Sunday, February 09, 2020

Been a While Grat

It has been too long. I've been a bit lazy. I'm starting to feel the effects of not writing though. I always feel so much more whole when I'm writing and journaling. I'm not entirely sure why that is. It's like the reverse Tom Riddle dairy over here. My soul becomes more unified when I write. Please, don't stab my blog with a basilisk fang (I know you were considering it Sly Pig).

Grateful. Still a little irritated by how dang effective this exercise is. The results of explicitly celebrating the good things in my life have been very positive. Less depression, which leads to me being a better dad, husband, employee, etc.

Skipping this exercise for the last two weeks has contributed to more depression lately. Nothing terrible, but still worth noting. 

Let's get to it.

I'm grateful for discouraging meetings with my manager. We meet once a week unless I get lucky and dodge it. Invariably I leave the meeting very discouraged. I used to think that this meant my manager wasn't good. I'm learning now that discouragement is usually my response to failure or criticism. I'm starting to recognize the opportunities (and necessity) to improve. Specifically: my team lead is super organized. So organized. He's like a black market organ smuggling ring he's so organized. I keep disappointing him because I'm not. But this is an opportunity to learn! I need to become organized! And I wouldn't have this opportunity otherwise. So I'm grateful.

Very sleepy! 

But I've been kicking butt at work lately. I'm starting to work with my neighbors a lot more and I love that. I'm starting a book club with them this Tuesday. I don't care about the book, but I'm excited to get to know the coworkers better.

Must sleep. Will write tomorrow.

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Nathan said...

*puts down Basilisk fang*

Having made a few horcruxes myself, I know a red flag when I see one. But I'm glad journaling is working out for you; this is a good thing. :)

As always, your growth mindset is inspiring. I love your attitude about discouraging meetings. I wouldn't be surprised if your coworkers, and even your manager, are also seeing things in you that make them want to improve. We never truly know the impact we make. I think the book club is a great idea, though! Looking forward to hearing more about that.