Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Miracle Drug

I found a miracle drug. It's called Mr. Olsen.

So, I thought history was due Friday. I was so proud of myself for starting it yesterday. That was something like three days before I even had to.

But alas, it's due tomorrow. I've got it done. It took some time.

It looks like it's off to the glue factory for me.


That's a sword.


That's Kirby pointing to the left.


And that's Kirby pointing to the right.

Wanna see Kirby point both ways?

Too bad.


Kortney said...

I wanna see it, no battle.

Meliss said...

haha! me too!

Courtney said...

i wanna see it!!!

that's some pretty sweet stuff.

but i'm not sure if i agree with the mr. olsen thing.

Nick said...


Mr. Olsen is teh awesome. Bow before him!

Courtney said...

umm.... no.