Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Ah, good times. It's been what, 3 weeks or summer? Still no job. I'm honestly ready to consign myself to my fate and go work for harmons. Yay for 5.25 an hour. So, we'll see what happens. Still waiting for someone to come knock and my door and tell me they want to pay me to sleep and play frisbee.

But things have been going good. Aside from not accomplishing anything, I've been having fun. We ran 9 miles the other day for cross country. That was insane, but I enjoyed it. It was sorta hard, because I don't think the whole team was ready for it, but we did alright. I didn't really run tonight, but I got a tiny bit in playing some capture the flag. What can I say, I'm a slacker.

I've determined that I need to carry a purse, or maybe a fanny pack. Every time I go outside I say to myself, "Dangit, I should have brought my frisbee." or maybe, "Dangit, I should have brought my spikes." I always need something that I don't have. That's it. I'm carrying a purse.

I've discovered something that I think is very clever. Eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag is a very enjoyable and economical way to eat chocolate. You've got to get the semi-sweet milk chocolate ones, but if you can handle that you're set. Hear me out here.

First off, a bag of chocolate chips is pretty cheap at maceys. You've gotta get maceys brand, but they're good. Then, you've got a huge amount of chocolate that you can share with as many people as you'd like, or eat all to yourself. It tastes just like a hersheys bar, but there's more of it, and it's cheap. Per ounce of chocolate, it's a killer deal. That's what I'm gonna do from now on. Walk around with a bag of chocolate chips. I'm thrifty, who needs candy bars.

My awesome box of 10 frisbees should get here friday. Really slow shipping, but that's alright, it's gonna be worth it. 10 frisbees. Who do you know that owns 10 frisbees? Nobody, nobody except me.

You know, I miss mystery blank. I'm not even sure who it was, where they were from. I don't know if it was a guy or a girl. But for some reason they stopped leaving cool comments. Where'd they go? I really hope it was a girl, that'd be a lot cooler than having a guy leaving me cool comments saying that I make them smile. But oh well, I was making somebody smile, and now they've left. Where oh where did you go mystery blank? I miss my mystery blank.

I've discovered something about myself in the past few months. I really love thinking of ideas and stuff, but I don't really like the execution. for example, Stephanie wants me and Andrew to build her a reading loft for her classroom. It's going to be this two leveled reading paradise for her kindergartners. It's going to be really pimp, I'm excited. Me and Andrew are both really nerdy, so we thought of all sorts of cool ways to maximize support and all this other junk. We had a blast planning it, there's something about that that just appeals to my brain.

So, we have this awesome plan. We've got to build it later. That's a bummer.

Is anybody else like that? I love the nerdy problems that I've got to solve. I want to build all sorts of awesome stuff, but I don't really wanna do it. I just wanna dream about it. It's easier that way, and I can stay in my comfy chair.

What's the deal with frisbee anyways? I'm torn. half of me wants to get everybody to show up, so we can teach everybody how to play and have a fun social event. The other half of me wants 16 people there. 7 on 7, with one sub on each team. That half wants a real tough game, evenly matched, fight to the death. The fluffy side of me wants a bunch of people sitting on the hill watching, people tossing a frisbee on the spare field, and a more relaxed game. I don't know who to be loyal to. The intense game is more fun for me, that's for sure, but that doesn't exactly promote my frisbee agenda. How can I expect to have everybody playing frisbee if only 16 people know how to play? So what should I do? I'm not sure yet. I don't even know if we're playing frisbee this Friday. Last time was sorta bunk. It's not the same without Brad. I played like trash, and we had way too many people. I don't know. Once school starts, it's going to be better though. We're gonna have clinics, teach everybody to play. We're gonna teach the classic, the forehand, and maybe even a little hammer. We're going to mold a whole new generation of frisbee studs. We're gonna run a mile before every clinic, it's going to be amazing. In my head, this looks like it makes so much sense. Everybody's gonna be fiercely loyal to the club. It's gonna be like a dream, 20 or so people in gym shorts, listening to what I tell them to do. People mastering the forehand left and right, people using the pancake approach instead of the football approach. People finding true joy and health through frisbee and that mile I make them run.

The truth is, it can't end up that awesome. But hey, maybe we'll come close. I could do a clinic every gold day after school. We just need people to be interested. I can teach frisbee, I've done it before. We've got materials, we've got enough frisbees. We could pull it off, we just need the loyal support.

In related news, Steph said that I could come to her class one day next year and teach her kids some frisbee skills for PE. It's going to be awesome, a bunch of kindergartners trying to forearm. Score it!

I feel old. I don't like loud music. I always listen to my music real quiet. Maybe it's so I don't bother people, maybe loud music just makes me uncomfortable. I like quiet music, what can I say. I do like music though, it's got crazy skills that I don't.

Whoohoo, I found my digimon cards from years past. They remind me of good times back in the day. Say what you want, that was a cool show. It owned pokemon. It was interesting, and had alot of cool elements. Ah, good times back in the day, with my cousin scott before he went crazy. We'd get together to watch it, and if we missed it we'd be sure to have it taped. It was professional, good show.

My predictions for the NBA finals: The Heat are going to win game 6 in overtime, taking the championship. Take that Mavericks.

Hmm, time for an interesting segment. Where my loyalties lie:

As per internet giants: Google over Yahoo/microsoft/everyone
As per high schools: T-ville over Murray
As per Junior High: Eisenhower over all
As per Elementary: Plymouth over Calvin Smith
As per Burger: Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and/or Carls Junior Famous Star Burger
As per track events: Mile, 2 mile, 4x4 over sprints
As per foreign allies: Great Britain over Canada
As per old school monsters: Digimon over pokemon
As per vehicls: Saturn Ion, I dunno why. Don't even know that it's a saturn. But I saw a green one today, it was pimp.
As per Anti-Virus: PC-cillin. But basically anything other than Norton. Down with Norton.
As per web browser: Firefox over IE, for sure.
As per states: Utah over Idaho
As per stores: Walmart over all
As per Athletic Brands: Venezuelan NikeAdidas over all
As per processors: AMD over Intel
As per Network: Wired over Wireless
As per sports: Frisbee over basketball over raquetball over soccer over football over baseball. Boo baseball.
As per game developers: Blizzard over Westwood. (Oldschool, but hey)
As per consoles: Xbox over cube over ps2
As per Next Gen: who knows, except that PS3 under all.
As per Windows: Vista over XP
As per Operating Systems: Windows over Linux over Mac. Boo mac.
As per Bands: BNL/Coldplay/Old stuff over all
As per email: Gmail over all. Boo hotmail.
As per twins: James over Levi.
As per music: Junior Choir over Jazz Band
As per TV: Old school simpsons over New school Simpsons
haha, just kidding Levi, you're both cool.
As per Insulin: Novolog over Humalog
As per Insulin 2: Lantus over all
As per Toothbrush: OralB crossaction Plus
As per cheese: String cheese and mild cheddar
As per bread: Grandma Sycamore's white bread. Followed closely by Grandma S sunflower stuf
As per online computer parts: Newegg.com
As per movies: X-men 3/Cars over the rest
As per school stuff: Whiteboard over Chalkboard
As per office suites: Open office over Microsoft Office
As per Xbox controllers: S over Fatty
As per Mad action: DDR over Guitar Hero
As per running: Track over Cross Country
As per school people: Mama Withers owns all.
As per Nasa: Yes. Go to the moon.
As per file sharing: Boo. You're not a haxxor cause you've got limewire. "oooh, big man."
As per movie theaters: Dollar Theater over 5 dollar theater on redwood and 90th or something over all
As per footwear: Real shoes over old man slippers over flip-flops
As per watches and clock: Digital over analog
As per measurements: Metrics over English. Sigh.
As per North Korea: Shock and Awe, then hand them over to South Korea. Let your people have food Dingus.
As per Iran: Shrugs. Grow up Ayatolah. Shave that facial hair.
As per United States: Not too shabby. Conservative over Liberal
As per air conditioning: Swamp cooler over central air
As per city: Taylorsville over Murray. Murray sucks.
As per slow brother up north: Canada over Idaho
As per ABA basketball: Utah Snowbears over Salt Lake Dream
As per bodies of water: Atlantic over Pacific
As per local bodies of water: Great Salt Lake over Utah Lake
As per colleges: Utah State over BYU over U
As per science: Physics over Chemistry
As per old school NBA: Pistons over Lakers
As per glasses: Mostly full over half empty
As per corrective lenses: Glasses over contacts.
As per peanut butter: Chunky
As per Ice cream: Vanilla over chocolate
As per employment: Great Harvest over Jamba Juice over Harmons
As per Lawn Mowers: Old school over self propelled. Grow a pair and do it yourself.
As per Crazy foriegn dictators: Castro's too fun to watch fall over.
As per Late night: Jay Leno over conan
As per teachers: Morris over Peck over Ward over Olsen over MJ over all
As per years of my life: 9th grade over all
As per TV now: The Office over all
As per Milk: 2 percent
As per cell phones: Calls over text. Boo text
As per friends: Real life over myspace. Boo myspace.
As per restaurants: La Frontera (106th and State) over all
As per meters: Onetouch Ultrasmart over Onetouch over Stupid piece of hud auto-teststrip crap.
As per Cereal: Malt-o-meal over everything else.
As per calculators: ti-86 over ti-89
As per standardized tests: ACT over SAT
As per pencils: Number 2- o.9 lead.
As per video editing: Adobe Premier over everybody.
As per Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop followed closely by paint over all.
As per gas: the cheapest. None of this supreme unleaded for me
As per proposition 1: Boo
As per socks: yes, medium length. Big enough to hold fruitsnacks in. Not huge, but definitely no ankle.
As per gyms: 24 hour fitness over golds
As per monitor resolution: 1280 X 1024 over all
As per Soda: Water over all. Mmmm, water.

Wow, you'd think I'd get tired of that by now. I've been going for a long time. That's taken a very long while to think of all those. I know there are alot more. Every day we're faced with hundreds of choices like that. We've got to choose between stuff. I'll try to keep looking for more. In the meantime, I want a junior bacon cheeseburger with some water please.


Anonymous said...

Well. You have SOME things right. Maceys chocolate chips are AMAZING. As are Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburgers. Firefox is good.
But come on. Can't diss on pokemon dude. SHEESH.

Anonymous said...

Swamp Coolers Rock!

Nick said...

Now you're just trying to make me mad. There's too many things wrong with that to list here. Maybe I'll do my own, counter-list... Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... am I "Mystery Blank"? That would be cool! I have gotten really lazy... so lazy that sitting on my computer chair reading some posts felt like too much work. I think Youth Conference snapped me out of it!

It was fun reading your list.

Oh- and I am a girl.

Anonymous said...

Upon reading a recommendation that I should read this blog, I've conlucded that you have exceptionally good taste. I've never heard of someone eating chocolate chips straight out of a bag except for me. Go you!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate chips straight from the bag. Gotta love it. I do that all the time. :D Ooh, have you ever tried the cinnamon chips? or the peanut butter chips? Yumm....

Anonymous said...

I like the milk chocolate and the butterscotch chips!

Anonymous said...

Nah, you'd have to go for the white chocolate chips. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow, Thatcher. I think that's really amazing. Have I ever told you how much I want to take you to the temple someday? I love you so much...

Anonymous said...

Wow....who is shirly hotstuff?

riss. said...

wow chris. You are probably the most opinionted person i've ever met. And I disagree with about a fifth of those. oh well. And I prefer butterscotch chips over chocolate. But I eat them out of the bag all the time. for shizzle. this was an excellent post. good job. I think I'll go post today, just for you.

Anonymous said...

Yeow! Thatcher's a stud....