Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Fact: Sitting on pointy things hurt

Fact: Trees are full of pointy things

Fact: Sitting in trees full of pointy things is a terrible, terrible thing to do on a wednesday night.

Every night I run up and down the stairs at least 5 times. I am the most inefficient person alive when it comes to getting ready for school, or getting ready for bed. I just suck at it. I could be ready for school in 20 minutes if I just went about things efficiently. Instead, It takes me forever. Not because I'm one of those "Spend a long time getting ready" for stuff kinda people, but just because I suck at it.

The stairs become my friend. It's very rare that I ever walk up the stairs. I always run up them. It's faster that way, makes me feel cooler, and it's just a better experience all around. For some reason, late at night, when everybody else is getting ready for bed, I'm pretty sure I can fly up the staircase without touching any stairs. Just like, jump at the bottom of the stairs, put one hand forward like superman, and fly up them. I'm not sure wehre this feeling comes from, but one day I'm gonna do it. Hmm, no clue. It'll be fun when it works though. I haven't worked up the courage to actually jump and try it. It's sorta risky. if it doesn't work, I'm definitely gonna make alot of noise, and even more pain. So, it's a gamble, but one of these nights when I'm feeling risky, I'm gonna fly up those stairs.

Oh man, sad story of the day. So, this week I was super excited, cause we were gonna play frisbee this friday. Friday was supposed to be pretty nice weather, a bunch of old folks were gonna be in town, and it was gonna be spring break, you couldn't argue with that. I told everybody at school, and there was a whole lot of people saying "Yeah, I'll be there." I was pretty pumped.

Well, come to find out, the old folks scheduled frisbee for saturday, and not friday. That's definitely not even the right day. That'd be fine and dandy, but saturday is the region dance. I'm torn between two of my favorite things. Frisbee offers physical exertion, sweat, glory, triumph, and honor. Region dance offers girls, and sweat.

So, I think I'll probably end up going to the dance, but if it tanks I'm gonna be flying to that field as fast as I can. There's something about it, you just can't turn it down.

Has anybody else noticed that I just write forever? These things are so long, I can't believe anyone reads them. I go to bed every night feeling crappy because I monopolized so much of you nice peoples' time. Anyways, I'm done for tonight mostly, but I wrote some junk yesterday that I'm gonna toss in with this. I wrote it last night, but didn't post it because I didn't want to overload everybody on posts. So, yeah, here's my shoutout from tuesday night. Go team.

~So, I'm listening to some groovy music right now. I've got Coldplay, Counting Crows, and They Might Be Giants all in one fun playlist. It's sorta crazy, but I'm liking the feel of the mix.

Well, happy tuesday everybody. Today was actually a really good day, but it had its crappy parts. The physics test was this morning, and that was just super easy. C'mon, it's physics. I love physics, it makes so much sense. There are genuine laws that everything operates within unless it's moving really really fast. Since not too many things move that fast, we can use these fun laws to figure stuff out. The great thing about physics is that it's proven. Repeatably, you can figure it out, and it will pan out in the laboratory. This isn't crap that you can't measure accurately. This isn't crap that "ought to turn out like this, but never does unless you've got that special gray labcoat on that I keep locked up on." Physics works. Chemistry doesn't. Chemisty is a bunch of ancient french people trying to make up rules that govern particles that they cannot see, and never will see. To this day we don't see stuff, we just assume it ought to act like this, and it generally does. It's all a bunch of shaky science that keeps getting proved wrong. I'll stick to newton you stupid frenchies.

Anyways, the test wasn't too bad, I got 100, so that's pretty cool. Are you the guy that hit me in the eye?

So, band was 50% great, 50% terrible terrible terrible today. See, in jazz two, I was grooving out like a madman. I was hitting stuff pretty decent, and playing good. It was fun, I enjoyed it. We sounded pretty good, and it was just like "Shabam, look at us go." Then, jazz one comes in, and we transform and start working on concert band crap. I suck with a fiery passion at concert band stuff. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the fact that it's not easy. It's like, different. Trombones don't do cool stuff, we do crappy crap in the background that's crap. In Jazz, we generally do cool stuff in the background. Oh no, this is crappy stuff in the background. Not only that, but alot of it is too low for me and my trombone to hit. When I say that, I don't mean it like "Oh man, I can't hit that note, I need more mad skills," I mean, "Oh man, in order to hit that note my slide needs to be 5 inches longer." Since I'm playing 3rd trombone, and since my ebay pony doesn't have a trigger, I couldn't hit some of the notes. So, I'm sitting here, thinking "Ok, I'll just pretend they're rests, and play the rest!" Sounds great.

The problem with that situation is that I can't play things when they're written normally. When you start making me make my brain change the way I see things, then hop in, it's even harder. When you remember that I'm playing way below the ledger lines, and that I suck even harder than usual down there, bad things start to happen. I was just getting owned. Ridiculously hard.

So basically, it was a traumatic experience.

Then, lunch wasn't halo. Every gold day me, jason, and robert go to robert's house to play halo. We don't do this because we're halo junkies, we do this because we don't have anything better to do. So, we go to 2nd lunch today for various reasons, and that wasn't super cool. Since I never go, I don't have many friends in the lunch. So I sit there with a couple friends and alot of people I don't know, and then I wander around with Jason. Yeah, not very cool, and I feel lame. The highlight of the day was when Jason got two cookies.

So, get to english, and I'm just frustrated, a little irritated, and feeling very much "Ughhhhh..." (that's in levi's voice by the way...) So, all of English bites, but that's ok, I survive somehow without destroying anybody. That was good.

And then we go to the track meet, and I'm all mad still. I don't wanna run, and I'm not nice to anyone. At this point, endorphins start to kick in. I have no idea when it happened, but I got distracted, and then endorphins started pumping, and I'm still smiling.

That's why running is so cool. Because really, I was having a crappy day, for no real reason, I was just feeling like poop. And here I am now, feeling like the day was a great success. I blame the endorphins, the happy weather, and the 3200.

That's right, i got 6th place in the 3200. Now, that's not really a great place. The 3200 isn't run by all that many people, but I still feel pretty good about it. That means only 5 people beat me. One of them was clements, and there's no shame in that one. I figure the other 4 people deserve it. I was really happy with how I ran though. I know I could have pushed a little bit harder coming into those last 3 laps, but it was still cool. I felt pretty good, and passed a bunch of people. It was a good feeling to finally be competing instead of just surviving.

However, let's not get the idea that the track meet was all bunny rabbits and rainbows. Since it was at Taylorsville, we needed people to run the timing stuff. It's a pretty cool device they've got. It's this little tri-corder looking deal with 8 inputs for phone jacks. We had 8 cool buttons, each with a phone line running out of it, and into the little dealio. They were numbered one through eight. So, if you're holding button number 5, as soon as the person in lane 5 gets his or her chest over the finish line, you press the button. The time starts as soon as anyone pushes the button, so as long as someone starts the race when the gun gets fired, your timing works out great, it was cool.

So anyways, we're over there chilling out, because there's one more heat of the 200 or something like that, and I'm over by the finish line, where the mile starts. I'm looking over at the start zone for the 200, at the opposite corner. So, just to give you this picture, I'm looking across the field diagonally. From the South West corner of the field to the North East corner.

Since it's a track meet, we've always got the field events going on. People are shotputting, javelin-ing, and discus-ing constantly. You're not supposed to walk in the field when they're doing this. if you've gotta be in the field, you're supposed to avoid the big painted off areas.

Well, I don't know how or why it happened, but some girl was walking across the field through the javelin zone. From what we can guess, she was coming from the 200 start zone, maybe after holding the blocks for someone. We're not sure, but either way, as I was looking out across the field, I saw her walk out, and then I saw a javelin fly through the air, hit her leg, wobble up and down twice, then fall out.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with all this track lingo... A javelin is pretty much a spear you throw. It's long, weighted, and very pointy. It's got a metal tip. The object of the game is to run up and chuck this spear as far as you can. The catch is, the throw only counts if it sticks in the ground. So, you've got to throw it up there with enough height to go far, but enough arc to make it land front end down.

So, here's this jav, thrown by someone trying to win, and the pointy end sure sinks into this girls thigh. The front part, it goes in, and the tip comes out 2 or 3 inches over. It bounced, then fell out.

I was the only one over by the timing table that saw it, it was just crazy. For a couple seconds nothing happened, and then she sorta wobbled a bit, and some coach ran up, helped her walk off the jav sector, then had her lay down. Around this point, people started figuring out what had happened. EMT Trevor ran down there with his cool bag, and Jessica's mom went down there cause she's a nurse. Some guy came running and told Molen to call the paramedics.

So, long story short, she's ok. She didn't even get carried off in the ambulance, her mom showed up and took her to the hospital. It was a really terrible thing that happened to her, but it's amazingly lucky at the same time.

That jav hit the perfect spot. Your thighs are big bricks of muscle. Had it landed a foot higher, she would have punctured organs for sure. A few inches lower than it hit, and she'd have a broken kneecap. A few lower than that, some torn up calves. In all reality, if you're gonna get hit by a jav, you want to do it the way that she did it.

So, yeah, pretty insane stuff. Track meets are vicious.

And that's the story of the day. It's 11:05, and I'm going to bed early. have a good night all y'alls.~

Ok, now it's 12:14, and wednesday again. Wasn't that fun? Yay for time travel. Everybody say "How fun"


You all suck at saying "how fun"

Well, that's it. It's now 12:15. Dangit. That means it's thursday. It's not even wednesday. So, this blog is about 3 days long. Definitely bed time. G'night y'alls, I wish you the best.

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