Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trax Law

I love trax. It's an adventure every time I ride it. I love to observe people, and Trax is an excellent place to do so. Different individuals from all walks of life inhabit the trax train. Through my observations, I've found some business out. Check it.

In order to ride Trax, you have to fulfill at least one of the following four rules. (Fulfilling more than one is alright. Sorta)

1. Have really big/weird facial hair.
2. Have a really cool/weird hat.
3. Be with a date/spouse/significant other
4. Be a hobo.

Wow. Honestly, there's really only two kinds of people I've seen on Trax. People on dates, and weirdo's with facial hair that makes me jealous.

Like I said, I love Trax.


Karlito said...

That is so accurate that it is hilarious! Way to tell it like it is!

Kortney said...

Oh my goodness, fun times for sure. I'm pretty sure our superhero friend is saving someone this very second...

Courtney said...

lol. you're awesome thatcher.

one day, someone will be jealous of your facial hair. ;)

Anonymous said...

so true! The only time I ride trax is when I'm on a date...I sure hope I dont have facial hair!! ;)

Meliss said...

I don't get it. Why do men want the cool facial hair? that doesn't make you any more manly does it?