Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Wow, it's been a while. I haven't written in 3 weeks or so, maybe more. I really have wanted to, but things have been sort of rough. Well, things are still sort of rough, but I'm writing anyways, because I want to.

I am a comma-nazi. I put commas where they don't belong. I use commas more often than I use periods. Its interesting, because that's how I talk and think, but sometimes it's just not the right way to write stuff. I started an English paper last night at 11. It ended up to be a terrible terrible paper, but I liked the intro. Because I like sharing crap, here you go.

Glory, Honor, and Gyroscopic Inertia

It is funny how a person's goals and values can change over time. As we learn more about the world around us, old notions are tossed out. We see the error of our ways, and must make adjustments. Sometimes we all need to take a step back and reevaluate our lives. These are the times in our existence when we must pause, retreat a few paces, and simply wonder why we aren't playing more frisbee.

Yay for 'research papers' on ultimate frisbee. What a joke.

Anyways, the 3rd term doldrums are hitting hard. Life has settled into a slow and predictable cycle. You wake up, go to school, run track, come home, vegitate, eat, do homework, then go to bed. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Over and over again. 3rd term ends in a week, and hope is on the horizon. Maybe 4th term will bring some decent frisbee weather. Maybe it'll bring some good times on the mile. Only time will tell eh?

I put 2 sem vids up and haven't told too many people about them yet, so hey, they're up.

~Talent Show Getup~

~Morningside Teaser~

Feel free to comment, or to just ignore them. Video editing is hard, but it's sorta cool. There's nothing quite as amazing as a really well done video. There is alot of power behind a well done video. It puts together all the dramatic aspects of a picture, and music, and words. It can have the best of 3 worlds, but only when it's well done. Maybe someday I'll make something that'll change people's minds. In the mean time, share your talent, and go to the morningside.

Has anybody noticed how the weather just repeats itself every day? How there's been a constant wind for the past 2 weeks, and how it's impossible to throw a frisbee. I sure have.

So, this whole post has been rather moody. lets see if we can lighten the mood.

I got my learners permit, that's pretty cool. I haven't been driving too much, but the time's I have been have been super fun. Driving is going to be really cool. Being able to drive, and having a car is just a huge benefit. It's amazing the crap you can do when you've got amazing transportation like that.

State Math Competition is tomorrow. I signed up on a whimsical fancy, and it's gonna be pretty fun. Hopefully I'll do alright. Chances are I'm gonna get smashed, and just feel like an idiot, but oh well. It'll be kicks anyways.

So.... Frisbee this friday night. Anybody wants to come, it's gonna be snowy and amazing. 7:00, bennion elementary. All y'alls are welcome to come, even if you don't wanna play. Come support the cause. There is going to be frisbee this whole summer. I don't care if I end up playing frisbee by myself every weekend, I'm gonna do it. Ultimate showdown, Thatcher vs. Thatcher. First to 15. Loser buys dinner for himself.

Notice how every 4th post or so is just a clone? first I talk about how I haven't written for a while, then I talk about what's been going on in the past, then I talk about what's coming up soon, then i talk about frisbee, and then I flounder around for a bit about philosophy. Interesting eh? You'd think after 3 weeks I could be original. nope.

Ah, I'm behind in march madness, and that makes me sad. Therefore, I am going to go read the Book of Mormon. It's amazing, it just makes you feel good when you read it. I should do that more. So, I'm out of here. Sorry this was all moody and junk. Maybe there'll be something cool coming up soon for you guys. I'll work on something for y'alls.

G'night everybody. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new chance to break out of the cycle. The hamster wheel will topple, just as soon as I get my hands on a frisbee. G'night everybody, I'm off to read.

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