Friday, February 24, 2012

Facebook Lent

Happy Friday evening folks. I'm here to announce another fun decision. I've decided to go on an official Facebook fast until I finish my "Learn Java in 21 days" book. I'm currently on day 6, and I'm hoping that this will give me some motivation to finish it.

I programmed a sweet solver to the Frobenius number problem yesterday. It's not the most efficient algorithm ever, but I feel like it rocks. Coolest thing I've ever coded in Java, hands down.

School is going really well. My classes are awesome and I feel like I'm making progress with networking with professors and all that. I'm enjoying my job and moving forward with social life I suppose.

Anywhom, I hope all is well for y'all. Have a good evening. peace

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Jaron Frost said...

Hey, I'm learning Java at the moment, too. I definitely like Ruby better, but Java has some easy ways to get your stuff to work in windows and in browsers.

By the way, I've "tagged" you in my latest post. It's just one of those question-answering things, if that sounds like fun.