Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Planner Mishaps

From the 2007-2008 Warrior Wire:

Health Tip: Pizza may have all five food groups, but it is not a balanced meal!
I disagree. I challenge the authors of that health tip to find a better, more nutritious, single piece of food than pizza.

Why does pizza get such a bad rep? A professional dietician I conversed with once told me how awesome pizza was. It's got grains, vegetables, dairy, and meat. You know how good that is? It's a ticking time bomb of energy. It's awesome in that that carbs you eat don't end up in your bloodstream for a while. They get released gradually, a few hours later (I know these things). That's pretty awesome. I don't feel like we've got "too much food." I think we've got too much food that isn't worth anything nutritionally. Pizza is definitely worth something nutritionally. It's got calories and carbs and all those other great things you need to live.

Long live papa murphey's. Delicious AND wholesome? Sign me up.


Jaron Frost said...

Tacos. Shell = grains. Meat = meat (duh). Lettuce = veggies. Tomatoes = fruits (to some, such as I). Cheese = dairy.

Yup. Tacos got it all. Pizza is good, but as for me, tacos are the ultimate food of all time. w00t go mexico!

Courtney said...

yumm.... pizza... my favorite...

The Warrior said...

Sign me up for both the pizza and the tacos!!!