Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's Wednesday, July 26, 2007. What's on my mind?

Trees. Lots of trees. Not just any trees though. We're talking slow growing, time-appreciating awesome trees.

For 10 dollars (membership fee) you can get 10 trees, no shipping and handling. That's a dollar a tree. Not seeds, but little trees you can plant. For 10 bucks I could get 10 oak trees. Two Bur Oak, these are like the grandpappy of tres. They grow slow and big and awesome. And 8 other awesome kind of oak trees. How cool would that be?

Of course, I don't think that mom will spring for me planting ten trees in the yard. Maybe I could convince her to let me plant one though. Anybody want nine trees?

No seriously though, I want to plant some trees. I want to find out where I'm going to live when I'm older, and go plant trees there now. Trees increase property value and save money on heating and air conditioning. Not only that, but they're breathtaking.

So that's the plan. I'm gonna acquire some trees and plant them. If anybody's interesting in splitting 10 trees with me, let me know, because I'm pretty serious about it, providing that mom and pop are on board. Let me know.


Rachel Frost said...

Hey, I could ask my mom about that. Seriously, trees are usually expensive and we've been meaning tot plant some new ones for... lessee... two? three? years now. I'd love a tree or two. :D

Rachel Frost said...

to... not tot. haha. Smart one.

Frissa said...
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Frissa said...

If you are really going to get 10 trees I would love one. Trees are my favorite plant.