Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 Slept in my bed last night :) After the shower and writing up here in the office I was able to go down and sleep fine. I couldn't use the CPAP- I think that may have been what aggravated my grumpy breathing in the first place. But slept fine and woke up breathing well. Much less uncomfortable this morning.

Very tired, not a lot of energy, and feverish. Kate and I are taking turns napping while the other watches the kids. As expected, her symptoms are following mine by a day so today is a bit rough for her. 

I tried to work for ~30 minutes today and that was a disaster. Just don't have it in me. I slept through my one-on-one with my manager this morning. My work performance has been a garbage fire. I know I'm officially allowed to take time off when I'm sick. But it feels rough. 

Anyways, wanted to drop a quick update to declare that I'm doing better than last night. Not sure what tonight will hold, but should be tons of fun. 

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