Friday, April 07, 2006

There goes that plan

Don't worry, it's 11:32. My plan was to be in bed around 9:00. Oh well.

See, there's a reason I'm up so late. Today I got home from school, and I was super super pumped. The weather was amazing, track had been a good workout, and I was ready to get to work. So, get to work I did. I went outside, and I'm like "That's it, I'm gonna get the garden ready." So I put some shorts on, grab a shovel and some gloves, and go to work. I totally owned those weeds.

This next summer I really wanna work on that fun garden. We used to always have pretty good ones, but in the past couple years we haven't had anything super great. I'm pretty interested in the whole "growing stuff" idea, so I'm gonna try it. Who knows, might be good for me. Everybody loves tomatoes though.

So anyways, back to the logan story. So I go outside, garden, and then I'm like, booyah, I'm gonna pick up all the sticks that fell off the tree during the wind. Now, you've got to understand, out in my front yard is some mammoth globe willow. It's ridiculously huge. Every time there is a wind storm, or snow storm, or perhaps a windy snow storm, branches are everywhere. No kidding, they're all over the place. I get the feeling that none of you are grasping how many sticks there really are. Cause wow, there's alot of them.

Anywhom, so I go around and start picking up sticks. And I do that for a while, and I get alot done, the yard looks nice. On my 3rd or 4th trip back from the stick pile, I'm walking along, and I notice a duct tape object nearly grown over by grass.

This is weird, cause usually there aren't duct tape objects nearly grown over by grass in my yard.

So, I pick it up, and investigate. Come to find out, it's kyle's long last wallet from last year. That night we played frisbee in the backyard and everybody started tackling me and kyle was the night he lost it. We spent quite a while looking for it the next couple days after that, but couldn't find it. I figured it was gone forever, and I totally forgot about it. But wow, what a pleasant surprise.

There's a really cool property that duct-tape displays, it's known in the scientific community as "Indestructibalityness" and it basically means that you can't create or destroy duct-tape, it can only be changed. Kyle had 22 dollars in his wallet when he lost it. It was left outside in my yard all summer long, under rain, snow, heat, and the occaisional Zebra attack.

Of the 22 dollars inside, 21 of them were salvagable. Kyle made 21 dollars today. Good work duct-tape!

So, back to my logan story....

So, I'm sitting here picking up sticks, and mom is like "Dinner time!" and I'm like "Oh my gosh, score!" So I totally go inside, after taking off my shoes which are still muddy from weeding, and I'm like "Oh my gosh, food." and mom is like "Oh my gosh, you did yard work, this is so cool!" and I'm like "Oh my gosh, my bloodsugar is like, 112, that's so good!" and she's like "Oh my gosh, good job." and then, dad's like "Oh my gosh, we've got to go pick up Andrew in logan. As well, Oh my gosh, you need practice hours for drivers ed. Therefore, oh my gosh, you are going to drive to logan." and I'm like "Oh my gosh, Logan, that's forever away, but ok."

At about this point, we stopped talking like a bunch of 6th grade girls, and proceeded to drive to logan. Driving is sorta fun, but only for the first 10 minutes of it. After which point, you realize that there is 80 minutes left until you get there, and then 90 minutes till you get home. Then you realize how much your butt starts hurting after sitting there forever.

Long story short. My butt still hurts, and I'm up late.

So, on to the important stuff. Quickly now, but I'm gonna talk about what I wanted to talk about yesterday. Ready, go.

The Train Horror

Very few things in this world scare me really bad. Like, some things startle me, but never plain out scare me. I'm usually pretty cool with everything, I don't freak out about dumb stuff. So, we're in drivers' ed the other day, and mr. railroad man comes in to talk to us about trains. He showed us some videos, and talked about stuff. Yeah, I am not officially afraid of trains.

As we were sitting there in class, watching car after car after car get obliterated by trains, I just thought to myself, "You are going to die a terribly painful death at the hands of a train." It wasn't one of those happy jokes, it was one of those "You're going to die." moments. I was honestly scared, my heart started pumping harder and everything. Sorta funny looking back on it, but yeah, nobody likes trains....

The Cheese Horror

Went to the Region Band festival yesterday, that was cool. I left before I could have dinner though, so when I got back home I was super super hungry. From the looks of the table as I walked in, we had has some sort of crazy taco situation. We had the tortillas on the table, and some cheese in a bowl and some other stuff. So, I walk in, and my natural reaction to cheese on the table is to grab some and eat it. That's just what you do, cheese is great. Whenever there's grated cheese on the table, you've got to take a pinch. It's just common curtesy.

So, there's this bowl of what appears to be mozarella cheese sitting there on the table. I walk up, grab a pinch, and throw it in my mouth. At first it tastes a little funny, and I'm like "Oh man, this is definitely some weird cheese..." After a couple seconds, it started to taste really different, and really bad. It was unlike any mozarella cheese I had ever had. So, I decide that I'm gonna be a man and stick it out, even though it was terrible.

So, I chew it, then swallow the nasty stuff. It was gross, I'm not gonna lie to you. A couple seconds later, my mom tells my dad not to eat that cheese, cause it's rotten.

Yeah, thanks for that bit of info mom.

Just kidding, my mom's amazing. But anyways, who knew that chhese could go rotten? I had no idea, but wow, that stuff was gross. It's got a taste unlike anything you've really ever had before, it's all... gross. Not like really repulsive tasting, but it just gets into you and it's terrible. Anyways, moral of the story is, Don't eat shady looking cheese. For all I know that stuff was Orange when we bought it, but it was sure white when I put it in my mouth. Ewwwww.

The TV Horror

Last night, I was up till 12, watching "mr. mom". Don't ask why I did it. I wanted to go to bed early. It was on TV, and somehow I started watching it, and for some reason couldn't stop. It wasn't even a good movie. It was some crazy madness from the 80's. I wasted 2 hours of my life in front of the TV, for no real reason. What's the deal there?

3 step

3 step is the best night of the year. It is loved by all. It's better than Christmas.

3 step is the crazy sport invented by one of the brightest minds the cimarron ward has ever seen. Basically, you go into the gym with the rival ward, turn off all the lights but the ones on the stage, set up a bunch of tables on their sides on either side of the gym, and then proceed to play dodgeball against the bad guys.

wow, it is amazing. The competition is fiercer than any I have ever been in in my life, except maybe that one frisbee game that tied at 21. So anyways, it fierce, and sweaty, and you get to throw things. wow.

The real deal about 3 step though, is that it's a big test. Out there in the field, it's all about winning. All semblance of good sportsmanship leaves you. All you want to do is win, and take that glory for yourself and for the team. You're not worried about whether that kid that just got nailed in the face is breathing or not, you're just happy he got hit. Out there, it's not about having a good time, it's about winning.

That's what makes 3 step so tough. You're standing there in the dark, and your little toe gets brushed by a dodgeball. You are out, but every single greedy nerve in your body tells you that nobody saw it, and that you should stay in.

There's more cheating in 3-step than any other sport I've ever seen. It's rampant, it's ridiculous. You pelt a kid in the chest, and he stays in. You saw it hit him, it knocked his glasses off, and he stayed in. You don't know what's going on, it's tough.

But at the same time, you can sympathize with them. You know why they stayed in, because you felt the primal urge to lie about it last time you got hit too. You know the feeling.

3 step seperates the boys from the men. Not because the men can hit the little boys really hard with dodgeballs, but beacuse the mean can take a hit, and then walk off the court. The boys, well, they can't. It's a test of strength, but not the throwing kind, the "I'm gonna do the right thing" kind.

I love 3 step.

well, social experiment and the future have to wait till later till they get to be written about, I've got some important news.

First off, me and peter's ultimate plan DID work. Take that nick. You left a comment saying that we were slackers and hadn't done anything. Bull.

This image was previously classified, but I got special permission from the government to put it on the internet, because we all know the enemies of liberty don't read my blog, so they'll never see it coming.

You ask yourself, "Is that Chris with a sword?!"

No, that's Super Saiyan 18 Chris, with a freakin' awesome sword!

Enemies of Justice and Truth beware, super Saiyan 18 Chris is coming for you, with his samurai sword of ownage. Ph34r my l33t 5aiyan 5killz.


Ok, now here's the part I'm really excited about. Starting next post, I'm gonna start putting in "picture of the week"s, and "Quote of the week"s. This means that every post there's gonna be a quality picture, AND a quality quote.

So, come see them, it'll be good.

Also, I'm starting a new contest. See, last time I wanted you all to do something cool for the blog, all I got were a bunch of questions about who I liked. Well, no more. Starting today, the Christopher Thatcher MS Paint Competition of Death!

Basically, you all are required to make a picture in MS paint. I know you all have it, don't try and lie to me. It's a competition. Email me your very best MS Paint productions, and I will slap every one of them up here. My email is CJThatcher At Gmail dot Com. So, put symbols in where they're needed. I think you all know what the deal is. The winner gets a poem written just for them by me, it'll be pretty good.

So, c'mon all. Send me paint drawings. I'll put a bunch of mine up here too, as soon as I make them.

Ok, for reals guys, it's 12:30, and I've got the ACT tomorrow. I should have been in bed 4 hours ago. So, wish me luck, paint some MS paint stuff for me, and watch out bad guys, cause I've got a sword.

Christopher Thatcher -out-


Anonymous said...

that sounds like a full day! Good Luck on your ACTs. You will do fantastically well so don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty hot picture!!

What is MS painting?