Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day Two

It's 11 pm, and I want to hit bed before 12. That means I've got to hurry.

But since I want to post more this year, I need to start making an effort. Shabam!

What is there to say, on this second day of school? It feels like it's been weeks and weeks. I've been awake longer than all summer. I've worked and learned stuff. I've heard more disclosures than I ever wanted to.

It doesn't feel weird and new. It feels exactly like it ought to. I've been through this scene 11 times before now.

Things have changed a little bit this year though. It's been two days, but it's been great to see and feel them. Here are a few that I hope stay the same:

Riding my bike to school

It's been amazing. The last two days I've left my house a lot earlier than usual and pedaled to school. The weather in the mornings right now is absolutely amazing. The temperature is mild, a welcome welcome change from the summer. I've been leaving earlier enough that there are virtually no cars on the roads. It's just me out there, it's great. I know that I'm getting good exercise, and I know that's great for my body and mind. I show up to school knowing that I've just saved a little bit of money, preserved just a little bit of the environment, and accomplished something. I'm happier and infinitely more punctual. Riding my bike costs me absolutely nothing. It's a healthy choice for me and everybody else involved. I get a great parking spot, and I even let some other guy have the spot my van would have taken.

I don't know why it's taken me this long to do it. I could have been doing this for years. I'm glad that I found it, cause it's making me super happy. I want to keep it up, I might even brave the snow. I love the pedals.

Happy Tuesday

For several reasons, I've been very happy and more outgoing than usual these past few days. I've been saying hi and wishing them a happy tuesday. I've sat by people I didn't know too well. It's been a grand adventure, one that makes me really happy.

It makes me happy because I meet new people and get to smile at them. Smiling makes one happy. Not only does it make me cheerful, it might make them cheerful. Yeah, I get a few weird looks, but the smiles back are wonderful. I'm talking to people that I've always thought "Yeah, I want to talk to them" but never did.

I love it. I want to keep it up. Push I shall.

Tomorrow: College thinking.

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Nathan said...

So I came home from work yesterday and found my brother sleeping on the couch. When he woke up he told me about how he'd met Thatcher. And I'm like, "If there's one of my friends I could choose for you to meet first, it'd probably be Thatcher." True story.

Yay for biking and outgoingness!