Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have a rocky relationship with late nights. What I mean to say by that is that except for one big thing, I love everything about late nights.

I could go on and on about how I love doing homework when all my roommates are asleep so the apartment is quiet and without distraction. I could talk about how I feel like I can focus like crazy at night time and get everything done. I could talk about how nobody ever schedules anything this late at night so there's no way I could ever be late to something. I could talk about how it offers me a chance to think and ponder and read and write without falling asleep (if I tried any of those things during the afternoon I'd be out cold in a heartbeat). I love late nights.

My one complaint, the whole reason this relationship is a little rocky, is how other people act late at night. Many individuals have commented that they laugh at things that aren't funny late at night. This is usually expressed as something like
"oh my gosh, I'm so tired, I can't stop laughing and it's not even that funny."
Here's the issue: there's nothing I love more than making people laugh. It's what I do when I'm with a group. Like anything, though, I draw energy from my audience. If I'm making jokes and people are laughing and having a good time, shoot, that's the best. I get on a roll and keep building on things and we have a great time. I feel like an all-star whenever that happens. It's rare, but boy howdy is it fun.

When it comes to late nights, most of my skills and abilities are sharpened. I feel like I think, focus, and do math better as the night progresses. I used to think that the same was true of my humor. People just laughed more the later it got.

It ends up that I'm not any funnier late at night.

People just laugh more because they're tired. That's all.

See, that's why me and late nights are in this situation right now. You know, the situation where we're in couple's therapy because we really need to "work some things out". I love late nights, but the fact that she gets my hopes up- making me think I'm the funniest guy in the apartment complex- and then shatters the illusion is really getting me down. I mean sure, I like making people laugh, but when they're not laughing because I'm funny, well, come on now, that's like beating little kids at basketball. You don't want the easy wins. You want the good ones! Let me beat someone at basketball that can tie their own shoes for once.

So that's my rocky relationship with late nights. I hope y'all are doing well. Peace out.

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