Thursday, November 29, 2007

Powerslide (Kudos!)

So, Nate liked my pokemon reference, and he told me so in the comments. I also earned a cookie the other day for identifying a simpson's quote that he posted.

I'm starting to think it'd be cool if we created a Taylorsville-Alliance-Approved kudos system. So instead of Nate awarding me a digital cookie to whoever nailed the quote, Nate would award one official "Kudos" or whatever we decide to call it.

Of course, we'd only award them for worthy things. No kudos for something square. We could even add a counter to our sidebars that shows how many kudos we've received.

What do you guys think? I think it'd be powerfully fun. We'd need a good name, and probably a good graphic to go with it. You guys in?


Nick said...

Kudos (unofficially) on a great idea. However, I'm afraid we'd end up horribly abusing this. I already feel inadequate as it is. And we'd need a system for giving other people Kudos, and for getting Kudos from everyone else--Kudos can't just rely on the Alliance, we need the Kudos from the average blog reader.

CJThatcher said...

There are a few mechanisms for the kudos program that I've thought could work, and they might address the issues you brought up.

I think it'd be cool to have guidelines for the kudos, and that getting kudos wouldn't necessarily be a super easy thing. We could set up standards, and have them posted somewhere. We could have one solid block of standards for getting kudos, and then have weekly or monthly or whatever-ly themed kudos. So, you can get kudos for doing something epic like usual, or, during a certain week, you could get kudos for making a reference to power-rangers in a post. Themed stuff like that, maybe. But standards, for sure.

I think I'd feel better about the system if the handing out of kudos lay within the hands of only a few. I think everybody ought to be able to say "That deserves a kudos, and here's why..." but I'd rather have some accountability in the kudos department. We don't want to saturate the market with a billion kudos.

I dunno if that makes any sense, but that's what I've been thinking. What do you think?

Nick said...

I guess you have a good point; Kudos would get abused if they weren't limited. But I think we should have registered, official Givers of Kudos, certified by the Alliance, to carry out our will pertaining to Kudos as if it were us. Of course, they'd have to be dedicated blog readers, but... there would only have to be a few of them to get it done. And we can certainly accept recommendations for Kudos from average readers and see if we think it's worthy or not.

Nathan said...

Count me in! This is the kind of idea we've been looking for to get the Alliance back on its feet. :-D

I agree that we need a system, and that the power should only be in the hands of only a few (even if they're not limited to the Allies). But we're already working that out, so I'm not worried about it. I'm most excited to see the sidebar counter.

Email conference?

Courtney said...

sounds fun to me. go for it, guys. :D