Sunday, December 02, 2007

What I Want to Be

I've always been fascinated with my own future. Recently, though, it's become much more of a concern to me. I've been thinking about it a lot. I'll admit, I fear I'm more worried about the financial aspect of it all than I should be. That stuff is very important, but I don't believe it's the most important. I've been trying to remedy that. I want to try something a little different tonight. It's been a while since I've made a list, and I think that that's just what's in order right now. What follows is an on-the-fly list of how I want to be when I grow up. We'll see how it goes.


  • I want to park my car really far away in parking lots. I'm very capable of walking, and I don't mind the cold. It's good exercise for me, and I can save the good spots for old ladies.
  • I want to run in the mornings or evenings. I want to hit Jordan Parkway or some equivalent until I'm back to being strong, then go trail running in the mountains. There's nothing better than a trail run during a summer morning.
  • I want to keep my email inbox clean, and respond to people in a super timely manner. I want to correspond with friends.
  • I want to drink 1 percent milk.
  • I want to carry a water bottle everywhere that I go. Kangen 9.5 baby
  • I want to be a real blogger. I want to keep this blog alive, but I want another one to run like a business. I'm not sure what I'll write about yet, but I'd love to do it.
  • I want to be one of those guys that trades work for work. "Yeah, I'll do your roof if you'll fix my car"
  • I want to be one of those guys that goes to the library. I want to use my tax dollars to the utmost.
  • I want to be trained in first aid and CPR to the max. I want to be confident in my abilities to respond when necessary.
  • I want to plant trees.
  • I want to have hazelnut bushes and fruit trees in my yard. I want to use that as often as possible. I want to bottle and I want to share.
  • I want to recycle.
  • I want to compost like there's no tomorrow. I'll have such a heap; it'll be a beautiful thing.
  • I want to ride my bike whenever possible. Bikes are good for me and the environment. I know that if I ride my bike, I'll be a happier person.
  • I want a tomato garden.
  • I want a green roof. You know, a garden on my roof. It'll be isolated and so serene.
  • I want to mow my lawn with a push-mower. I want a state-of-the-art manual mower. I love mowing the lawn.
  • I want to utilize google docs, google calendar, and all those other great and free google services.
  • I want to take full advantage of that which is free.
  • I want to donate money to Granite Districts Academic League fund. I want to make sure that nerd games never stop.
  • I want to go to community plays during the summer at outdoor amphitheaters. Same goes for concerts in parks.
  • I want to genuinely help people.
  • I want to go on my kids' field trips.
  • I want to be one of my kids' field trips.
  • I want to do 20 push ups every night.
  • I want solar panels on the roof (not in the garden). I want my house making money when no one is home.
  • I want to shave every day.
  • I want the doors and windows of my house open as often as possible. There's nothing better than fresh air.
  • I want to read books.
  • I want to do projects outside of work.
  • I want a strong extended family. My family now and the in-laws.
  • I want to surprise people with good things.
  • I want to have a piano in my house.
I'm confident that there's more. I will add to the list as life goes on. Kind of a fun list to do.

Those are all long term kinds of things. Maybe I'll do a short term one soon.

It's important to realize that the existence of this list doesn't really mean much of anything. It would be remarkable if I could pull all of that off. It would be remarkable if I could pull almost any of that list off. But hey, it's how I want to be, and it's my blog. Sue me.

There it is. What do you wanna be when you grow up?


Nick said...

Ooh, ooh, pick me! A musician.

But seriously, good list. I love lists. I made a list a lot like this, but a little more specific and a little less realistic. So yeah, good work. I do love a good list. Congratulations on the list. I wonder how many times I can say the word "list" in this post. List, list, list, list.


Courtney said...

hm.. i like your list. i want a list like that. maybe i'll make my own. i probably won't post it, but hey. :D it's mine, so there. ;)