Wednesday, June 14, 2006


It's coming.

So, this one's going to be quick, it's 12:50, and I gotta go running in 6 hours and 10 minutes. I haven't been seriously running for 8 days now, and that's really been lame. I feel like it's been weeks, and like I'm getting all weak and atrophy and whatever. It's not even good, but tomorrow ought to be great. I'm going to go out there and do good. I bailed out running monday morning because I felt sick,but it was really because of my throat. Since I've been home from PLC, my throat has been hurting like mad. It's not like the strep throat sort of hurting, this is more mechanical. It's really hard to explain, because it's not a sharp pain, but swallowing really hurts. I hate swallowing, so I'm all dehydrated these days, and not very hungry.

Oh well, it'll heal. My working theory is that I burnt it to oblivion on the raging hot chocolate of death that they gave us up at PLC. It was raining and hailing and terribly cold, so they were always serving up some grade A hot chocolate from the mess hall. That was great, and after the first day your whole mouth was burnt, so you didn't mind how hot it was. Well, apparently your throat minds the week after. It's bad news, but it might get better soon. I sure hope so, it hurts.

Yay, my brother is back from New Jersey! Hooray. He's a stallion, and it's great to have him back. I'll see if I can get some pictures up soon. If everything works out, he's gonna come play frisbee friday, so it'll be pimp. Tip top.

I really do need a job. I spent a ton of time today playing warcraft, it was bad news. I spent more time today playing than I have in ages. Goodbye productivity.

Oh snap! is tomorrow flag day?! That means I have to put up flags. Bad news! Terrible news in fact. Because everybody that's usually in charge is out of town. My dad was supposed to be in charge, but I guarantee he forgot. It's 1 in the morning, I can't call everybody to remind them now. Pops is asleep. I'll have to wake him up at 6, get my flags done, then go run. Dangit, that bites. poop.

Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. We signed up for it I guess.

So, what else? I'm using the Windows Vista Beta. Despite Nick's scathing review without ever having used the product, I really do like it. It definitely runs slower on my machine, but that's just because it's higher end. Graphically it's pretty sweet, and it's got some cool functionalities that I like. It's got a few quirks that are obnoxious, but you can turn all of those off. Overall I've been impressed with the quality. The general flashiness of it reminds you a little of a mac, but that's basically the only similiarity. You can do the whole desktop gadgets *cough widgets cough* thing, but I just turned those off. I like it, I haven't gotten down to doing too much business with it, but what I've done so far is nice. So hey, give me a free operating system for a year, and I'll take it.

Frisbee on friday. Anyone within earshot is invited. It's going to be amazing. Hopefully I'll get some pictures and throw them up. I need a camera. I'm inheriting a nice digital video camera in a month or so, but I still want a regular one. It's gonna be pimp though, good times.

The whole, frisbee empire plan is still proceeding great. We're going to have alot of fun. My frisbees should arrive next week or something. I'm gonna start planning out lessons or something. We're going to get a ton of people trained to be elite frisbee ninjas, so everybody will have a chance to enjoy the greatness. When we start next year, we're not going to be looking for people with skills already. I've found that very few people really start out with frisbee skills. Some do, but that's rare. It's usually just a bunch of athletic skill that can carry over to frisbee. I learned all the stuff I know from the cool DVD's that they include with the frisbees. I have no idea how anyone learned to forehand without them.

That's what I'm here for though. To take a bunch of country bumpkins that want to play frisbee, and teach them to forehand. Then we'll have a bunch of ninjas to play frisbee with every friday night. And, ya know, if a tournament rolls around, we can hop in and kick some butt. Or, if some other schools have clubs, we can have a little bit of fun there too. Either way, it's going to be good. It's going to be a good organization, if everything goes according to plan.

As a whole, life is pretty good. Once I start running, life is going to be even better. Once friday rolls along and I get to play frisbee again, life is going to be nearly perfect. See, I'm an easy guy to please. Everybody these days thinks they need a girlfriend. They write songs about girls, they write long posts about love, they increase their baking skills to woo the ladies. Ya know, if a lady happens to fall into my life, whoohoo. But really, give me 13 other people who know how to throw a frisbee, a good field, and a calm summer evening, and I'll be happy. I don't need the drama, I don't need somebody to tell me that I'm a studmuffin. I just need that filling power of gyroscopic intertia to keep me going.

And now it's time for me to write my obligatory post about love. Everybody's doing it.

What is love? Love is second to frisbee.

Dang straight, g'night all. Remember to put your flags up. And come to frisbee on Friday. And find me a job. Score.


Anonymous said...

Your post on love is superior to anything I've read so far. ;) :D
It's cool that you're brother is back! I just got back from doing flags about an hour ago...yes, the girls in my ward do flags. We take turns with the boys, since flags also pay for our camps. Hooray.

Nick said...

You're right, it was scathing, and you're right, I never have used the product before. I'm just a dirtbag.

No frisbee for me the next couple of weeks. Maybe the 30th, we'll see how it goes.

New video camera = movie project's a go... right?

Oh, wrong. 'Cause apparently Frisbee is better than my idea. Fine, whatever. It's not like I have feelings or anything.