Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Humble Return

It's been a while since I've been excited about running.

But it seems like the dental plaque that was growing on my hippocampus is finally receding. The 2007 Cross Country season is dawning, and with it comes the athletically motivated version of yours truly that we've all been missing.

I went running tonight with Kyle and James. Both of them are talking about running with the team as often as possible. Do you know how sick that'd be?

We've had a ton of girls sign on. Some of the best girls in the school are talking about running for us. Our team is not only going to be bigger than last year, it's going to be the very best team I've ever been a part of.

When I say best, I'm not talking about competition. I'm just talking about my team. Cross Country brings out the very best in the world. It's wholesome. There's so much love and power out there on those blessed mornings.

I've been thinking tonight about some things the past few days to make CC amazing this year. First and foremost will be team unity. I've got some cool ideas. There's definitely going to be a resurgence of the Tville CC Album. We're gonna be so ripped, it's going to be amazing.

I'm shedding the fat kid right now. I'm turning over a new leaf. It's time to improve. It's time to go out there and become the best me that I can become. It's not about times and performances: It's about me.

This team is going to take me to the tip of my existence. I honestly believe that through Cross Country, Seminary Council, Mads, and rigorous study next year, I can reach heights I've never dreamed of before.

The key is work. It's persistence. Not short bursts of work, but an over-riding theme: a habit of work and progress.

Here's to you, 2007 Cross Country. Let's take it to the stars.

-And now, a genuine decision by yours truly->

Friday night. I will play harder Ultimate than I've ever played before. I will tire myself out twice as fast as usual. I will sweat like Andrew. I will play both sides of the field one hundred percent. I will blend every part of my brain with my instincts and physical prowess. I will flow on that field like I've never flown before. All the beauty and simplicity of flow with an added touch of "Ohmygosh-how-did-he-do-that?!".

When 10 o'clock rolls around I will be drained and spent. I will play heart and soul from seven to 10. Substitutions are for squares. Iron man.

Will I be unstoppable? That's up to the opposing team. But know this, I'm gonna give them the most frightening night of Ultimate they've ever seen.


Kortney said...

Which is why i'm gonna have to come for a bit to see the show.

Combat Kyle said...

Arrr, next year shall truly be amazing. Cross Country, Swim, Madrigals, Water Polo. Sicknasty, thats what that is. I can't wait.

Nathan said...

I missed you, athletic Thatcher. ;-)

How'd tonight go?

Anonymous said...

Come run against Juan Diego again sometime! We're going to win!!! I mean-it'll be great to see some familiar faces again... :P