Saturday, March 29, 2008

Live Blog: The Tournament

Editor's Note: I do remember last night. I am cognizant what happened. I remember what's important. This is me, and I'm doing my best to be the whole me. End note.

Greetings and Hayabasu, ladies and gentlemen. Happy Junior Jazz Tournament Day!

Game one: 9 AM, Union Middle
Vista (1 - 1) v. The Agitators (1 - 1)
Final Score: 25 - 52, Agitators.
Total Fans (non-familial): 2

I got to the game five minutes late, and walked in with the score 4-0, Agitators, beginning of the game. Kirt snagged three rebounds within 45 seconds, and I was certain he'd grab a triple double by the end of the game.

The first quarter was incredibly sluggish. It ended 4-2, us. Pope wasn't as ferocious or as accurate as usual. I came in for the last part of the first, and didn't pull much off. I got a bucket during the second, but nothing to brag about.

Quarters two and three progressed the exact same. Super slow, sloppy play. Lucky for us, the other guys were doing just as poorly. It looked like churchball, and not even good churchball. We had a good time, and we had our moments, but it was uninspired ball.

The fourth quarter came and we blew it wide open. We were up by six or something, and we just took it away to win by 27. I started detaching on every single play for the fast break, and I got at least three easy, uncontested layups out of it. Everybody else started getting the idea, and all the sudden we were in the middle of a good old clinic. Every single play, we'd push the defense, and if we didn't force a quick turnover, we'd force them into a shot they didn't want to take. One of our big guys would get the board and feed it down court to any of the three guys who were busting it down there. It was just a matter of pass pass pass and sweet layup. I had one sweet reverse, w00t.

Perhaps the crowning moment, for me, was on defense, fourth quarter. I was up on their point guard, he faked me one way, got me off balance, and went the other. He went straight up the key, but I was right behind him. He went up for the shot, and I got the sweetest, cleanest, best feeling block I've got in a long time. There's something extremely satisfying about blocking a man from behind.

Best part about the play? I did it again two minutes later. Different guy, same play. Oh how sweet it is.

Keys to success: We played terrible the first three quarters, but the fourth was amazing. Why was this? Because I put my headband on for the fourth, but not for the others. The headband won the game for us. And I took a charge, that was cool to. But it wasn't a key. It was just cool.

Outlook: We've got another game at noon, and they'll be 2-1, just like us. Alex is sitting in on their game right now, hopefully scoping out the bad guys. We play Team #1. They don't sound nearly as intimidating as The Agitators. They better bring their A game.

Cause boy oh boy, I ate my wheaties this morning. And boy, don't mess, 'cause I ate your wheaties too.

Game Two: 12 AM, Union Middle
Team #1 v The Agitators
36 - 42, Agitators
Total Fans: More than last time

We played a pretty good game, but not our best. We came out strong in the first, went 8-2 for the first little bit. I tossed a sweet alley-oop pass for Jay lay it in, it was smooth. I got one more block from behind a man (woot), and scored a few buckets.

Player of the game was definitely Kirt. This was a pretty big and physical team, and they had us outbodied more or less. Kirt was the man who stopped them inside. He was about their size, but he just outskilled them by far. He was ballin, it was a ton of fun.

Keys to succes: Kirt.

Outlook: Playing Larsen, who just beat the guys we lost to on Thursday night by about 20 points. They only have six guys though, so we ought to be able to run them.

Game Three: Union Middle School
Larsen v. The Agitators
Final Score: 58 - 54, Larsen
Total Fans: the most yet.

We lost this game. We really could have won it, but we played pretty well and they came up with the win. So we go home from the tournament. Boo.

I had a few sweet sweet blocks in this game, and that felt good. I made some nice buckets, and picked up some good fouls. I made a few good plays, so I'm pretty happy with my performance out there.

Keys to success (for the other guys): They had two real players. But boy, they were good players. We had a hard time shutting them down. Other than that though, we really played pretty well.

All in all, super fun tournament. Great team to play with, we had a good time. I'd do it again if I could. Hope you all have a good day.

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