Saturday, June 03, 2006

New name, same great taste

Good evening and welcome to the post. It's 5:06, and I'm in my pajamas. Haven't showered for 2 days now. I do smell funny, but there's nobody around to complain. Score it.

I do have an excuse for the pajama thing. I've been planning on going running today, I just haven't gotten there yet. Nobody wants to get all prettied up and then go running, you'll sweat all over the place. Therefore, I'm still here, thinking I might go running once this is finished up. I sure hope so.

This week has been good, it's been a grand adventure really. School sorta just rolled over and died, and in it's place came Ultimate Frisbee on the seminary field. I played ultimate tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. Every school day was at least 25% frisbee, it was pretty awesome. It wasn't the best playing I've ever done, but I was having alot of fun. We had a ton of people show up, things are looking good for the empire next year.

Friday night was Brad Wither's final frisbee friday. Last summer we played frisbee every single friday night. Things sorta went on hiatus during the school year, but frisbee friday made a triumphant return once the college boys got out of school. Things have been great this past month or so. Frisbee every friday, without fail. You don't have to worry about what you're going to do friday night, you already know. It's a standing appointment, you've got a date with frisbee.

Well, Brad is going on a mission, he enters the MTC wednesday I believe. That means that last night would be his final frisbee friday. Now, alot of you don't know brad, but in his day he was even more into this whole frisbee bit than I am now. He carried a frisbee everywhere he went, he rallied people to come play, he was all over it. He's the frisbee champion of the world.

So, frisbee friday was set for Friday night, from 7 to 12. It was going to be an event to remember. It turned out super great, everybody showed up to pay their respects. At one point, we had 24 players, so we split into 2 seperate games again. It was some high quality frisbee. We ended up playing from about 7:45 to 12:45 AM. We had breaks of course, but we probably got in a good 4 hours of play time. It was so great. The weather turned out absolutely perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, no wind except for a slight breeze to keep us comfortable.

Halfway through the evening I busted out my trombone, and after Andrew called everyone to attention, we officially retired brad for two years by playing him some taps. It was pretty dramatic.

What are we going to do without brad to rally us all for frisbee friday? I don't know yet, but someone else will rise up. The old guard will remain for a couple more months before they all step out, one by one to go serve. What happens then? A new leader has got to show up. I sure hope it's me.

At least, that's my plan for now.

In other news, my amazing summer job, the great money-maker, the ultimate muscle-builder, the amazing humbler, has fallen through on me. We didn't get the job this year. I really was expecting to get it, and now I'm not sure what's going to happen. I am not sure whether I want to go find another job or not. Things are going to be busy with cross country this year, I don't want to risk that for a stupid job. Then again, money is a nice thing, and I'm not sure that I've got enough saved up to last through the long hard winter that is the school year. We'll have to see. If anybody knows anywhere that is hiring, let me know, I may or may not be interested.

Oh, before you all blow up my mailbox, I was joking with that whole "what a bunch of moochers" thing last time. I think girls are cool. so... don't kill me.

I definitely got the coolest cake ever yesterday. It's second only to the ninja turtle cake my mom made Andrew. But wow, it's got 12 layers, and it's a diabetic coma waiting to happen. Mm mm good.

Cross country workouts start monday morning at 7 O'clock. I'm so excited. It's going to be so great. If anybody is interested, just show up. We're gonna run, and then do some weights. I'm gonna be in such killer shape, you've got no idea. I'll be a raging machine.

Oh snap, I've got a date with Autumn someday soon. I'm supposed to plan something, but really, I got nothing. So I'm working on that. If anybody wants to do that whole group thing, leave a comment, it's gonna be good.

One day I'm going to be able to do a backflip on the trampoline. Right now I can't, and that makes me sad inside. A rather curious gentleman asked me to do a backflip yesterday, and I couldn't do it. I embarassed myself infront of two people I hold dear, Hope, and my random neighbor's friend I met yesterday. This will have to change.

This room definitely has a different writing style than the computer library did. I'm alot more conscious of what's going on on the monitor. Looking back it seems like it used to be some dream stage where I wrote but didn't know I was writing. These days it's forced, hmm.

You know what I admire? A good farmer's tan.

I'm really excited for this summer. I'm excited for everything. I don't know exactly how it's all going to work out, but I'm going to get my eagle soon. I'm really going to follow through with the frisbee empire next year. Mama withers is going to be our faculty sponsor or whatever, it's all lined up, it's going to be great.

Oh man, I can smell somebody's BBQ through the window. That's cruel. Birds have build a huge nest in our barbecue, and so we're a little torn between the prospect of killing birds, or not having any barbecue this whole summer. I mean really, who just builds a nest in my barbecue? That's not something you do.

I'm pretty sure there's something very upset that is growing out of my big toe. It's no fun.

I changed the title of the blog, I was getting tired of the old one. I actually made the old one when I was pretty angry at the world one day, so it didn't really portray what I wanted. I changed it, and now it doesn't make too much sense, except that I want to run 1000 miles in CC this year. The goal the team is giving us all is 750, but I've got to beat that. Just because.

Speaking of which, I'm out to go running. It's going to be good, I'm excited. it's nice weather out there. You should all go running too, and join the cross country team. Yeah, go for it.

So yeah, I'm out of here. Drop me a comment about that date thing if anybody is interested, it's going to be fun. Who wouldn't want to go on a date with me and autumn? Honestly.


riss. said...

I totally went running before you. hahahaha. I'm stoked for CC. I'm definitely not going to be a slacker. But i'm currently in really bad shape. I ran a solid 4.5 miles yesterday though. We took the car and figured out how far is was. But I went when it was hot today, and i couldn't stand more than three and a half. the end.

I definitely came out to play frisbee a few times, but I got intimidated. Cause I'm not good. And I was the only person not picked for a team, cause there was an odd number. So I never actually played. It was sad.

I definitely have a job that will change my ethnicity this summer. I shall be mexican. I'm a lifeguard. And I have another job lined up. Its going to be amazing. Making money and running. Best summer ever.

I'm definitely interested in that date thing. But you're going to have to find me a boy to go with. Do that, and I'm game!

and that apology was crap. "I thikn girls are cool..." I don't know if I beleive you any more. sheesh.

so, to review:
I'm not going to be a slacker this time. I'm going to hit 750.

I'm going to join the frisbee empire. no joke. I'll walk all my talk this year.

any girl could kick your butt. Get it straight.

Dates are fun.

My comments are as long as the blogs themselves.

Nick said...



has a date....


With Autumn?!!1?!/!


Seriously, what?!


Well, okay.

I'm game.

Like Marissa said, only reversed; find me a girl, and I'm game.

Anyway, Frisbee=amazing.

Brad Withers=best frisbee guy I've ever seen.

Me=super sucky at Frisbee ;)


A date?!

Who just does that?!

Okay, I'm over it.

Okay, I'm not.


Anyway, frisbee empire next year.

I'm definitely in.

I'm thinking I like disjointedness.

It's awesome.

Ph34r m3



Jaron Frost said...

Speaking of dates... why have I not been on one yet? Probably cuz of the whole car and/or money issue, dangit. Well, I guess I have enough money for one, but transportation is a problem. I guess my mom could drive us... but that's so RM. ^__^ Out of curiousity, how are you getting around, Thatcher?

Anonymous said...

Haha! Thatcher has a date! Super cool!! And I am allowed to tease him, cuz he teased me. Yay.

I'm game. Who am I going with?

Jaron, you have too been on a date! Spontaneous!!

Jaron Frost said...

Oh yeah. Haha. For some reason that didn't cross my mind. ^__^