Sunday, May 22, 2005

I Love Church

Last night was definately an adventure. Somebody dropped the drama bomb or something, and the whole world is still shaking from it. Im not sure what's going down. It really irritated me, and everything was just stupid. The posse was being annoying, girls were being annoying, everything was stupid.

So I woke up this morning less than happy. I went to BYC, and it was alot longer than it needed to be, I kept throwing my pen on my shirt on accident so I get all marked up, and I was just ready to smack something. I was more irritated then than I have been in a very long time.

Well, I went to church irritated, and it made everything better. Sure, girls are still stupid. Sure, the world is still stupid. But that's alright, I can deal with that now. Church makes everything better, I love the feeling you get when you go. The world just tosses you around and pushes you down, but you go to church and everything is just so right. All these problems just go away, and you can be peaceful for a couple hours. I love it.

Well, now im back in the world. And in the process of writing this I could definately feel it. But things are going to be ok, just hold on to those good feelings I guess.

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riss. said...

I'm sorry I ruined your night.