Monday, August 15, 2005

I dont want to blog right now

I'm only doing this because I said I would. I'm super tired right now, and would much rather be asleep. However, in order to keep myself from being a pansy boy, I am writing this. Merry Christmas Marissa.

So whats new in my life? Ah, not too much. I finally have a real week of summer, and Im going to use it to the best of my ability. This is only the 3rd week that I havent had something happening. Every other week was either camping or working. Hooray for weeks off. I'm having a very good time being lazy.

I went to Eisenhower this morning because Brough wanted to meet with me about the world geography project. Because we had alot of people that weren't quite sharp enough to check copyrights, we had to change the situation dramatically. Now its going to be alot more like a crazy list than an actual project. It's still going to be really cool, but its going to change alot. Don't worry folks, all your hard work will still go into it, its just going to be alot different. Brough was talking about me getting college hours for doing this, but I sure don't think that's gonna happen. He's pretty excited about it though, it should be alright. So that's what i get to do this week. He wants it done by tuesday. That shouldn't be too tough, I've just got to do it I guess. Should be great.

Last week was scout camp. That was crazy talk. There were alot of really good parts, but there were also alot of hard parts. I was the oldest kid there from my troop, and I dont have any real friends from the troop. I took a couple merit badge classes, but I was mostly there as additional leadership. We have a ton of boys that required constant babysitting, and that just wore me out. I'm tired of ADD kids. I was honestly considering living as a hermit for the rest of my life after camp. However, now that i've returned to society I'm back to normal. Hooray.

Things on the girl front are finally good after a couple months of poo. Right now I officially don't like anybody. That makes things alot easier for right now. I'm determined that I'm not going to talk to the next girl I like. Maybe I won't even know her name. She probably won't know I exist. Thats gonna be so much easier cause that way you dont have to worry about friendships. You don't have to worry about talking to her, because you don't really know she's there. Its a very simple situation. Aye, girls are poonuts. Im afraid of them I tells ya, nothing but trouble. However, it is very nice to be friends with Hope again. I guess there are just some times when you have to say "alrighty, I'll do it for the team." But, all vague comments aside, things are finally pretty good. I'm not gonna say they're perfect, but they're pretty good.

I've determined I dont wanna be a programmer anymore. I'm dropping that class and I'm going to take chemistry instead. I have no idea what I'm going to end up doing with my life. I don't wanna be a dud. I wanna change the world, do something great. Right now I'm pretty interested in making alternative energy a viable option. I have no idea how I'm going to do that though. I'm thinking I've got to work microorganisms into it somehow, fuse solar energy with photosynthesis or something, but it'd be tough. I want to work for GE, that'd be a killer job.

Registration is on thursday. My schedule is all screwy so it doesnt mean anything though. Ive got to change alot of stuff, and I'm not looking forward to it. I hate being a hassle, I'd much rather just be convenient. I hate making the counselors jobs harder for them. So, thursdays Ive got to go get my schedule, then on mass change day see if I can make it into chemistry. I sure hope I didnt get put in TVTV. I let them put my name down because they actively recruited me, but I dont really want to be in that class. Sure It'd be fun, and i'd probably be good at it, but I dont wanna end up doing that whole scene again. I'm kinda tired of doing everything ya know? I wanna worry about my education, not about the welfare of the school.

Sigh, my bloodsugar has totally been screwed up. Scout camp was pretty hard because I was just shooting from the hip most of the time and had no idea where I was. And now I can't seem to get myself under 200. my average for today was around 300, its a joke. Sigh, I need to get better at that or my kidneys are going to hate me by the time I'm 25. I think running with cross country is going to help alot, but my doctor isn't going to be too pleased with how this summer has gone. See, the thing is, its all my fault. There's nothing in this whole diabetic deal that is random. It all makes perfect sense. If I'm a high number, I know that's my fault. If I'm low, I know that's my fault. In a way that is a very secure feeling, but at the same time it sucks big time. I kinda wish I could say this was someone else's fault, but its not. If I end up dead its my own dear fault. Thats why I never talk about it. This is the first time you've ever really heard me complain about my bloodsugar sucking. Thats because its my fault. I need to get back in control, and thats just been difficult because I've been unwilling to make the changes necessary. I guess I ought to though, so Ima do that.

So, me and peter have a great scheme to make things work out for us awesomely. I'm not sure if we're ready to unveil it to the world yet, but in the near future we're gonna be doing something pretty cool. Expect good things I tell ya. Peter is a pretty smart kid. Sure he's not the exact clone of me that I thought he was for a bit, but he's way intelligent. I figure he's probably gonna end up making more money than me some day.

Me and Andrew and Nathan have another awesome scheme under way. This one will be a little harder to pull off, but if it works its gonna be amazing. It will take a ton of work to get it started, and i'm afraid it might not happen. You see, we're really great at thinking stuff up, but we never really follow through. I sure hope we're able to follow through on this one.

So, this week's schedule: (In case you want to stalk me)

Tuesday: Work on World Geography Project (WGP)
Play Halo with Levi james and kyle
Practice Starcraft with Peter

Wednesday: Scouts
Work on WGP
2v2 starcraft match with peter

Thursday: Registration
Super cool after registration party
Halo/Stomp, depending on how I feel

Friday: Finish WGP
Party like a madman.

So yeah, it sounds like fun. I hope this week ends up good. Right now im just blasted tired. I'm excited for high school though. And i'm way excited about these 2 schemes. Well, I suppose its time i ran off. It's weird not liking anybody. Its totally different. I don't do it too often, and its just weird. so yeah, thats Christopher Thatcher's world in a nutshell for ya. Goodnight Marissa, since you're the only weirdo weird enough to read this.


riss. said...

Thank you.

and its actually quite nice not liking someone.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one excited for school. Everyone seems to think I'm weird for this.

Good night.

riss. said...

and by the way, liking someone that doesn't even know you exsist, and not even knowing their name is no fun. haha.

CJThatcher said...

Hey, it worked great when I liked tanya. man, those were the days.

CJThatcher said...

Life insurance! I LOVE life insurance! Where do i sign up?