Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The week of August 29th

Wow, what an insane week. Mine and Peter’s brainchild isn't quite breathing yet, do to lack of motivation. We're pretty lame, I know, you don't have to remind us.

So, I'm now officially a high school student. I even go to a high school. These first 3 days have been really crazy, some good, and some bad. I'll give you the lowdown.

First off, I went from being known by everybody, and knowing everybody in 9th grade to being a speck in the midst of an incalculable number of other specks. No teachers know my name, I don't know teachers names. I don't know all the halls, and I don't know which key opens the auditorium or the storage room upstairs. For some reason that weirds me out. I was pretty used to being king of the mountain. And now here I am, a loser.

Taylorsville is a lot different from Eisenhower. The first difference you will notice is that the teachers are not trying to feed you the myth of the mad axe man like they were at Eisenhower. You see, the teachers at Eisenhower would have us believe that there is a mad axe man waiting outside the door of every class room, and if you go outside he's going to mutilate your body. Now, when the bell rings he leaves for approximately 5 minutes, and when the next bell rings, he comes back. Now, an ugly orange vest will ward him off for a small amount of time, but if he's exposed to it too much he'll become immune and kill you anyways. Don't go outside, or you're going to die.

Now, Taylorsville doesn’t really care if you're in class on time or not. They give you 20 minutes to be tardy. After 20 minutes, it's considered a sluff. "Uhhh... my locker was jammed.... and it took my 19 minutes to get a drink.... and uhhhh... I like your shirt." "Alright, try to be on time next time."

I mean what the devil? Quite a difference. The next main difference is the amazing lack of windows. All the rooms seem like little prison cells. Maybe I'm just getting use to my glasses, but everything seems a lot darker and drearier. I want windows dangit, and I want sufficient lighting. That pale orange glow just isn't doing it for me these days.

Since it’s the first week of school, I'm still afraid of everybody. So, nobody talks in classes yet, and that makes things very boring and very lonely. Sure the teachers are lecturing all the time, but it'd be nice to have some human interaction for once. I sure hope I meet friends, because right now its pretty slim pickin's.

However, the classes are pretty good. Most of my teachers are alright, and I'm learning things, or on the way to learning things. My only gripe right now is algebra. My teacher tries to get us to teach each other... without teaching us first. That'd work great if she'd let us, but she doesn't. She kinda just... plods on, with everybody else drowning in the wake. If I didn't already know what was going on today, I would have been 100% lost. Bad news, I’m a little worried about that class.

Other than that the physical aspects of the school are alright. I'm looking forward to actually getting to work, it'll be nice.

Now, that's not to say that the drama side of high school is done and settled. That's a whole different animal, one that isn't going to be slain any time soon.

Junior high was nice, like I said, I knew everybody. Not anymore. I don't know anybody, and all the people I used to know are now scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy. My classes are all mixed up. The most recurring person in my classes is either Courtney or some girl named Valerie from bennion. No Kyle, no Levi, no James, no Jason. Not even a nick. Pretty lonely business for a guy who relied on his friends for so much back in the day.

So, we're forced to find new friends. Too bad we're all afraid of each other.

There's a really cool kid named Austin (Yeah, the 6'5" one) that is in my physics class that I really wanna be buds with. He's just a stallion. However, I'm afraid to talk to the poor boy, and I just assume he's afraid to talk to me. That or he just doesn’t want to talk to me. Either way, high school is lonely business.

Speaking of lonely business, neither Hope nor Jenny speaks to me now. I know why Jenny isn't talking to me, that's understandable. I have no idea what is going on with Hope though. Sigh, I'm tired of drama. Can't we all just get along and be happy?

...apparently not

I don’t know how all this madness is going to turn out. I hope ever so much that high school ends up alright. I want things to go back to normal, or at least some semblance of it. I miss playing frisbee. I miss talking to people. All in all, I miss my junior high kingdom we had all built up.

But, things are going to be dandy. I need more sleep, and I think my English teacher needs some medication, but other than that we're going to be ok. I'm running cross country, and I'm sore for the first time in what seems a year. I never got sore last year, I don’t know what the deal was. This year I stretch out like crazy and I still get way sore. Maybe I'm just out of shape. In fact, I am out of shape, but that’s not the point. I want to get good at this whole running business, that'd be great.

All emo business aside. I'm tired of drama. Girls are poo. Guys are pretty stupid for trying to make them into what they want them to be. I want a windmill. Alright, have a nice day everybody, I'll be back (and probably happy) sometime later.

Oh, and my heart goes out to all the Katrina victims. very sad business.

*airdrop care package*


riss. said...

I found a typo. teehehehe.

I told you you were going to have to meet new people. I told you.

I KNOW AUSTIN! I HAD A CRUSH ON HIM IN KINDERGARTEN! teehehehe. Hes wayyyyyyyyy cool. Just go talk to him. I'll introduce ya, ok? He's way cool. haha. And way tall. And smart, and stuff. haha.

And I agree. The algebra teacher has issues.

I really like how you explained the tardy thing. Its funny cause its true. An academic team shirt would ward him off too though! haha.

Thats weird that Hope isnt talking to you. I seriously think she has some serious issues.

well yeah, thats the end of my story. haha.


riss. said...

go post on your other blog.