournament.

Practical? Yeah, not impossible to pull off. I could see it happening. It's almost like battle-of-the-bands, except this time with basketball. w00t.

Step 2. Lunchroom competitions like mad.

Step one: get a sound system in the lunch room.

Step two: run at least one competition a week in there. Maybe more.

It doesn't matter what the competition is. Play Twister. Arm wrestle. Play Chess. Have them sing a love ballad to a teacher. Have a mock presidential debate on the merits of Mr. Rogers. Hold a cole-slow-eating king of the world showdown. Shake it up, appeal to the masses. Play DDR, play guitar hero. Play Halo. Have an obstacle course. Have a hand stand competition. Have a race to climb the rope. Break dance competitions. Tell them the first person to come back with MJ's right shoe wins the prize. Ribbon Dance. Simple addition, simple multiplication. Draw a really really really big smiley face with your toes.

So there are competitions. We know that. They're fun.

But why not take it a step farther?

Battle of the sexes was a good idea, it just faced a few giant hurdles. Step one was the whole "guys vs. girls thing" Guys are stronger, all that business. I don't wanna get in a fight here, let's just establish it wasn't exactly balanced.

I do however like the concept of a civil war. You can split it up two ways. You can play Class wars, where it's senior vs. junior vs. sophomore, or you can play it civil wars, where it's Eric Vs. Myself.

Yeah, I wanna see a Frisbee-Handstand battle to the death. We'll both campaign for people to join our side of the conflict. The common man will be compelled to choose a side. It won't just be restricted to our immediate circle of influence either. Everybody will jump in on it, because we'll be campaigning.

We'll coordinate our plans. We know when DDR day is coming up, so I'll sign my most amazing DDR'r up. Points for winning, points for playing along.

I'll use my propaganda ridden blog to promote our ideals, and we'll coordinate through the magic of Email. At the end of the month of conflict we'll have a giant capture the flag match, a giant everything.

It's conflict. It's a competition, and it gets everybody involved. We'll make T-shirts that say "Eric 4 President" or "Eric smells".

The best part is, it'd totally work, at least in my mind. I can see me running a giant competition. I can see people getting behind it. It'd take a lot of work to get the people that are totally unrelated to me or Eric to play along, but it's not impossible.

4 square battle to the death.

It'd be epic. I want a giant competition. I don't even care if it's civil war. I just want a cause to rally behind. There was nothing like "doing it for the sevies" back in the day. I wanted my grade to win, I wanted my comrades to have the glory. It wasn't just about me, it was about the brotherhood. We need a uniting power that's gonna help us compete.

Competitions. I really really like them.

And why don't we have a Taylorsville Egg drop like we had in elementary? Why don't we have everybody that wants to play build a little device that is going to keep an egg from dying at the bottom? Point subtracted for however much more mass it has.

Competitions that are just for the heck of it. Stuff like the egg drop. That's an engineering challenge, we can do stuff that relates back to school.

Why competitions? They serve several valuable purposes. They let people go above and beyond school. It's not just about the math assignment anymore, they're something else for you to dream about. It lets the people that care but don't go to games do something they care about. I don't expect too many kids that are failing to play along with the competitions. We'll have to get to them later. You've got a bunch of people that would totally play along with this stuff if they were there that aren't currently going to games and all that.

Let's get to the willing folks first. We'll worry about the others later.

For reals. I love competitions. And maybe i just do this for me. This is my dream. This is what I want to do. I want competitions, I want to drop an egg.

Step 3: Get the Committees back.

I've honestly never been to school when the committees were there as far as I know. But they are in the constitution, and they sound great. What could it hurt? The idea of a student council sounds really really awesome to me. I'd love to go yell at the SBO's every once in a while. Dooooo it.

Step 4: Have a Kaelin Dance.

Kaelin is an amazing rock star. If I were president, I'd do everything in my power to make sure we've got a Kaelin dance. Not only would have play music we could dance to, but he'd be super cool while he's doing it anyways. It'd be like a region dance, except without the ties, and with my math teacher playing the bass. The fact that there hasn't been a Kaelin dance yet makes me upset. We need more Kaelin!

Step 5: Assign someone to exploit the myspace deal.

I'm not a myspace kind of guy myself. We don't get along. But, I figure it's got a lot of social power, so why not assign someone to push your ideas through myspace? Who wouldn't want Taylorsville High School as one of your friends? It'd be a quick way to get announcements out to people. It wouldn't reach everybody obviously, but it'd hit a large demographic, that's for sure. It'd make coordinating events much easier. We could pimp out the page, have some music from the local bands, have all sorts of stuff going on. Why not? It's a useful tool (...sorta) that we can use to further our purposes. Easy easy, japanesey. Of course, you'd need someone who's not an idiot to do it. Still, totally possible.

Step 6: Enlist the teachers in getting the word out.

I've stated it in the past, but a big problem with school spirit is a lack of communication. If students watched TVTV and listened to announcements, things would be better. So, we ask for teacher's help in making that a reality. In addition, we send teachers an email once a week or maybe once daily that details everything that's going on these days. Upcoming competitions, football games, all that jazz. We tell them to mention it to the kids if they can, talk about it. I mean honestly, let's say the egg drop is coming up. Olsen knows it's coming because he got the email about it. He's like "Hey Kyle, why don't you do this?" and then Kyle'd be like "Dude, I'm so gonna do it cause Olsen talked about it!" It'd so work.

Because really, teachers know by the end of first term how their kids are. Most of them are fairly buddy buddy with them all. Hansen knows what I'm in to, Harward knows what I'm good at. If they got the email saying "We're having a school wide Haiku competition, the winner gets whatever. Teachers, please encourage students that you'd think would be good at it to play along." Harward would totally say "Hey, Chris, do this." And I'd totally be there.

Use the teachers. Some would choose not to play along, but some would be good at it. The key would be to not be obnoxious, and to scratch the teacher's backs too. Good relations with the teachers, they're useful.

Step 7: video announcements on the website

They're not hard to make, and some of them could be pretty fun. The important thing would be to have a cool website that could be the source of information for the competitions and all that. "We're gonna be having the Ugly Beard Growing competition throughout the whole month of February!" is a great announcement to have on the web site. It's a good one, that's for sure.

Step 8: Good relations with TVTV and Journalism

Few people (As far as I know) watch TVTV. Everybody reads the newspaper. If you want to talk about the Ugly Beard Growing month coming up, talk to Wessman about it. Send him a little article about it. See if he'll let you have an SBO section in the paper where the president would get to say what they have to say. Same deal with TVTV. Communicate with the masses. Even if you have great plans, it doesn't do any good if nobody knows the deal about them.

Step 9: Reward Spirit

I'm not talking about free T-shirts here. Recognize the people that are going out there. Recognize the man who dropped a hundred eggs and didn't break any. Find good ways to do it. Make it socially acceptable to go all out for spirit.

Step 10: Work to make Prom Cheaper

I don't think that Prom should cost as much as it does. A lot of us don't have jobs, and a lot of us don't have the bravery to tell girls "Look, I can't afford a stupid corsage, is that alright with you?" Perfect example: Jose. He's a good kid, but he's a sophomore. We love him anyways.

He asked a girl to Prom, she's a cool girl. Jose doesn't have a job, and he doesn't have unlimited funds to throw around. We were on a run in the recent past where we talked about his plan for Prom. I pointed out to him all the things that I had done for homecoming to cut costs, and he was totally shocked. He had never thought of these things, and in fact, had been told that they were social taboo by everyone's favorite undervalued ultimate player. Jose had the impression that he "had" to do the flower thing. That he "had" to do the pictures at school.

Now, maybe there are some people that think you do. I don't think it's necessary. Call me a terrorist, call me whatever you want. I don't want to see people spending so much money on dances, it's ridiculous.

So, how do we convince the student body that it's socially acceptable to be a cheapskate? Use the methods of communication we've establish above. Use your internet resources to publish the tale of your cheap homecoming you had, and how much fun it was. Encourage teachers to encourage students to go cheap. Take a poll with the newspaper, and have them publish the percentage of girls that wouldn't be offended if the guy asked if they could skip the flower business. Maybe encourage some teachers to offer extra credit to anybody that can account for all the money they spent for Prom, and have it total less than 75 bucks.

It's not for everybody. But this whole school dance thing is ridiculous. If I was in a position of power, I'd do my best to make it socially acceptable for me to be a cheap skate. Making the world a better place, one step at a time.

Step 11: Push the Litmag

The Litmag is really really cool. The idea behind it is golden. I wish it was encouraged more by English and art teachers though. It's got so much potential. I've grown the love the idea behind lit mag, so why not help it out as President? Use the tools we've already got, it's cool.


That's all I've got for now. I'm sure more will come in the near future. How much of it is possible? I'm thinking all of it, with the possible exception of the Me vs. Eric brawl for world supremacy. The big factor is communication and competitions. Make an ordinary week special by having a Friday afternoon egg drop, or basketball game, or basic math speed competition. Use your resources, break into the internet.

Break out of the ordinary routine and push the limits. Take it to the next level.

What does the president need to give the students? I can't speak for every student, but what do I want from the president? I want an opportunity to do something amazing. I want an opportunity to go beyond school. I get a 4.o, that's as far as I can go. I want to build the best egg dropper. I want to play on the best 5 man basketball team. Give me a chance to play with the high school community. Give me something to look forward to on Friday. I thrive on competition. Let's have some competition.

Fantasy Ultimate

The winter was hard on Ultimate. I stopped sending mass emails to the official club, and we never did get to play a real game of Snowtimate.

It is now spring. Say goodbye to crappy Ultimate. Wave hello to the greatest Ultimate you've ever seen.

"Hi greatest Ultimate I've ever seen. Wanna hang out some time?"

Me and Brad talked about it today. I got some intense ideas. Here's how we're going to take Ultimate to the next level.

~~Note. If you don't wanna read too much, just skip to the third one. That's the important one~~

Step 1: Increase the Upper Level's play

Our Ultimate players are divided into three main categories. The upper level, the functional level, and the run-arounds. The upper level are people like Brad, Kyle, myself, Brady, and the like. These are the guys that know how to throw, run, catch, and position themselves. They're always the first guys picked. They're usually the captains. The functional level are the people that come just a little after the upper guys. They're good, and they know they're stuff. They sometimes make mistakes, and they might not be as athletic. They're not great, but you can count on them and play with them. You want them on your team, but you pick them after the upper guys.

The run arounds are people that simply run around. They don't know how to throw, catch, or play with the team. But they want to be on the field, so they're there. I got nothing against the run arounds, so long as they eventually learn how to play. We'll get to them later though.

The first goal is to up the level of our top guys. We figure that right now we're sort of at a stand still. Brad isn't going to get too much better by playing more Frisbee Friday. We need to branch out and find a way to up our guy, because once we do that, everybody else will be able to learn from us and up their game as well.

So, what do we do? We're gonna go down to Sugarhouse park one of these Saturdays. We're only gonna send a small group, but we're going to go see what they're all about. From what I understand, they're old school folks that play intense, real Ultimate. They play with the force, they play with the stack.

We'll send four guys or so down there to learn how to run the organized offense and defense, and get some tips on how to play better. We'll play in their pickup game, have some fun, and probably feel stupid cause they're that much better than us.

But that's not what's important. We're gonna learn, and we're gonna bring those skills home to Bennion El where we can employ them for reals. It's gonna be good.

Step 2: Cultivate the Masses

We can't just be content to play at the stage we're at now. We want to up our game, so we've got to help up the functional players and the beginning players as well. How do we do it? This one is a little more open. We want to start running some drills and instruction periods between games at Frisbee Friday. With a little coaching, our little flowers will bloom like crazy.

This isn't going to be that hard to do. We've just got to sit people down and teach them how to improve. We'll do it.

Step 3: Get the Community Involved (This is the important one)

This is going to be way too cool. Frisbee Friday is a great place to come hang out and play. Even if you don't want to come play, it's a great place to just socialize and be with friends in a good environment. There's nothing wrong with Frisbee Friday; maybe that's why I love it so.

But I thought to myself, why not let more people love Frisbee Friday? Why not get more non players involved? How do we do it? Check this out.

One Friday night, we're gonna run a Fantasy Ultimate league. Starting the week before, we'll find out who's going to make it. I'll organize a system, and announce the ambitious plan in Junior Choir and pass out forms.

Here's how it'll work. We'll have the list of players that are going to be there. Me, Brad, Kyle, Levi, Glen, Peter, Peter, Brady, Santy, all the rest. Each player will be given a point-value, and people that want to play the game will pick seven of them for their fantasy team. They'll make which ones they want on the form, then give me a copy.

Come game night, they'll show up to see how it all turns out. I probably won't get to play that night, I'll be doing stat tracking. I'm going to track every single stat for every single player. Sounds hard, but not that terribly impossible with a borrowed laptop.

Anyways, let's say that you picked Brad for your team. Since we all know Brad is crazy good, he cost 60 points to choose. The points that your seven man team cost will be subtracted from your final score.

Every time Brad completes a pass, he gets a point. Every time he catches a pass, he gets a point. Each Touchdown pass is worth 7, each TD reception is worth the same. Big sky D's are worth 5, and the list goes on and on.

At the end of the night, I total all the cool things Brad has done, and then subtract the initial 60 points he cost. You come out with a total of +72 points for Brad. w00t.

I go through and do that for all seven of the people on your team, and find out what your final score is. The person that picked the best team gets the prize, whatever that is.

Either way, it brings people out to Frisbee Friday. Chances are I'll only stat track one game, and the rest will just be a party.

My money is on Santy. He's undervalued.

So, Fantasy Ultimate. It's all subject to change and balance, but I want to see how it works. It's worth a shot eh? I want to try to get some small team tournaments going on too, to create some grassroots effort. Maybe a 4 v 4 tournament, excluding Brad. I want to see Glen captain a team, and Thorup captain a team. Have one night of big tournament, figuring out who's the best 4v4 team. That'd be cool.

Either way, more involvement. Let me know what you think, ideas, etc. All that business. It's gonna be primo.