Friday, April 27, 2007


*note-> I wrote this a little while ago, but hesitated to post it. I think it's fine to post now. However, don't be getting any ideas. I liked it though, so here you go.

A few bits and pieces because I haven't been here too often.

~There's a law of conservation. Many laws of conservation actually. You can't create matter, you can just change it. You can't create energy, you can just change it. Unless you move things really really fast. But that's a story for another day.

Many things are conserved. More than you'd think, it appears.

~This is 4th quarter. The beginning is going to be the hardest part of the year for me. Not because the work is the hardest, but simply because I'm tired of work and want to stop doing my English. I just don't want to write that argumentative paper.

But this is the 4th term, this is crucial. If I screw up now, I screw everything up. After all, heroes aren't made in the first 47 minutes of the game. It's only the last minute that really counts.

~I have been romantically inactive for a little more than a year now. Am I ready to actually talk about that now? I don't know.

But if there's one thing I do truly miss about the romantic chase, it's the freshness of it all.

You wake up in the mornings with a plan to woo the lady. When you do your hair, you do your hair so you can look dang good to impress the girl. You go to school with a mission. There are no questions as to what your purpose is. You're on the chase.

It's a bold world out there. One with obstacles and troubles, but nothing you can't overcome. It's a world rife with accomplishment and failure.

In short, it's life in a nutshell.

I miss the quick success or quick failure. You know if one of your jokes worked or not. There are tangible results to your efforts.

I could get all mooshy here.

But you know how in Ultimate, how it feels so great to jump up and get a swat, or run so hard to get the catch? That exhilarating feeling of success, the great accomplishment. It's the same for basketball, hitting that three and jogging back to play defense, huge grin on your face. Or maybe getting the test passed back, and seeing the big 100 circled in red.

It's that wonderful feeling. That big rush, the one that makes you want to stand up on the chair and reach your arms toward the heavens and just feel how good it is to be alive. You're the man, you did it.

It's the same when the girl smiles at you. Not a pity smile, not the polite you-made-a-joke-now-I-have-to-smile smile, but a genuine smile. My oh my, that's a good feeling.

What's the point of it all? I've been pretty anti-sentimentatily for a long time. Maybe I don't think it's all a bunch of crap anymore. Something made me remember. Nothing anybody did, just some old documents. No old fires rekindled, just a nice reminder of a nice smile that made a crappy situation not quite so crappy.

So hey, smile at random guys. Maybe it'll make them not quite so scared of dying while Sharpe is laughing and there's a horrible drop curtain tearing your hand off.

Unless you're a dude. Then smiling at guys would be weird.

That's all.


Courtney said...

lol. ok. smiling is something i can handle. ;)

Kortney said...

Tomorrow i'm gonna smile at random boys

Anonymous said...

i alway smile at random boys... it gets me into trouble!