Monday, March 12, 2012

Becoming Prolific

I was once a prolific blogger. I feel like I added value to myself as I wrote. I learned more about who I am and what I care about. I appreciated all the comments and encouragement that I received from readers. It really is what kept me going.

I'm at a point where I want to become a prolific blogger once again. I've almost always had this desire. I think that my audience, in large part, has refreshed. There will be a few old familiar faces, but more or less I will be writing to a completely new group of people. I'm convinced that most of those people don't exist yet.

I feel strange writing this. I'm still trying to write to the old audience. There are certain things that I have typed and then erased- this is not the fearless writing style that I espouses throughout my high school blogging career. The things that I'm thinking about writing about (ha, that's an about sandwich with writing in the middle of it) are not necessarily innocuous things. My current plan is to write about the way that I think and feel about things. If someone were attempting to stalk me this would be the new place to do it. I'm planning to write how I feel about school, politics, social issues, etc. etc. I want to do this because I'm feeling increasingly insulated socially. I have discovered that I require a fairly large amount of social interaction. If I don't get this interaction I get a little cranky.

Now, typing blindly to an audience that may or may not exist doesn't really seem like suitable social interaction, but I am confident that it will produce the results that I am looking for.

So I'm not sure what this will all turn into. But I want to start writing often again. Doing so will require me to be more vulnerable than I have recently been. Vulnerability is an interesting topic- it means that I share more than usual and am therefore more apt to get pwned for it. I feel like this is a good change for me to make, so I'm going to go ahead and give it a shot.

Just a quick shout-out to a few of my blogging heroes- particularly Jaron and Nate. They are good fellows that add value to the spaces they inhabit.

So, here's to more content. I can't guarantee quality content, but I can certainly guarantee some increased quantity of it. I have found a direct correlation to the number of naps that I take and the number of posts that I write. Since this is Spring Break I took a massive nap today. Hmm.

Well, here's to a new kind of Dentist. I hope this goes well.


Jaron Frost said...

Well, I'm still here. :) Good to see your blog coming back to life. I love that the archives go all the way back to 2004.

Nathan said...

I'm with Jaron--I have always enjoyed your blog, and think it's awesome that it's still kicking after all these years. If anyone's a blogging hero, it's you. :)

Regarding my own blogging, I have felt similarly to what you feel. My old blog, from before the mission, is still around. It lives! I use it as a journal now, much like I used to before, but these days it's locked away (and you and whoever else reads this comment are the first to hear of it).

Back in the day, I never thought I would have any use for a private blog. Yet my focus has shifted since then. Reading through my old posts from high school, I'm amazed--even shocked, at times--at how much I shared. I really put myself out there--really made myself vulnerable. These days, I'm a lot more careful. I've created a new blog, with a new purpose, and it doesn't feel much like the old blog. I'm still finding my place in the Blogosphere, to be honest. Who knows? Maybe a little more vulnerability wouldn't hurt.

But of this I am certain: blogging has enriched my life, and the reason I blog is to share that enrichment with others. I've learned and grown and connected, and that's definitely a good thing.

And look at that, I've gone and written my own little blog post on your comment board. The gist of what I'm saying, I guess, is that I see where you're coming from, support you in this journey of yours, and look forward to seeing what happens. You're a stallion.