Thursday, April 21, 2005

It's been a while

Boy oh boy its been a while since I last posted, and loads has happened. Lets review shall we?

Tech fair: After spending an estimated 8 hours editing that blasted 7 minute video, we lost. We took 4th place. A project entitled "DDR For Health" beat ours. Mind you, they didn't produce a product, they merely played DDR, and had a poster board with information. Pretty lame, but oh well, im not bitter or anything, oh no.

Really, I'm not that sad about it. Im pretty happy with things. Im super happy about my project, I think it went very well. That is the single hardest project I've ever had to do. I put more time into that than I have anythign else for school. And ya know, I thought it was good. I can edit videos, check that off the list.

School: Ok, so this whole not going to school business is just bad news. Right now, im failing geography. I've got a map test to make up, a regular test, and just lots of junk. Spanish is insane. Im 2 units behind, and there is alot of stuff that I just can't make up anymore. Its gonna take a serious buttload of buttkissing to make this work. Everything else is fine. I finally am going to school on a regular basis now, its pretty nice actually.

Drama: Ah, no worries, im liking stuff. I figure girls are cool and all, just kinda stupid sometimes. or maybe i'm just stupid sometimes. But the moral of the story is, girls are too much trouble. You see, computers work out great. Its all boolean facts.

Is it working right: yes/no
Do you know how to work it: yes/no
if it doesnt work: Is it plugged in right? yes/no
See, you checked, and think it is, but you know its not. Check again: yes/no
Right, it wasn't plugged in right. Plug it in. yes/no
Fixed. Hooray!

See, 5 simple steps to fixing a problem with a computer. Computers like me, I just don't see why girls don't. In the end, I'm alot more excited about setting up that linux box this summer than I am about hanging out with girls.


I'm sorry to dissappoint some of you out there, but despite how my last paragraph sounds, I just don't swing that way. Sorry Tim.

*end note*

Speaking of linux boxes, I'm gonna set up a linux box! Im gonna ressurect Jolene and make her my programming machine. What's really gonna happen, is im gonna buy myself a new hard drive, CD Drive, nice mouse, and maybe speakers. Then, im gonna put those in my good machine, and the old ones in Jolene. then, after agonized efforts of installin linux, I will have 2 computers! Vroom. And one will be legal! How cool is that?! That's never happened before!

So, the job for this summer is pretty much 100% lined up. w00tah! Things are working out finally. Finally everything starts falling together. The final 4 nerd game is on tuesday, we play live against weber. We'll let you know how it goes. Chances are we'll own em.

Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse!

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