Friday, February 21, 2020


Sometimes I feel like hot garbage. Honestly it's not infrequent. But even though I don't feel well I'm going to do this gratitude thing because I know it helps. Buckle up buttercup, we're doing this thing.

I'm grateful once again for diet coke. At this point it tastes good and is refreshing. Do I have a diet coke problem? Almost certainly. I still like it though :)

I'm thankful for Major's Burgers in Liberty Hill. Great food. Local place. Family owned and run. Such good food. Plus the wait in the drive thru is usually long enough to get a game of DotA Underlords in, which is fun.

We went on a hike today. We were safe and carrying my fat daughter didn't hurt my back as bad as last time. Progress!

K, going to bed. Thanks y'all. I hope you're doing super well. Gl hf and all that.

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