Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beef Jerky

I love titles. They're so eloquent. They mean so terribly much. You are handed one line to sum up everything that's happened in the day. One line, a few scant words, to add credibility and power to your actual post. The whole world gets wrapped up in one text field, and we call it a title.

Which brings me to my next point: My title means absolutely nothing. I've written about this phenomon before, way back when. This is similar. The truth is that I didn't have a good title, but that I just ate some beef jerky. It seemed eloquent enough.

So, no, I'm not drawing a parellel to me and my life being carefully salted and preserved in a bag of social injustices and inequality. I'm not saying that my minivan is a delicious and protein-filled treat. School is not specially peppered, and doesn't have 0 grams of trans fat.

I ate some beef jerky. Take that.

Three things. One is an explanation, two others are ramblings. The explanation first:

I'm terrible at going to bed. I haven't been to bed before 12 oclock more than 5 times in the last year. I'm just not good at it. If I'm 100% ready for bed at 10 oclock, I'll just randomly waste time till around 12. I have this insane OCD routine I go through every night, it takes a little more than an hour. It's the same routine, all the time. I check the security, drink some water. Brush my teeth, drink some water. Do some other stuff, drink more water. I chug tons and tons of water right before bed. I wake up later and dispose of said water. It's like clockwork, it's always the same time. It's always an hour after I fall asleep. It's pretty accurate, within a few minutes.

So here I am, bad at going to bed. I haven't had healthy sleeping patterns since before 7th grade. Tonight might have been different though. We had a meet today, as well as three step. I'm tired, I've done some stuff. My family wrapped up and went to bed at about 11, giving me no big distractions. Not too many fun people are online to talk to, nothing exciting to talk about. Not much keeping me up, it was nearly bed time.

But then I remembered, oh snap, I've got to wash my CC uniform tonight. See, we got new uniforms, and they are pimp. I've talked about it before. I love my uniform. Unfortunately, they're not exactly like we ordered them. They gave us a big gold T instead of the big royal blue T that we wanted. So, the man is going to remedy this, just silk screen over it. In order to do this, he needs them back tomorrow morning.

And we all know that nobody likes my sweat.

So I gotta wash it, then hang it to dry. So now I'm just chilling, waiting for the wash to get done so I can hang it up and go to bed. I might have made it before 12 tonight, I really might have. But now we play the waiting game. It's all good though, I don't really mind much. It's just sleep.

T-smash asked how I manage without too much sleep. To be honest, I don't know. You just sorta do. When your body absolutely needs it, you take a nap. Last year I functioned by sleeping a ton in classes. I was a good kid though, I only slept when it was absolutely ok. I wouldn't sleep when I still had work to do, I'd get it all done first. I tried really hard to not sleep through the flambouyant hawaiin professor videos in physics, but that didn't work too often. So, take naps when necessary, that's the technique.

Gotta go check the wash, I'll be right back.

Alright, it's getting closer. That's excellent.

So, on to item number two. Cross Country. I abbreviate that as CC, in case you hadn't picked up on that yet. Anways, we had a meet today, and I think it went pretty well. It was a tri meet at skyline. Skyline has a brand new course this year, and it's totally on campus. It's not a bad course at all. Sorta predictable, no huge twists, but not bad. Well, the team did really well. Everybody improved a ton, way more than anybody expected.

I stayed about the same, which isn't great, but I'm getting there. My main man Kirt got 6th place, he did killer. Noaksey got 8th, and I came 3rd from the team in 12th. Bryan was right behind me in 13th, and Thadeus rounded out the top 5 in 15th. It was really cool, everybody improved a ton.

Coach was really really excited about it. We weren't running like this at time trials, and we definitely weren't running like this at the grass relays. This was something new. The coaches from the two other schools came up and asked coach where we had come from, told him this was way unexpected. That made coach giddy like a school girl.

And ya know, the best part is, we've only got 2 seniors running for us, soon to be three. The rest of us are juniors, with two sophies right now. We need to beef up on the sophies, that's true. But of our top 5, 3 are juniors. Our top man is a junior. With a little work, I can get up there with him and Noaksey I think. Santy is improving a ton. I'm so happy for him, he's really getting stronger. Jared and Trevor are gonna be raging, and we've got some new talent coming in soon as well.

Word on the street is that Levi is joining up come monday. Joe Lee might come on out with us as well. We all know that Joe is automatically fast, and with a little work he can be right there with me and Kirt. Levi is definitely built better than I am, if he'll actually put forth the work he can catch us by next season.

So, the moral of the story is, things are on the up and up. The great part is, there's nothing that stands in our way right now. We're looking ahead this season, and seeing green pastures. We are improving, growing stronger and faster every day. There's no reason for us to stop doing that. Coach is working us hard, but it's so easy to see how it's paying off. Looking even further ahead, there's no reason to not expect next season to be awesome. I'm going to work crazy hard the rest of this season, and really push it in indoor. Come outdoor season, we're gonna have a pretty strong distance team. Depending on what events Kirt ends up running, we could really do well. It sounds like Bryan is gonna go for indoor track instead of soccer.

Really guys, this is starting to look dang good. We're all excited. Our girls team is growing a ton bigger, we're getting alot of talent. Our girls are doing really well, they're pro.

Let's not get confused though, we're not skyline. Skyline wins at stuff, it's what they do. But we don't want to be skyline. We want to be Taylorsville. We're growing, and we're coming for them. Alternate-Thatcher got second place today. Real Thatcher got 12th. Is that daunting? Nah, he's crazy good. I'm alright with that. We've got skills, and we're going to come catch them. We're going to work hard. It's going to hurt. Alot. That's what cross country does. But we know that it'll be worth it. It'll be worth it for coach, it'll be worth it for the school. It's going to be worth it for me, right here, right now. I'm going to be stronger than ever before. I'm going to be faster than ever before. Cross Country is the best.

If there is anyone within earshot that is considering coming out for the team, now is the time to do it. We've got a new batch of kids starting really soon, and it'd be great to be able to hop in and grow with them. We promise not to kill you. We won't make you run anything that you can't run yet. We do need more people. The more the merrier right now. Come on guys, cross country is great. I'd suggest it to everybody. If you want to, come on out. I'm not gonna force anybody to, I'm not going to bug anybody about it. I'm not going to pester y'alls. Just know that we're accepting everybody, it's walk on. Know that we'll take you, and put you in better shape than you've ever been before. You'll be part of the best team at the school. We're smart kids, good kids. We stick together. If you have any desires to run, but don't think you can make it, know we won't kill you, and come out anyways. We're gonna be strong guys, come be strong with us.

Now, the third thing.

One of the things that I love most about blogging is the permanent nature of it all. I'd be an idiot to say that anything on the internet is permanent, but this has alot of staying power. The thing that really gets me excited is the way that I can take a day, and all the ideas and thoughts and happenings, and make it stay. I can capture the way that I feel for an hour while I write a post, and stick it up there for me to find later.

That's one thing that I'm always missing when I don't accomplish things with my life. When I wake up one morning, and then go to bed later that day, I like to know that I've changed the world a little bit. If I wake up two mornings in a row and the world hasn't changed because of me, that's a little depressing.

I don't want huge changes, but it's nice to leave little marks that show you exist and that you're here. Leave things. It's nice to walk outside and see results, see the lawn that you mowed. The tree that you planted, the garbage you took out. Actually doing stuff, that's what I'm talking about here.

It's so easy to wake up and live life and never leave anything for later. I've used a large portion of my life already not leaving anything to prove that I was actually here. That's a sad thought. When someone has to write a report about you later, what are they going to find? Are they going to find someone that forget to leave fingerprints, or will they find a different world because of you?

That's why I like blogging, because it's permanent. The feelings that I have don't just influence the day that I have them, they help me to look back and remember and learn. I'm taking temporary things like thoughts and emotions and making a permanent monument out of them.

That's what I like about it. I'm leaving my dump right here. My thoughts ideas and words, here they are. It's left, not inside me anymore. It's going to be here tomorrow. For the next day, the world to come when the sun comes up on September 1st.

Hi guys. Hope you like my dump.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


If there is hope... it lies in the proles.

A happy quote from 1984. Before we get to the usual business, I want to talk about it. As alot of you know, 1984 is a crazy book about a totalitarian government that runs everything. It's not really a fun book. I mean, really, the good guys lose.

Anyways, thoughout the book, the character is exploring ways to get out of this cycle of ownage by the government. They seem stuck there forever, impossible to defeat. However, he finds a little hope.

If there is hope... it lies in the proles.

The proles are the proletarians. The working class. In the book, they're the uneducated folk, the ones living in the slums. They don't work for the party, they don't care much about the politics.

What Winston is saying here, is that if the government is ever to be taken down, it must be taken down by the proles. Bit by bit, they'd have to rise up.

Now, we shall have to draw an analogy. The proles are the common people. Not the leaders, not the educated. The common man, the man living under normal conditions. If there's hope for the future, it's coming from him, not from anybody else.

And that's the way that I'm seeing life right now. Change and progress does not come from the top of the pyramid down. It builds up from the bottom. We cannot expect the world to change until we become the change that we wish to see in the world. We can air as many public service announcements about litter as we'd like, but until I stop littering, I haven't made the world a better place. I can speak and talk until my legs fall off. I can preach until I'm drooling. The world will not change until I change.

I am trying to resist beating the dead horse into a very fine paste. But just remember. You only have power over yourself. If you wish to make the world a better place, you must make yourself better. It has been proved time and time again that the more good people there are in one place, the better that place does. Economically, socially, educationally, aesthetically, pneumatically.

How will YOU make the world a better place? Sure, send the aid to africa. Sure, teach blind kids how to write. But first, make sure YOU make the most out of your education. Make sure YOU stop littering, stop promoting global warming. Make sure YOU are a good person, make sure you can read, you can work. As you make yourself a better person, the world will be a better place because of you.

So, that's my philosophical idea for the day. It's up for debate. But that's what I've been thinking about today. Hope lies with the proles. We're all proles these days. We're the only ones that can make a difference. Al Gore can say all he wants, but until I really change the way I do things, nothing happens. Lets me and you fix this planet up.

In other news: school is going well. I'm so excited for my AP classes. From the looks of things, they are going to teach me alot, and I love that. I'm hungry to learn here. If those classes are going to challenge me and teach me, excellent. I think there's great potential here. I really really hope that it comes through.

It's weird, there hasn't been too much chance to socialize. Maybe it's just because I don't socialize unless I'm forced to. Either way, no "get to know you" activities. No group work. Just been chilling so far. Sure, it's only been two days. But we'll see how it goes.

Frisbee club is still on. I'm really trying to figure out the logo thing. I really like my original design, but apparently nobody else does. So we're trying to figure that out. It's going to be good. I love frisbee.

Ok, this post isna going anywhere. So it's time for some more ideas. These aren't dreams like last time. These are just ideas. I think it's fun to get them down and out. Here we go.

Idea #1. The Carbonated French Fry.

For a really long time now, I've wanted to submerge a chunk of dry ice in a deep fat fryer. I am very curious as to what would happen. Would the hot grease make all the dry ice go to gas? Or would the dry ice be cold enough to make the grease around it solidify? If it did solidify, wouldn't it just make a dry ice bomb since it encased it? What happens when it explodes?

See, it's a scientific question that I've been curious for more than a year to try. Trouble is, I don't have access to a deep fat fryer. If I was willing to go work at wendy's, maybe. But nah, not yet.

Anyways, I was pondering that idea for a bit today, I don't quite remember why. But then I thought to myself, "Why stop there? Why not keep dreaming?" So I did, I kept on dreaming. I took the dream one step further.

Have any of you guys ever made home made rootbeer? Remember how you carbonate it? You throw a bunch of dry ice in there, let it do its thing. It gets all those CO2 bubbles stuck in there. It's carbonated.

So, what happens when all the dry ice goes away into the grease? In theory, you would have carbonated grease. When you cook your fries in it, couldn't you carbonate your fries?

Now, this is all theoretical here, but I might just be on to the greatest scientific discovery of our time. Not only would I be making french fries just that much more deadly, I could be making them exponentially more delicious. This could be a million dollar industry.

Trouble is, it's possibly one of the most dangerous things I'll ever do. When I asked Hansen what would happen if I tried it, he said that the dry ice and grease would react violently, that I might just have a greasefire on my hands.

Now, I don't know about chemical reactions, but that dry ice would be sublimating pretty dang fast. With that much gas going crazy, you're bound to have flying grease. Flying hot grease is not a pleasant thing to be around. I've got a big scar on my shoulder from flying grease when I was 3 or 4. I know the dangers. When happens if I do manage to make a dry ice bomb out of a frozen grease tomb? What happens when it explodes? Even more flying grease.

This thing would require more safety measures than Fox's "Man vs. Beast" special. I'd have to wear a welding mask while attempting it. I'd need splash guards. Everything would have to be done with giant rubber gloves on. I'd have to have fire extinguishers ready. An ambulance waiting on hand, the fire department, and the CEO of Wendy's, just in case I succeed.

Is it possible to carbonate my fries? I believe it is. Is it possible that it'd be amazingly delicious? Just maybe.

We'll never know unless I take a crazy chance. It's coming, one day. When you least expect it. It's going to be delicious.

Idea #2. The Tree Factory.

I've long been fascinated by trees. I love trees. I love how huge they are, how long they take to grow. You can look at them and think of all the years that they've seen. Think of all the storms they've weathered, all the current events that are now history. Trees are a huge investment in the future. Trees can live forever if you'd let them. Trees are powerful, I love em.

Personally, I'd like more trees. I want to just run around and plant trees everywhere I go. I want a big tree in my backyard, I want a little tree too. I want some more fruit trees. I want trees all over the place.

The trouble with planting trees all over the place though, is that you tend to build up quite the bill. Trees aren't free. That apple tree in back, still not grown, was about 30 bucks if I remember right. That's not alot of money, considering what it might produce given enough time. But really, 30 bucks, that's hard for me. I don't have an income. How am I to sporadically plant trees if I can't afford it?

I imagine that others have this problem as well. I can't be the only one with that desire to run around with a shovel.

And so, to solve this problem, I want to create the tree factory. When I'm older and fairly wealthy, I shall invest in a couple of acres of property. Using state of the art cheap labor, I shall construct a giant greenhouse, the likes of which haven't been seen since the last guy with a dream constructed a giant greenhouse using cheap labor. The greenhouse isn't the point though, what goes on inside the greenhouse is.

Don't pee your pants. I'm going to tell you what goes on inside the greenhouse in the next paragraph. Too bad it's still this paragraph, eh? Yeah, you're like "dude, tell us." But I won't. Yet. Cause it's too cool for this paragraph.

.....and for this one too.

Ok, so anywhom. It's going to be a tree factory. I will offer about a quarter of the space to universities, mad scientists, whoever. Anybody with research they want to do on young trees, come do it. Come do all sorts of breeding, splicing, whatever. You get to play around with these young trees at no cost to you. I'll plant the tiny little seeds, and you get to play with the seedlings.

But, once they get a certain age, they're mine again. You still get to come look at them, study them, but they're officially mine. At least half of them are, I'm not sure if you weirdo's in lab coats get the rest or not yet. So, after you're done with them, they get moved to another part of the greenhouse, where they are nourished and let grow. As they mature, they keep getting moved. It's not going to be easy to move so many trees, but I'll find a way.

After they're old enough, (still relatively young) they get moved to the exit house. Here, anybody can come and pick up a tree. As long as you sign the papers that say you're going to plant it, and mail us a picture back of the planted tree, we're happy, and you can keep coming back.

Free trees. Free genetically altered trees. Free normal trees. Free trees for everybody. You back your pickup truck in, and we give you a tree.

Why? Because the world needs more trees. Because landscapers need more stuff to play with. Because scientists need a place to experiment with trees and then give them to the public. Because I want a place where I can get good trees free. Fruit trees, free. Poplars, free. Globe willows, free.

Trees for all. And they all come from the tree factory. It's a money hole, yeah. We lose money. But we get trees out to the people. We make the world a better place. Because the more trees there are, the better place the world is. Go go go tree factory.


So, I really did mean to post today. I had hours and hours of free time, so I ended up taking a really huge nap instead of doing anything productive. D'oh.

First day of school. It was really good, I'm super excited for this year. My 'A' days are super super easy. I've got seminary in the morning, Junior choir second, lunch, AP american History, then athletics. It's going to be cake.

My B days are going to be harder, but I think they're going to be really fun. Chemistry in the morning with coach, crazy math, English, then Physics with my main man Olsen. Gonna be good.

It's late. I wish it wasn't. Sometimes I really don't like the clock.

I meant to write about the proles today. I didna. I meant to have a little fun tooling around with the water, that didna work either.

Yawn, I'm pretty tired. I think that I'm going to retire. Something fun tomorrow? Yeah, I sure hope so. Things are good, school is going to be great. There's a region dance coming up in a couple weeks, I'm going to be there and be raging.

Frisbee is coming up pretty fast. I don't know when club rush is, but expect some mad action. We've got to get some stuff finished before then. I/we need to get a real logo worked out. Nobody likes my oldschool idea, so we're gonna have to try something new.

The alliance project is still getting kicked around in my noggin. Anybody willing to join, leave a comment.

So... yeah. That's all. Have a good night everybody, I'll see y'alls later. Something good tomorrow.

"If there's hope, it lies with the proles..."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hmm. Still no classic long post. Sort of interesting, I just haven't felt like it. I've been doing thematic posts for a long time now. It's been interesting. It's time for a really long post real soon, I promise.

Anyways, since this isn't a classic post, what is this? It's gonna be all over the place. The usual disclaimers apply. Take it for what it's worth, this one's all yours to tear apart.

First and foremost, there's just something powerful about a uniform. When you're suited up, you're ready to get out there and go. It doesn't matter what the task is; if you're properly dressed you will succeed. You feel and perform better when you are dressed the part. When you're unified and ready to go, all decked out and ready to go, you're a force to be reckoned with.

We got our cross country uniforms today. I gotta tell you, I feel fast. You put that thing on, and you've got the wind at your back. You don the uniform, and you're unstoppable. Oh snap, I like my uniform.

But that's not the extent of the uniform phenomenon. It doesn't matter if it's my pimping CC uniform or my winter frisbee uniform, the concept is the same. When you look the part, you've got that edge. I'm not generally one to put too much faith in looks alone. But I remember vividly all those times I was getting suited up for late night frisbee in the super cold weather this past winter. I'd toss on my green shorts, but put my black ski pants over them. I'd toss on my black sweat shirt, and then add the black do-rag just for effect. In that get up, man, I felt like I was ready to go dive and lay my body on the line for the disc. I could fly in that get-up.

Back in the good old nerd days, when our team would be all ready in our super cool polos and khakis, we were pumpin. We were an efficient scoring machine. We were all unified, we were all proudly wearing those nerd shirts. There's power behind a good uniform, I don't care who you are.

In short: I really like our new uniforms, and they're only going to get better.

We have our first race tomorrow. It's the timetrials. Everyone from the region is going to be there, and we're just running one big guys race, and one big girls race. No JV, no Varsity. Just one big ugly chance to prove what the summer has done to you. I'm really excited for it. I'm nervous, but really I'm excited.

The simple truth is that we have worked out like never before this summer. I have trained harder this summer than ever before, and I'm ready to go show it. It's going to be like nothing I've ever done before. Tomorrow is going to be a new kind of race. Yeah, I worked hard last year for track, but not like this. Not with our whole team unified and together. Not every day, not this hard. I have never ever been in better shape, and I've never been more ready for a race. This isn't just another race, this is a new beginning. This is the start of the new Taylorsville CC era. This is the first glimpse the world is going to have of what we are, and what we're going to become. Last year was a joke for me, my heart wasn't in it. Things are different this year. Tomorrow, I'm going to prove myself, I'm going out there to fight, not just to finish. I'm going out there to show the world what coach has done for the team, what I've become through all that pain and work. Tomorrow, I don't just have a meet, I've got a race. A race that I'm going to attack, one that I'm giving my all to. I'm going out there to leave myself on the course, and scoop it all up when I finish. Whether in victory or defeat, I'm going to be happy with my effort tomorrow. I'm going out there to show myself what I'm really capable of. This isn't just a meet, and it's not just because I have to. I've got to prove to coach, to the team, to the opposition, and above all to myself what I can do. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's go time.

3.2 miles, 5 km. Such a small window to prove myself. It's going to be over shortly after it begins. Am I going to be able to show the world what Taylorsville Cross Country is made of in that short of time? It's the only chance that I've got, so I'm going to take it. It's going to be like nothing we've ever seen before. It's race time.

Gosh, I love getup paragraphs like that. I just wanna get up on my desk and start yelling and jumping like an animal. I feel like running around the block, just thinking about stuff like that. Rarrr, Taylorsville CC is going to be unstoppable.

It's tuesday. Tomorrow is going to be great. After the meet, I've got mutual, and we're all going swimming. I love swimming now. I used to really not like it much, but thanks to our cross training in the pool I'm really confident in the water and just love getting in it. I'm excited for that.

So, there's alot of thoughts that come and go in my brain. They come, and I harbor them for a while. Eventually I'll go to bed, and when I wake up, those thoughts are still there, but the initial rush of excitement is gone. For that one evening though, that first glimpse of a dream, the world is super fresh, and just waiting for me to get out there and hit it with this great idea. So, for you guys tonight, some of the dreams that I've neglected to write down before. Some are recent, some are a little older. Some of them have help from other people in them. But either way, they still hold a nice place in my consciousness. One day I'd like to see them come to pass.

~note from the future~ Hey guys, I'm back. I just finished writing the post, but I'm coming back to add in this little edit. It's over an hour since I started this, it's been a huge post, but I've loved it so much. I love this post. I hope you guys are doing good, cause I love y'all. Anyways, throughout writing this whole post, I've been listning to 'dream big' - by Ryan Shupe and the rubber band. It's been on loop, I've been listening forever. It's a super super good song. To everybody listening, I'd suggest you turn that on, and loop until you're done writing. Gosh it's a good song. If you guys don't have it, ask me and I can hook you up. Or ask Courtney, she'll hook you up too. Anyways, it's a great song, and I'd like you all to listen to it. Anyways, that's all. Have fun ready guys. You rock. ~end future note~

Dance by moonlight-

I love region dances. I miss them terribly. About one evening a month, something will trigger that region dance reflex in my brain, and I'll have to come to the computer and listen to all the slow songs that I've got on my computer. I can almost smell the warm and musky gym, the familiar and unique tint of the church drinking fountains, and the occaisional treasured wisp of heavenly smell that denotes a beautiful and righteous girl walking by. I yearn to go make a fool of myself with kyle, to wear a tie on a saturday, and sweat like an animal and still try to talk to girls. I love region dances. They've become a part of me, a part that even cross country can't choke out. I'll be at that next region dance, at 8 PM sharp. I'm staying for a good three hours, and I'm dancing every slow song. I'm grooving like an animal to every fast song. Those righteous daughters of Zion won't know what hit them.

But, despite my love, I know that region dances aren't perfect. I like slow songs alot more than I like fast songs, and the ratio is always way skewed towards fast songs. We need more slow songs people. Oftentimes, after hearing the 4th song that obviously wasn't meant for white people to dance to play, I'd think to myself "Christopher, you could dominate a region dance as a dj."

And so, combining my great love of region dances, and my adoration of frisbee, I've come up with a plan. Chances are it won't ever happen, but it's a beautiful thought. Sometime, during the fall, or maybe next summer, we would have the first annual Dance in the moonlight, sponsored by the Taylorsville Ultimate club.

We label it as a fundraiser for the club, so we can buy frisbees or something. But really, it's just an excuse for me to create the greatest region dance ever. We hold it out on the football field, or maybe in the baseball diamond cause it's a little more enclosed. Either way, it's outside. With the help of Mr. Sharpe, we get a very nice sound system and a few lights. However, Sharpe's reign of terror ends there, as I'm going to be picking the music. Drawing extensively from my knowledge of region dances, we'll have the best. We'll have the slow, we'll have the fast. We'll have just the right blend, just the right mix. I won't lie though, I'm biased. We won't have something for everybody. If you want to come headbang, well, go somewhere else. This is my dream here, not yours. It will be everything that I've ever wanted in a region dance. We'll be dressed like a region dance. With any luck, I'll be sweating like a region dance.

Now, it won't exactly be a region dance, and that makes me a little sad. Chances are we won't be able to start and end with a prayer. It won't be in a church. Which detracts just a little bit, but we'll try to make up for that with the fact that you can see the moon. It'll be cool, it'll be a beautiful evening, and it'll be wholesome. No music that's too loud and obscene. Just high quality music. Music you can groove out to, and music that you can dance with a pretty lady to. Music to waddle around in circles and make stupid jokes to.

We'd charge a dollar for admission or something like that, just so the fundraiser excuse can work. We'll buy some frisbees or something. But really, it's for me. It's not for anybody else, it's for me. It's so I can live the dream, and have alot of slow songs.

So there you have it. I do have a sensitive side or something like that. Who knew?

Badges of Merit-

Scouting is a very interesting topic for me. I really love going to scouts. I love it cause all my little 12 and 13 year old buddies are there. Those kids look up to me, and I really love that. I really do try to be a better person because I know that they're watching. I really want to help them out, help them grow up to be good people. That's a big part of scouting, a part that they usually don't mention too much.

So, I love scouts for that. I love it that I can go be with the kids and help them. The part that I don't really like is the hoops that one has to jump through.

I've always thought that I was a good kid. I never did anything too mean or bad. I did well in school, all that stuff. So now, all the sudden, scouts is trying to tell me that I've got to go do a service project. Well c'mon, I already did one the other week, without the requirement. And they're telling me to go visit a place I'd like to work one day, and research what I'd have to do in school to work there. It's a big hoop to jump though, and sometimes I can't see the point behind it.

Scouting has its pro sides, and its downsides. Scouting has basically ruined merit badges for me. I'm starting to have a little revival, a little more love for the whole scout thing. Even for the merit badges. But really, the way I see it, alot of the merit badges can be gotten by anybody, and they can go through the whole process and not learn anything. Anyone can get the personal fitness merit badge, but is it really going to change their life? Are they going to learn anything from it, or become stronger and healthier for it?

So, there's a great opportunity there, but I think that it might be executed a little poorly sometimes. Therefore, combining my love of some aspects of scouting, and my great adoration for frisbee (again), I present to you, the Taylorsville Ultimate badges of merit program.

Now, I really want to make this club work. I love ultimate, and having an official school club opens up a ton of opportunities for us. First and foremost, it'd let me put up posters advertising the next time we're going to play. That itself is worth the effort. It'd let us get a bunch of people that aren't necessarily playing right now, and teach them how to play. It'd let us get the people that are playing right now, and improve all of our skills. It'd let us have a real team, a standing team. Not a team that's picked on the spot, but a standing team that's always there, ready for any competition. It'd let us challenge anyone brave enough to take on Taylorsville high's best. It'd offer us alot of great windows.

I'm not exactly sure how the public will react. Will people come to the meetings? Do people really want a club that does that much, or do they just want to play? For the purpose of the dream, I'm dreaming that they're going to want to come. That they're going to want to get involved. That somebody needs something to fill a little hole in their life, and that frisbee is going to do that for them. That the whole spirit around frisbee is going to make people just a little better. That's what I'm dreaming right now.

We have club rush week, and we get a ton of signups. We know off that bat that alot of them are bogus, just people who want to get in the yearbook. And that's ok, we'll let them in the picture. But, after signups, we get in touch with the people, and we have our first meeting. We meet in the career center, and we talk about stuff. We talk about plans, we talk about ultimate, we talk about spirit of the game. We have a very quick training session. We teach people the basics in 20 minutes. We talk about throwing, catching, offense, defense, the pancake, the backhand, we introduce the forehand. We teach them how to play in 20 minuets, and then we go play a little game with everybody. After that doesn't work, we offer to show the public what a real game can look like, and we play a real fast game with the old guard, the guys that've been playing forever. At the end of the meeting, we tell people that we're gonna meet again in two days.

Two days later, we meet. Same place, same time. A few new people show up, and a few old people don't. We practice the skills, we run a few drills with my numerous frisbees. We talk about more stuff, we get them excited about it. We play a little more.

After a while of this, the people who aren't really in it are weeded out. They stop showing up, and the people that genuinely love it stay. At this point, when we've got a real base, we present every member with a nice little piece of paper. It might be laminated, it might not. In the center of the paper is our logo, and just below that is their name. Everybody gets one, and we tell them to hang it in their locker. It's their ID tag, it says that they're a member of the coolest club, a club that's gonna stick with them.

But then, we introduce the badges of merit program. We tell them that as they perform extraordinary feats, that they're going to get a little badge or patch to put on that piece of paper. A little token that will show that they accomplished something awesome. When they can pass off the backhand throw and the forehand throw, we'll give them the basic training badge. When they master the hammer and the biscuit, we take that badge away and upgrade it to the special weapons badge. When they actually throw a hammer for a TD in a real game, they get a badge. When they catch one, same idea. When they get a total of 10 points, we'll give them the badge. When they get 20, we'll upgrade it. When they show extraordinary spirit, we hit them with a badge. When they finish our fitness program, pass the test, we'll give them the badge for that. When they play on a real team for a tournament, they'll get hit with a badge. It's going to be alot like that halo medals. You splatter someone with a warthog, you better believe you get recognized.

Now, we won't restrict badges just to frisbee feats. We'll have the 4.0 badge, the 'I turned down a date for frisbee' badge, and maybe even the 'cleanlips' badge. Not everybody will get all the badges, that's the point. Their ID paper with our logo will become something of a memento to them. "Remember that first Hammer I threw to Nick for that awesome touchdown? Oh gosh, that was the best game ever." After a while, they'll be decorated war heroes. We're going to have really cool designs for the little badges. I've got some concepts drawn up, Nick's been helping a bit.

Basically, I want people to be proud of it. I want people to come love frisbee as much as I do, and I want to have a little bit of fun awarding people with the 'I ditched a girl to play frisbee' badges. Achievement. Some will be hard to get. Others will be cake. I just really want the club to be amazing.

The greatest field ever-

This was an idea that Andrew had back in the day. Wind is mean to frisbee. It sorta hampers the game. Andrew came up with a little idea to fix this, and I took it and ran with it. This is a huge extension of his dream. Here we go.

Andrew's initial idea was to buy a piece of land, and then dig a big hole. A big hole, about the size of a frisbee field. You dig this thing 10, 15 feet down. You need tractors and alot of money. You take the dirt from the hole, and build big slopes all around the field. So, now you've got this field that is 15 feet below the ground around it, plus these big hills that extend 20 feet high all around it. So you've got a field with 35 feet of wind protection. You've essentially created a bowl.

Then Andrew talked about putting up some lights, of course. He also talked about installing a giant screen that you could deploy on one hill, and with a projector shed on the other side. So you could watch movies and stuff, have some cool parties.

See, this is a pretty awesome idea, it got my brain thinking. Why stop there? Why let that be it?

My dream, is to build an outdoor stadium. The same design concept, the same size. Except make it alot more natural. Poplar trees on the tops of the hills, the outside of the hills terraced for extra support. Gardens in the terraces, cool stuff. Natural bleachers on the insides of three hills, and a nice smooth slope for the 4th. Stairways up and down, natural of course. We don't need concrete, we just need the soil and some rebar support. The field would be essentially the same, designed for frisbee, but flexible. Able to be adapted for other stuff. This place would make a great outdoor amphitheater for a community play. Great for whatever it needed to be used for. It'd be an outdoor stadium, nearly all natural. It'd be a beautiful environment to play some intense frisbee, relax and watch a play, or have a dance under the stars. Watch an old movie projected onto a screen, sled down the hill when it gets snowy.

So that's the great stadium. I can see beautiful landscaping all over it. Nice big trees, strong, noble. Gardens around, all sorts of nice stuff. But that doesn't really have to be all. While we're dreaming, why not get alot of property? Why not make a huge park? The stadium would be the center, but not the only thing. An orchard, a stream going throw the park. A bunch of really nice running trails. Easy stuff, hilly stuff, hard stuff. Courses to run, places to walk the dog. A pond to do whatever, that stream again. A beautiful park, with a stadium in the middle. Being in charge of something like that, being able to play on something like that, run around something like that. Mmm mmm good.

The Taylorsvile Co-op

I've got a blog, and I love having it. I love writing here. I love talking about stuff, I love getting my thoughts down. I love writing to you guys, knowing that somebody is reading it. I know that Nick has got a blog, and that he's pretty similar. I know that Jaron writes, I know that Tessie's got a site, that Courtney writes. I know that Mac has a site. I know that sometimes there's something really funny that glen draws that he wants to show the world. Something he tapes on MJ's door, but that MJ takes down later. We've all got something to say, something to share. Alot of us aren't doing it right now. Alot of us aren't really showing the stuff we write, the stuff we draw and create.

That's why I want to create the Taylorsville Alliance. One big site where we all have our stuff. A site where I can write my huge posts, and where Glen's warning against paddy-fingers go side by side. A place where anybody can get their work out there. As we come together, good things start to happen. All of us get more readership, our audiences begin to overlap. As it becomes possible for anyone to share what they've got, more people begin to share. A place where we'd host that poem you wrote. Where we'd be able to have forums to talk to each other. A place to put my doodles, a place for Jaron to write about his animal crossing adventures. A place where we could get everybody together. An alliance. Because together we'd be stronger. We could do joint projects, we could do our own stuff. We'd come together and be amazing.

That's another dream of mine, for us to come together to make a cool alliance site. We'd have the big front page, that would tell what's new. It'd say "We've got a new post from Jaron and Nick, and some artwork by Jason. A new girl wrote a poem, it's on that page over there. Also, we all need you help to do this, or to do that. There's a frisbee game coming up, there's a region dance soon. The doodle project keeps growing, check it out."

As an alliance, we could do great things. Divided we're still doing great things, but we're missing alot. We're missing alot of people that don't have an easy place to put that poem they wrote. We need a commons, somewhere where they can put it up there, and have it seen. A place where we could have forums, where people could talk. Where we could get people's stories written. Their photos posted, their thoughts recorded. A place to come together.

Mmmmmmm, so there you go. It's a peaceful feeling, all this dreaming. There are some that I've forgotten that'll be remember in the future. When they are, I'll try to get them up here. You know, I've really enjoyed writing this. It's just a really calm and nice feeling. I really hope that as you've been reading this, it's made you just a little happier. Cause if it has, the hour invested in this post was worth it. It's already worth it, just for me, but it'd be nice for you too. Will this post change your life? Probably not. Will it make you happy for the rest of the day? Again, probably not. But hey, maybe if I can make you happy for just a couple minutes, that's better than nothing. It's still a victory. That's half of the goal here. For all of you sitting at home reading this. The one's that'll never comment, but that have let slip that you're there. For Katie and Molly and Kortney and my good buddy Annie. (yeah, that's you annie, there aren't any at T-ville). For my loyal readers Nick and Courtney and Marissa. For anybody else out there, for you, mystery blank. I hope you guys are happy. I hope things are going well for you. Things are going to be alright. It's going to be ok. We've got everything that we need, right here with us. The plan is working, the plan is going to work. Things are moving, we're on our way. We've made it this far, why stop now? How can we get discouraged? Things are going so great, we're on our way. We've had so many victories on the way to right here, that there's no reason not to celebrate. Sit back, take a deep breath. Enjoy that smell. Go outside, sit under a tree, and breathe in that pure life.

We're alright guys. Things are going to be ok. We know what we've got to do, we know what we're doing. We've got everything that we need. My friends, let's go for it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Shabam! It's been a really long time since I've posted a classic long post. Yea verily, tonight will be no exception. Aha!

No but really, this list that you're about to see is old school. I made it a really long time ago. I had this great idea to go through all the posts that I had ever written, and catch a line or two from each of them that I liked. I generally went for funny ones, but found a few deep ones. I only got through about 9 months' worth. I intended to finish it later but never really got around to it. It's really really fragmented, but that was the point of the exercise. I really loved going back and reading this because I can remember about 90% of the stuff that I wrote really well, and remember why I wrote it, the stuff around it, that jazz. I love reading my old crap, cause I remember the good times. One day I'll go through and read absolutely everything that I've written. It's gonna take a day and a half, but I'm excited about it.

Anyways, enough musings. Here's the fragmented list, in chronological order. It starts with the oldest, and proceeds down the page to the oldest. Included is the date the post was written, the title of the post, and a few lines that I snagged. Don't expect it to make too much sense logically, just take it for what it's worth. A few of you will remember some of the events detailed herein, some'll be new. Either way, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

And now, I present to you my half finished project: Wabamos!


12/13/2004 "Today"

I wish I had raging muscles, and that I was good at basketball. Im not either, but by george I've got a hot computer I built from money I made laying carpets.


3/14/2005 "Happy Pi Day!"

Ive been telilng everybody happy pi day, but I don't think anybody got it. If you get it, good for you. If not, you're not alone in your ignorance.


3-19-2005 "Stray Mulch Diznope"

So, what's new in life? Well, I cleaned my room. That's pretty cool.

Im honestly considering joining an ultimate frisbee league. I'd have to find a team, but that's not too hard. I think my friends are probably getting tired of my frisbee fetish. I just dig the novelty flying disk.

My friends are doing good. Kyle got pantsed infront of hope last night, that was friggin awesome.


4-11-2005 "Ay!"

I feel kinda like a girl cause im talking about my feelings and such, but I really don't care.


4-21-2005 "It's been a while"

But the moral of the story is, girls are too much trouble. You see, computers work out great.

Computers like me, I just don't see why girls don't.


5-03-2005 "Anybody got a pet ram?"

Anybody got a pet ram? Cause if you did that'd be great.

At this point, something awesome happened. Either the other team got the crap stupored out of them, or we got some divine intervention on our side, but we just started owning. We went on an 11-0 run. 33 points in 11 minutes. We took the next 11 questions straight, and they couldn't touch us. By the end, it was 56 to 23.

we outscored them by 14 points, and you could just see them developing eating disorders as we abused them over the satellite.

Someday I just might be a mime, but probably not.

Anyways, stuff is good, Im a champion, and not just cause my socks say so this time.


5-22-2005 "I love Church"

Church makes everything better, I love the feeling you get when you go. The world just tosses you around and pushes you down, but you go to church and everything is just so right.


6-07-2005 "Singing In The Rain

Well, the thing about running around in torrential rainfall is that you get a little wet.

It ends up Marissa isn't evil, that kinda blew me away a little when I heard it.


6-14-2005 "...And the last seat on the plane is next to you"

"Of course, things will all be better in a couple days, they always are. In a way that's dissappointing, in another it's good. I guess I'll consider it good this time. All I really wanna do is complain, but I have no right to, so I suppose I'll hold my peace. Sorry for the lack of happiness this time, I'm a little tired of everything."


6-15-2005 "Crisis Averted!"

Alrighty, drama over. Things are good again, thank you for your concern.


6-21-2005 "Short one today"

Well, tonight I made a decision. I'll fill you in on it later, but it was either one of the strongest things I've done in a long time, or one of the weakest. It was also one of the smartest, or one of the dumbest.


6-21-2005 "Haha Suckers!"

Yeah, ends up it was a good decision, AND that it was an act of manly strongness, not girly weakliness.


8-15-2005 "I don't want to blog right now"

I guess there are just some times when you have to say "alrighty, I'll do it for the team." But, all vague comments aside, things are finally pretty good.


8-31-2005 "The week of August 29th"

"Taylorsville is a lot different from Eisenhower. The first difference you will notice is that the teachers are not trying to feed you the myth of the mad axe man like they were at Eisenhower. You see, the teachers at Eisenhower would have us believe that there is a mad axe man waiting outside the door of every class room, and if you go outside he's going to mutilate your body. Now, when the bell rings he leaves for approximately 5 minutes, and when the next bell rings, he comes back. Now, an ugly orange vest will ward him off for a small amount of time, but if he's exposed to it too much he'll become immune and kill you anyways. Don't go outside, or you're going to die."

That pale orange glow just isn't doing it for me these days.

So, we're forced to find new friends. Too bad we're all afraid of each other.

I need more sleep, and I think my English teacher needs some medication, but other than that we're going to be ok.

Oh, and my heart goes out to all the Katrina victims. very sad business.


9-01-2005 "Ice Bath"

He's got a mullet, it’s amazing.

World history turned out pretty good today, I really like MJ. Me and Jason decided that we were going to call him MG because he's a gangster, but that probably won't happen.

No flirting in that class... unless it’s with Jason.

They talked about it like it was some sacred ritual that would make you run faster, jump higher, and look better.

Now, for some reason this all seemed really elaborate to me. Like it was a super super complex and super cool process, and that this tub was special. Nope. It’s just a tub with a bunch of ice water in it. However, the whole team regarded it with reverence, so I did too.

...and then we got in it.

but it was still pretty fun, and I enjoyed it. Plus, it makes a really cool story to tell on your blog that a whole 2 people read.

The last words she said to me were:
"ur dumb, and now I'm going to bed" But it’s still an improvement.

What is with all these girls pointing out the fact that I'm socially retarded all the sudden? Can't we just give me a break?


9-02-2005 "Mediocre"

0-49. Good game warriors. Last football game I ever go to on my own free will.

Right now I'd be more content to sit and stare at a random piece of sidewalk than carry on a conversation with a girl.

We decided that if I stood on a desk, and robert was on my shoulders, and robert had some straws taped to his forehead, we could probably win.

The moral of the story is, when you're trying to make a tower, dont make a conglomerate of 4 groups, it makes me feel bad when I lose.


9-04-2005 "Thoughts on Frisbee"

PC Cillin, you've made a powerful enemy today.

he'd say "Well, what are you passionate about?" The only thing that I could think of that I was passionate about was Frisbee.

There's a Frisbee vacuum here, and somebody has to fill it.

After establishing clubs in all the schools around, I send a killer letter/DVD to granite district, telling them that if they don’t support it as a real sport I'm going to blow up a building. They're forced to accept, and ultimate Frisbee is now a high school sport. I go on to receive a Nobel Prize for my work, and live happily ever after in my gym shorts.


9-06-2005 "(r^2 / 2) - (r* 0.5) + 1

Now, there are a few things in life that I take as direct challenges. One of them is a math problem that I know has an answer, but that I can't figure it out.

Not to be discouraged I went out on the front porch, so I could catch the last rays of the sunset. It was here my epiphany struck. "You should divide r^2 by 2 and see what you get."

I conquered the number pyramid. Fear me.


9-19-2005 "High Fives"

My CPA is gonna blow chunks, simply because of chemistry, but oh well. Nobody likes coming to class on time anyways

So, the high school lady situation... Definitely needs some work.

but that's fine. I'm quite content to play frisbee and grow up to be a lonely old man.


9-24-2005 "...But he commands fifty!"

So, we're at cross country on tuesday, and our crazy assistant coach that lives in the woods showed up again. Now, I have no idea who this crazy guy is. He just shows up sometimes. He says he graduated from taylorsville in '91, but I'm not sure I believe him.

And with that, we all booked it away from there as fast as we could. In the middle of this crazy man that lives in the woods' speech, molen took away his audience. The whole team was laughing about it during the whole workout, it was so cool. Ive never loved molen quite so much as I did then. Man he's cool.


9-30-2005 "I'm such a rebel"

It was an insane ninja explosion kind of operation..

25 cents! GOLDMINE!

That's right. This old man is gonna go sit on his driveway in a lawnchair.

I learned some valuable things today.

Valuable thing 1: Little kids think I'm amazing.

So, the moral of the story is, go hang out with kindergartners, it's alot nicer than reality.

Just remember, Zorro never dies.


10-05-2005 "Best day of my life? Probably."

Right now it's 4:02 PM, and things are great. Why? Because my legs don't hurt, I can breathe, my appendix feels like a million dollars, and I'm not in gym shorts.

"So... that's the constant acceleration gravity I guess" -Mr. Olsen.


10-08-2005 "It's nice to win sometimes"

I had the greatest idea today, I'm not going to go into too many details, but it involves super glue and old CD drives.

Today I think I made the world a little better place. I cleaned up the room, made stallion better, and I've got plans to make a lot of other things a lot better. I think that's important, leaving the world better than we found it. Sharpe always talked about that when we did carpets, he always managed to find a way to leave the classroom better than when we found it. And I'm not talking about leaving it with better carpet on the floor. He'd just do whatever odd things needed to be done, it was pretty cool. That's what I want to do, I want to make the world a better place, one little thing at a time.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but neither does a rocking amazing stone.

I want to run a marathon, I want to get 1st in a race, I want to be featured in popsci, I want to be artistic for once in my life, I want to write, I want an audience, I want a windmill with my name on it, I want a logo, and a theme song!


10-17-05 "> mediocre"

I'm so excited to get out there and run my little heart out on wednesday. I know I'm not gonna get a good place, that's asking way too much, but I'm going to give my best. Hooray for state.

Sure, Jason beats me at Halo, and Robert does something-that-words-can't-describe to me at halo, but can they beat me in physics? No dice.


10-19-05 "5A State Cross Country Meet - October 19th, 2005"

Whoohoo, Dead last and proud of it. Today was the state CC meet, and I came in dead last. Nobody behind me, not even a fat kid.

I'd much rather have last than 3rd to last, at this way I get to have a title.

I tell people every day that I smell funny, and really, I find my musk rather pleasant.

So.... just for the record, to clear everything up: I am not, nor ever have been, nor ever will be "emo".

I feel so inadequate without ugly facial hair though. Oh well, suck it up princess. Toodles.


10-27-2005 "DO DO DO....dododododo! (That's maelstrom if you can't tell)

That's right, I dropped her camera.

Dropping cameras is a bad idea in general. You all know you shouldn't do it. Its the thing everybody fears most, that someone will borrow their camera and drop it. I am now public enemy numero uno, I borrowed a camera and dropped it.

I could see it tip off of the tripod, and almost gracefully fall like a lead block through the air.

I don't know what these video cameras are made of, but NASA needs to look into it. I swear the camera bounced 9 times. Each one bringing a new horrifying crunch, and making me want to be invisible and back at my house underneath the bed instead of trying to help with videos and ruining expensive and nice digital cameras. I honestly believe that had I dropped the camera and a super ball from the same height at the same time, the super ball would have stopped bouncing first.

It wasn't just one swift blow to my soul, it was 7, one right after another. I nearly died.

The camera has been returned to it's rightful owner, and that's a major relief for me. I was on tenterhooks all day today because I knew it was just sitting in my locker, and I was afraid a terrorist was going to climb in there and blow himself up, just to screw me over. It's like the ring in lord of the rings. Super powerful, but bad things happen to those who use it, namely me.


10-31-05 "Happy Halloween"

My 6 words were: Gangrene, Mistress, Traffic, Parliament, Hags, and Fatal.

His gangrene
arm had been stabbed by his mistress
during heavy traffic
near the parliament

Traffic around the castle was very heavy, I hate traffic.
ought to make a law about it.


11-14-2005 "We got a serious problem here folks"

When a needle penetrates into normal fat nothing happens, you barely feel it, it's not uncomfortable at all. When a needle lands on a nerve, you jerk the needle out, proceed to yell at it for the next 5 minute for what it just did to you, and hate it with every feeling in your body.

about a 6th of my playlist is BNL. They are fully clothed canadian men, and they are way cool.

Everybody loves Enya. If you don't, well, you can go to Russia.

So, just for the heck of it, lets list my current favorite songs ever:

1) Long December - Counting Crows
2) Closing Time - Semisonic
3) Light in your eyes - Blessed Union of Souls
4) Change your mind - Sister Hazel
5) Minutos - Ricardo Arjona
6) How Bizzare - OMC
7) We are the Champions - Queen
8) Pinch Me - BNL
9) Its all been done - BNL
10) Never is enough - BNL
11) Too little too late - BNL
12) The impression that I get - MMBT
13) Real world - Matchbox 20
14) Angel de amor - Mana
15) Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse
16) Doctor my eyes - Jackson Browne
17) Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
18) Collide - Howie Day
19) 99 red balloons - Goldfinger
20) Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
21) Eve6- Heart in a blender
22) Crazy for this girl - Evan and Jaron
23) Leaving town - dexter freebish
24) Higher - Creed
25) Clocks - Coldplay
26) CCR - Up around the bend
27) Sunscreen - I don't even know who sings/says it, but it's amazing.

Question: Who would win in a cage match battle to the death: Picard or Kirk? (Nick MorandIE)

Answer: That's easy. Morris


11-20-2005 "The Best Game Ever Played II"

"There was a frisbee game I played a few weeks ago that I never got to write about. It was the most amazing game that I've ever played, and I dont know how i managed to get by without writing about it. Well, here it is, something I should have done a long time ago.

It was about 10 O'clock PM, it was cold outside, but not bitter quite yet. Off to the North, thunderclouds were forming, and streaks of lightning could be seen in the distance. Back at base, the wind was calm, no rain, no lightning, but the clouds all seemed red. It was eerily serene, and we knew something must be afoot. The past 2 games had both been shutouts. Both times one of the newbie seniors was captain, and brad was the other. The newbies all picked each other, and brad assembled a dream team both times, it was a rout. Hardly worth playing, the outcome was predetermined.

The 3rd game promised to be better. We had decent captains, and the teams stacked up pretty even. The bad guys had Andrew, Brad, Walker, and a few more I can't remember. My team had me, little Selck, Bouy, another old guy, Brady, and Benji. The teams looked great, we had enough for subs, and so the game started, just like any other game."

"Somehow, it was 8-1, in favor of the bad guys. We were discouraged, but we knew we weren't beat yet. We finally got our guys in, and leadership arose. Whether it was me, or Brady, or whoever, leadership came in, and our brains kicked on. We knew we were down 7, we knew the bad guys had us on the run, but we figured out how to beat them. With out players stacked the way we wanted them, our team finally had the depth it needed from the bench, and we began to actually play the game for the first time."

"rejuvenated by our recent realization that we weren't all fat and worthless, we started pushing it hard, and took it to 5-12."

We knew that we couldn't let it go, that if we gave up even one point they could put us in a ninja headlock that we'd never get out of.

"At 13-13, play starts to get fierce. It brings out the very best and worst of all the players on the field. When you make a good play, you know it, and your heart goes wild. When you screw up, it's one of the very worst feelings you've ever had. You've invested so much into the game, it hurts to lose it. Your legs hurt, your hands are getting hashed from catching, swatting, and throwing. Your lung hurt from the cold air, your breath comes out hard and short, and very frosty. But you know why you're in the game, and you know that you want to win. You put everything out there. This is when Frisbee gets real."

"The game progessed, both teams fighting. One for glory, and another to avoid humiliation. If we won, we'd remember it always, the time that we beat the impossible, and slew the dragon. If they won, they wouldn't have to live with knowing they let their 8-1 lead go. Either way, we knew the game was epic. Eternal bragging rights awaited the winner, but neither of us could win."

"It was nearing 12 O'clock. We had been playing straight for 2 hours. Our subs had long gone home, so it was the same 7 guys on each team booking it up and down the field. Time slowed down, the red twilight stayed the only constant. The air, once electric, was now heavy. We were fighting for life, even though it seemed to be leaving us. We had to play on, it was our destiny, but we all knew it had to end soon."

Eternal glory wasn't awarded to anybody that night, but both of us deserved it. 14 men, fighting with all that they've got, that is what dreams are made of.


11-23-2005 "Happy Thanksgiving"

Hey everybody, happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you have all had super awesome great days. As for me, It's not Thanksgiving yet. I'm writing this to the future, since I assume nobody is gonna read this in the next 30 minutes while it's still the day before Thanksgiving.


11-24-2005 "Thank You"

If there is one thing that I find it really hard to forget, it's people that just randomly do really really nice things for me. Everybody has the potential to do something extraordinairily nice to someone every day. Very rarely is the oppurtunity taken, but I'd like to thank the people that have been nice.

Thanks Mr. Hansen for being nice to me when I walked into class 20 minutes late.

Thanks Kira Fulton for always saying hi to me in the halls.

Thanks Porter for giving me a ride home, and being nice to me.

Thanks Mrs. Neal at Eisenhower for helping me out with my book problem last year. She hadn't ever talked to me before the day I went to her for help, but she totally went out of her way to make sure everything got taken care of, that was awesome. Thanks so much.

Thanks Andrew, for being an awesome brother and letting me play frisbee and raquetball with you.

Thanks Peter, for giving me insight into my own self, and for always being a stud when I needed one. You're gonna go far man.

Thanks Sharpe, for giving me a job, and valuable training.

Thanks to my brothers, for teaching me everything I know, giving me all I've got, and shaping me into who I am. You guys rock to the max.

Thanks Dan Rasband, for being the best teacher ever.

Thanks Travis Benson, for being the coolest adult to hit a 13 year old ever.

Thanks to anyone that's ever said hi to me in the halls, I appreciate that alot.

Thanks Colver, for making me realize I wasn't all that and a bucket of cheese.

Thanks Morris, for making me realize I'm not even the bucket.

Thank you Mr. Fiack, for teaching me algebra, even though I hated it, I learned everything I needed.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for everything. You're the very best parents ever. I wouldn't be anything without you guys, thanks so much.

Thanks Tanya, for making me show off all through 7th and 8th grade.

Thanks for lighting your field at night bennion elementary.

Props to the founding fathers, you ownt those brits.


11-26-2005 "The Fight"

Anyways, I'm currently being evicted from the computer library. Somehow the unjust have gained power, and the computer library is being transformed into a bedroom for a night. You see, this is why we have a computer library, so we can always use it without people sleeping in it. It's the computer sanctuary. Oh no, I'm being kicked out. I've got 4 minutes to write this, go go go.

Movies have messed up the idea of happily ever after. I'm here to tell you that the world never starts spinning and fades to black

Anyways, you always have to fight for that happiness. Hold on to it. Its not about being happy always, or being sad always, its about being happy as much as you can and making the most out of the days that you have. Go out, fight, win. Know that there will be happy days and sad days, but that its up to you what you do with them, and that what you do influences whether you'll be happy or sad. No forevers yet, but we do know that tomorrow will always come. We know that we can always shape tomorrow, go make it the best you can, because its a wild one. What you do today isn't going to shape all the tomorrow's forever, but its going to shape the next one. Go for it.


11-29-2005 "That was fast"

I hate my nose, but that's alright.


12-01-2005 "The upheaval"

Something weird is going on. Its not like one of those weird things that goes on in the middle of the night when you think there's an elephant in your driveway making weird noises at you, its like one of those weird things when you wake up in the middle of the night and you realize that you're switched 180 degrees, your feet are where your head ought to be, and you have no idea how it happened.....but there aren't elephants.

See, those of you who know me (That ought to be all of you, unless there are weird pedophiles out there) you all know that I'm pretty old. Im pretty much an old man. I like my cereal cold, my TV as quiet as possible, my cars slow, and fiber glass tall and frothy.

I'm afraid of cell phones, escalators, and the future.

It was pizza, and it was everything I always dreamed of. Greasy, cheesy, peperoni-y. It left my hands dripping with liquid gold. It was rich, it was fluffy, it wasn't a ham sandwich. I bought pizza for the first, or maybe the second time. I might have done it once before in 7th grade, I just don't remember. Either way, this was monumental. My first high school piece of pizza. wow.

The MegaBite. A quarter pound cookie with 75 carbohydrates, 480 calories, and the most heavenly taste ever. I like to call it "Diabetic Coma in a wrapper." I spent 2.50 on lunch today, and didn't have a piece of white bread.

First laziness, and now pizza. What is going on? What's the next bandwagon I'm gonna jump on next? Does anyone have a nightmare before Christmas sweatshirt I can borrow? Does anyone know how to put mascara on a boy? I need girl pants!


12-05-2005 "A Day in the Life of Christopher J Thatcher"

Yeah,I fell asleep halfway through. I always do with this guy. How many of you's be knowing how long it takes for me to fall asleep? It begins with an "N" and ends with "ot very long."

1:00 - Our final for Macbeth is to write an essay on one of 18 topics. They all suck, I've got no idea, and it's hand written.

In short, I'm screwed.

We've got the vampire sub. The vampire sub is the one that got lasered by the dentist, and had to tell the whole world about it. Its a sad story the first 4 times you hear it. After that, you begin to think she's just a lady on a soapbox, and then you begin to hope the soapbox will catch fire. luckily, she kept it down today.

I love this place, cause its a pediatric place, for little kids ya know. So there are always a bunch of little 7 year olds running around, then me. They sit and watch Disney movies, and I sit there and try not to look too scary. It doesn't work, they always run from me.



Saturday, August 19, 2006


So. yeah.

Janitor style. Broom.

Mr. Rogers style. Neighbor.

Ok. Alright. Don't make me.

Fidel Castro style. giantmuralofmyfaceonawall!

....guess it hasn't been enough time.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dvorak for the win

hi, i really want to write this in dvorak. dvorak is teh uber. im gonna get good at this.

Ok, now that that's taken care of. My brother just introduced me to dvorak. It's the alternate keyboard lay out that's uber efficient. The letters are placed differently, more efficiently. It's so uber.

I'm really slow with it right now, I've only been practicing for half an hour. But ya know what, I think I want to get good at it. I'm thinking that with enough practice, I could bump my words per minute up from 90 to about 150. That'd just be cool. You'd get even longer blogs, and it'd take me less time! Yes!

So really, it's late. like, 11:50 ish. I really want to go to bed. And the truth is, I am going to. There's a huge post I've already prepared. I had to go work jolenes today, so I kept a journal. It's got timestamps, it's got events, it's got everything.

I gotta tell you, I suck at my job.

So there's gonna be something super fun for you tomorrow. There was alot of cool stuff that went on at Jolene's today. Lots of fun adventures in the parking lot. Adventures all around.

...And really now, what's more fun than driving on I-80 without a rear view mirror?

So, yea verily, I'm off to bed. I hope you've all had a good day and all that jazz. Tomorrow: greatness.

Clovis and Teflon

More paint. I think I was pretty accurate on the details. I even included the green cover that Andrew managed to bust.

Today I was really really burnt out on CC. I decided willfully to miss practice. Probably a bad idea, but it's the choice I made. I slept till about 10:30, then got the first chapter of history 90% done. I read through it all, got all the events and junk down on a paper. Now I've just got to go through, put them in order, and put the important ones down on the timeline. Score it.

School is dang close, and I'm getting excited. AP physics? With Olsen? C'mon, that's just quality time.

I had a cat once.

So, one of these days you're gonna get a real post that isn't a paint sketch. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the sketches. Sure, you say that you can draw better with your eyes closed. Sure, you say you've seen squirrels with more artistic ability than myself. Sure, my girlfriend ended up being a 45 year old trucker. The important thing is that I'm trying, and I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your killer statements to yourself.


Ok, just kidding. seriously.

So what's the deal with cardboard?

I think that's all for now. I'm a tired individual. There's probably a good post coming soon, or something like that. In the meantime, enjoy life. Get your homework done, don't procrastinate any longer. It's go time.

Frisbee Friday is still going on. It's going to be alot better than last week. The last frisbee friday of the summer is going to be intense. It's not this week, but the next. I'm not sure what we're gonna do, but with any luck it's going to be raging. Alrighty, Frisbee club is still a go. Going to be insane good. I'm still not entirely sure what we're gonna do with the logo yet. Kyle gave me some cool ideas tonight, so I'll try that out tomorrow. Maybe we'll have a logo contest once school starts and we've got a club. Anyways, that's gonna be cool and all.

So, tomorrow I go to practice in the morning, and then go and work at Jolenes. Yeah, I'm actually behind the register this time. Every other time I've been moving boxes or setting up stores of whatever. Nah, I'm going to be the person who sells people dresses. When somebody calls, I'm going to have to answer, in my manliest voice: "Thank you for calling Jolene, this is Christopher." Yeah. I can't remember the last time a guy answered a phone at one of those stores. The fact is, guys don't work there. It's a dress shop, girls work there. Girls shop there. The only guys that ever enter the store are people that are married and are dragged their by their ferocious wives.

Which brings me to my next point: What's the deal with giant ground sloths anyways? I mean really, I'm more ferocious than that guy. Look at him, he's extinct! Whereas I'm still alive and kicking. Which explains why you should all go on a date with me and not with him. Cause he's extinct and all.

If I were a flower, I think I'd ask if I could be a hot air balloon instead. I just think that'd be more fun than being a flower. Hot air balloons can't do photosynthesis, but they do fly. Very few flowers fly. Only the flying kind actually fly, and that's more of a gentle glide anyways.

Then again, hot air balloons are sorta glidy and floaty as well. So it's really catch 22.

Ooooooh, now to the important stuff. This is where I stop acting like I'm crazy and actually talk about something important. The CC team is going a carwash this saturday from 9 AM to 12 at T-ville. It's 5 bucks for a car, 8 bucks for a truck or SUV or van. Now, we really need some fundraising. And I know you've all got people who need their cars washed. So hey, come support your local team. You know you want to. Remember, I give back to the environment. This blog is made from 80% recycled materials. 40% of that recycled material is recycled cross country musings. Therefore, you're not only supporting the team, you're supporting the blog.

Show your T-ville pride. Let me wash your car. C'mon, please?

Which brings me to my next point: She's going out with him? ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Click to enbiggen. This is tonight's post. Another sketch in paint. It evolved as it went. Interpret as you'd like. There's much that could be said. Perhaps it shall be said later. But by later, the stuff that will need to be said will be different than the stuff that needs to be said tonight. So, I go. Tomorrow I gotta work hard.

Tomorrow will be better. I'm going to work on history tomorrow, no battle. G'night all.

Monday, August 14, 2006


It's an experiment. If it works, hooray. If it bombs, well, Hooray anyways.

It's 11:10 AM, and I've been awake for 4 and a half hours already.

Right now I feel hungry, my right foot has a blister on the bottom of it in the most uncomfortable place, and I'm a little daunted by the day that lays in front of me. I'm currently eating a bagel, but it's not the best bagel I've ever had. Still good though. I just tested, and my bloodsugar was 150. That's higher than I'd like it to be, but it's alright for now. I'm currently listening to "we are the champions" by queen. Reminds me of the day that we were all champions. That was ridiculous fun. Nerd team was amazing. We were unstoppable. Do you remember the game against orion? Where we went 11-1 in the second round? We outscored them 33 to 3. That was the greatest second round ever.

Here's to the nerd team, one of the very best choices I ever made. It reminds us to play to our strengths. Why run when you can buzz?

Anyways, here's the current news. I've already been to cross country practice in the morning. We ran an easy 6 miles, but it was alot harder for me. I ran up at camp, but I didn't run enough. My new shoes are still getting broken in, and I somehow developed this obnoxious blister. We ran down to the freedom shrine, then up 48th to 13th and back across to T-ville. We did 10 minute abs after our workout, and that was crazy talk.

My next task today is to unpack the van from scout camp. We got home saturday, but right after we got home the angry hailstorm of ferocious death struck us, so we decided to wait to unpack. Well, it's two days later, and I've gotta unpack it now. I'm not too sad about that, it's something that's got to be done, and it won't take too long. I'm going to be wearing my old man slippers whilst I do it on account of the blister.

So, after I unpack, I gotta mow the lawn. Yay for the family life merit badge. In all my life I've never ever had 'chores'. My parents just didn't go for it, I don't really know the exact reasons, but I figure I've come out alright. Anyways, now that I must get the merit badge, it's chore time all the sudden. So, I've gotta make my bed every day, mow the lawn every week, and help with the dishes a ton. I've gotta take out the garbage wednesday nights, and vacuum friday afternoons.

It'll be good, I'm actually excited to do it. It'll be nice to feel like I'm sorta helping around here. So, I gotta unpack, then mow. Then it's homework time, and then we've got another practice at 7 PM.

That's right, we're on two-a-days. Morning practice, then evening practice. Morning practices are usually going to be distance, and evenings are going to be speed. Tonight we're doing hill intervals on the hill that goes to the pit. I haven't done hills on that hill since last track season. For a while there I thought coach would spare us. Nope.

Oh well, it won't be too bad. It's a real good workout.

So, this is the first of a few updates that'll come around today. For the numbers:

Hunger: 5
Happy: 6
Hope for the future: 6
Comfort: 7
Energy: 4

Post ended at 11:20 AM.

Post started at 12:04 PM

Hey again. The van unloading took less time than I had previously hypothesized. It went pretty well, I got stuff taken care of. Dad had unloaded alot of stuff Saturday night that I didn't know about, so it was cool. So, not too shabby of an operation. I threw all my smelly stuff into the wash. Look at me go, I'm all independent and working and stuff. Whoosh.

So what's next for Christopher Thatcher? Lunch, and then a fierce battle with my lawn. Maybe if I mowed more than once every two weeks things would be different. As for now, I'm off to scavenge for some food.

Hunger: 5
Happy: 7
Hope for the future: 7
Comfort: 7
Energy: 5

(Things are on the up and up)

Post ended at 12:07 PM

Post started at 8:56 PM

Oh hi, it's been a while. I just got back from my second cross country practice of the day. Right now things are good, but they haven't always been like this.

It took me a really long time to get to mowing the lawn. I sorta napped on the couch, but not really. It was a pseudo nap at best, very uncomfortable. I finally got myself up so I could make a frozen pizza then mow, and my dad called. He said that his car had died on him, and that I needed to go rescue him at the Mcdonalds by Eisenhower.

Now, that's all fine and dandy, except in the last two weeks, we've had 3 cars die on us. That's alot of cars. So, haha, I just laughed about it, and went to pick him up in the ever loyal minivan. From what I understand, that's what I get to drive these days, and I'm pretty excited about it. The minivan is a trooper. It's oldschool, it's got more miles on it than the coast of Alaska. Throughout this past week, I've silently been laughing, because the Minivan never dies. All our more 'superior' vehicles have bitten the dust, but the minivan plods on. He's like the little engine that could.

So, the best part was, Dad was going to go get the car that broke down fixed in like, 30 minutes. He was on the way to an appointment, and was gonna take it in right after. So, I take the van over to try to jump it, and that doesn't work. So I take dad home, he takes it to run some errands, then decides that he'll just take the van in to get fixed cause it needs it. So, Van to the shop instead of car.

Yeah, remember how the last thing was the best part? This part's even better. He takes it to the shop, and they put it on the lifts. We know that there's something terribly wrong with the ball joint or something, cause when you turn sharp and you're going anything over 15 mph, it starts rattling like crazy. So, they get it on the lift and start spinning the wheels, and they can't find anything wrong. They decide to take it out on a test drive.

Yeah, the front-left wheel came off.

Like, while they were driving.

Not like, lugnut got unscrewed came off.

Like, flew off.

Yeah, way to go minivan. You gotta understand, that was what, 40 miles at most after I had been driving it. I'm super super happy that it fell off on them and not on me. Go minivan go!

So, we've got vehicle trouble. As I rode my bike home from cross country practice this evening, my rear tire blew out. Dang we're good.

So, right now we're down to one running vehicle. Dad's car is in the mcdonalds parking lot. Steph's car is out at her school, wouldn't start today. The Van is in the shop. The blazer is in the driveway, immobile. My bike has got the blown rear tire. Score it!

Honestly, we're all just laughing about it now. it's hilarious. I mean really, that's like, 4 cars in 2 weeks. We've had car troubles before, but that's just too cool.

Anyways, things now are good, I'm liking stuff. I got the lawn mowed, and me and kyle won a game of warcraft. I still haven't done any homework, but I'm going to get to that soon. Moral of the story is, two-a-day practices are pretty good. I'd much rather have 2 hard practices in one day than one insane practice. Tomorrow is going to be super hot too, we're going up to one of the ski resorts and running to the peak, then taking the tram down. We're supposed to run for about 90 minutes, I'm excited. Hooblay!

Well, I'm out for now.

Hunger: 3
Happy: 8
Hope for the future: 9
Comfort: 8
Energy: up the wazoo.

Post ended sometime later.

Post started 10:04 PM.

So, nothing else has happened since last time, 'cept me and kyle lost 2 warcraft games. Man we're good.

Off to homework, whoosh!

Hunger: 6
Happy: 8
Hope for the future: 8
Comfort: 8
Energy: 7

I forgot to say when it ended.

Post started at 11:00 PM

yeah, I didn't even try to do my homework. However, I've decided that I'm going to bed instead of working on it. Because I want energy for tomorrow, because I don't wanna concentrate on it right now.

So, yea verily, I'm trading one thing for another. It's priorities right now.

I've determined that if I ever write a story that has a hero, his name will be Ockham. Or maybe Occam. But either way, it's gonna be pimp.

I'm tired. But I'm really excited for school to start. I did get my schedule, it rocks to the max. I don't have to change anything, it all worked out perfect. My locker is H-45, super nice location for me. Things are looking good.

Alrighty, it's bed time, g'night folks.

"As simple as possible, but no simpler" -Albert Einstein.

Hunger: 6
Happy: 8
Hope for the future: 8
Comfort: 8
Energy: 4

post ended at 11:07 PM

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Chips are simply a delivery system for salsa. It's the same way with popcorn. Popcorn exists as a shuttle for salt and butter to enter my mouth. While I eat at La Frontera, the chips are massive trains that carry the delicious and life-giving salsa to my mouth. That is all.

Wow, lots of write about. I have so much to say it's ridiculous. I always have so much to say.

Trouble is, I noticed this last week that people can only take so much. I can talk for days and days, but the longer I talk, the less important the stuff I said at the beginning becomes. Supply and demand. If I were only allowed to say one sentence a day, I'd have to make sure that that sentence was quality. However, since I'm allowed to say infinitely many sentences a day, they become much less important.

As the number of sentences I write goes up, the value of each sentences goes down.

I have recently become very fascinated with mathematical models of everything. I love math, I love the logic flow and the definite answers it's got. It sets down rules, and then plugs stuff into it to produce predictable results. I'm going to start modeling more stuff with math. More theorems, more such business.

Change. It's coming, it's heavy now. It's all over the place, bigger than I've ever seen it. It's a huge crossroads. Right here, right now. Here we stand at the fork.

Things are changing everywhere. School is nearly upon us. Things are changing with the scout troop. Things are changing with the ward. Decisions are being made, stuff is changing.

That's an exciting thought. Things are moving, and motion is a good thing.

The key now is to move in the right direction. Things are in shake up mode. There was a shake up last year around this time as well. Right now is the prime opportunity to sneak in and make the moves that you've always wanted to. Nothing is set in stone right now. If you've been a janitor your whole life, right now is the time to run away and start law school. The future is wide open. Nothing is written. Go ahead, change your destiny.

So, that was sorta weird. But yeah.

Therefore, here's the new plan. Due to the recent success of blogaday, I've decided to change the way things are done around here. There's gonna be daily updates. That's the plan for now. Sometimes they won't be very big, and sometimes they won't fit into continuity. But they'll be there. This thing is going to be stable. The key will be to write a ton when I feel like writing, but delay the deployment of those posts.

It goes back to what I postulated earlier. The more I say, the less important each sentence is. If that statement holds true, one huge post on sunday night is of less value than that same post spread out into 6 smaller posts throughout the week.

Now, this theorem might not hold true, in which case I'll switch back to the older way of doing things. But I'm going to try it out. It might work, it might not. Either way, it'll be an adventure.

I feel odd right now. It seems very late to me. That's probably because of scout camp. I always went to bed late on camp, but things were just different up there. So maybe that's it. I don't like being the last guy to go to bed, even though I am.

Anyways, it was Sunday, and Sundays are great. Today has been nice. Tomorrow ought to be good as well. I'm going to get some work done. I've gotta go to practice in the morning. I was at camp all last week, so I didn't practice with the team, but I ran a little up there. I swam a ton as well, so I ought to be a little better off than the last time I missed a weeks worth of practice. I'm excited to go be with the team again, it's a great little group we've got. Coach is super cool, the kids are all really good kids. I like those guys, what can I say?

Yea verily, there is a post coming tomorrow. Anyways, here are the big plans that are coming up, the one's I'm excited about.

1) Cross country work. Hard. I'm going to bust it out this week, it's going to be great.

2) Hello stomp. Thursday night, after all that registration business, there's the PTSA stomp. I normally wouldn't go, but Sharpe is the guy who's in charge, and he asked me to help set up and stuff. Therefore I'm going to be there, and I need you all to be there too. It'll be fun.

3) Homework. Got to start and finish my American History work. It can't be that bad.

4) Frisbee propaganda. We're going to make a really short frisbee montage. Sorta like a halo montage. Unforunately, since we didn't film at all this summer, it's going to have to be staged. Anyways, we're making the montage to help recruit for the club, which I am still fully devoted to. It's going to work.

5) School preparations: I gotta get ready to get back to school. It's gonna be so fun.

6) The Doodle Project. Once school starts, I'm going to be actively collecting doodles from everyone. I'm gonna find a budget scanner somewhere, then scan them all and throw them up on a blog. if I do this forever, it'll eventually end up as a portrait of junior year. Doodles are powerful, they reflect alot of stuff. All of my doodles last year were themed, they were based on what MJ was saying. Even if it was subconsciously. Therefore, I'm going to be stealing everyone's doodles, then compiling them, putting them all up. Sort them by date, by subject, by class period written, whatever. I'm very interested to see how it works out. So, be prepared to be doodled, then have those doodles stolen.

7) The Noodle Project. Similar in design to the doodle project. This one involves me stealing your noodles then eating them. I'm a hungry man.

8) More life theory. More theory in general. I think it's time to start putting alot more of the philosophy sort of stuff back into the blog. Why? Because that's how I feel.

9) More graphs. As I make more theorems and such, I shall graph them. Yay.

10) Get my eagle. I'm close, and I want it bad. I'm getting closer every day. Excellent.

11) Frisbee mad action. With the help of our propaganda video, we shall create the Frisbee club during club rush week. Mama withers shall be our sponsor, and I shall be the president. We will work out the other details in the coming week, but here's what you can expect.

-Training clinics. We're going to teach any and everyone how to play. We're going to start at the very basics, then move up and up. It'll be geared towards everyone, and we'll move fast. By the time we're through, you're going to be able to forehand, backhand, and have an idea of what a hammer ought to be. You'll be able to catch, play defense, play offense, and cut. It'll be basic training. We're going to make the sport accessible to anyone who wants it.

-Fitness programs. You've got to be fit to play frisbee. Even if we only have one meeting a week, or one meeting every two weeks, we're going to have a little workout at every one. It won't be too hard, but it'll get your blood pumping and increase a couple skills. By the end of the year, you'll be able to run faster, run longer, jump higher, breathe easier. Ultimate, this club will get you in better shape.

-Weekly games. We're going to have pickup games when available. These will be just for fun, just for recreation. Come play a game. Relaxed

-The Taylorsville Invitational. We will find every 'team' out there that we can, and on one Friday invite them to come down to T-ville and play. We'll see how many we can get. We'll try to find high school club teams, and invite them to come play. If possible, we'll have a prize for winning, but probably not. It'll be a big event, we'll have a tournament. It'll be really hard to get moving, but I think we can do it. We'll have spectators, we'll have people, we'll have the highest quality frisbee you've ever seen. Of course, this is going to be the hardest to pull off, but it's going to be raging.

-Calling you out, Cottonwood. We're going to have a school club. Word on the street is that cottonwood has one too. If nothing else works, we will play cottonwood indefinitely. We'll get our best guys together, and then we'll send them a DVD challenge. Or something like that. Maybe we won't find enough teams for an invitational, but we can at least do a duel. It'd be so amazing, their best vs. our best. Mathematically, it should be twice as good as frisbee friday. Instead of splitting up the best guys among two teams, you have one team of the best guys, and another team of the best cottonwood has to offer. The most intense frisbee ever. We're going to call them out, just as soon as we're good.

-Social Support. We're going to have a frisbee club, but we're gonna have non frisbee activities all the time. If all y'alls wanna party down, it's great. We're gonna be friends. It's going to be tight.

-Physics/Chemistry/Math help. Free help to any member, from any member in the frisbee club. You can't say we don't stick together.

So there you have it, the frisbee club. My big project for next year. Cross country is my duty, Ultimate is my passion.

This next week centers around getting my homework done, getting the frisbee montage started, working on scout stuff, and helping mom with jolenes. Chances are I'm going to have to actually work at a store this wednesday. That's a scary thought. More to come on that wednesday evening though.

Here's what to expect coming later this week, in no particular order.

Life theory: Practice
Life Theory: Take it home
Scout camp story time
The dream field
Water day 2
I miss region dances
The Mountain Man Project

And whatever else I think of.

The future looks bright. The past smiles gently on today.

What do I work for?

For yesterday's tomorrow.