Thursday, October 18, 2007


Todays post is brought to you by the letter "I am having trouble starting my veteran essay."

And I still don't know the rules about those quotation marks and the period. I'm gonna have to learn that before the ACT...

So, I just spent an hour and a half playing Oregon Trail. There was some emulator online. Yeah, I made it to Oregon. The first time that's ever happened. I'm a champion.

Now I have to write that essay. Hmm...

The good news is that I'm up to 40 words. 260 left.

86 words! Ah snap!

149! That's half way!

204. 30 dollars here I don't come.

I erased some, then did more. 260.

317! and not done yet! Oh snap.

380, easy easy.

404, finished.


Nathan said...

You go! The Pacific Northwest won't know what hit it.

Anonymous said...

Quotations punctuation rules
(learned this in english class yesterday)

Don't think "does it go inside or outside," think "before or after."

Periods and commas always come BEFORE the quotation mark

He said "I like pie."

With question marks, it depends.

Did he just say "I like pie"?

He said "do you like pie?"

and when its confusing like this..

Did he say "do you like pie"?

I think that about covers it...

Pretty cool, huh?