Sunday, May 07, 2006


I'm not quite sure where this one came from. Months ago I was just playing around with the tupper-symbol in photoshop, and ended up with this. It's all sharp and fuzzy at the same time, I like it.

The Quote of the Week

"People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get."
- Frederick Douglass

Can't argue with that one.

So, happy Sunday eh? It's the start of a new week. I'm fairly excited about it. Looks like we've got CRT's all week, so that means no homework. Not too shabby. Hopefully I'll get an A on MJ's test. I finished it last time, pretty decent too I think. Yay for actually doing the homework so I understand the content. Bunch of slackers anyways...

Just kiddin, you're all alright.

So, I've noticed a serious lack of unity in the world around me. More especially, a serious lack of unity in the blogosphere. (Man I hate using stupid terms...)

So, here it is, the network as far as I know. Christopher Thatcher Christopher Thatcher Gallery Nick Morandi Jaron Frost Jaron Frost alternate

I know that the list is very very incomplete. Problem is, I have no idea who's got what out there. If you've got a blog, let me know so I can throw it up here. If you know somebody with a blog, let me know so I can throw it up. I'm only gonna list blogs that aren't extinct, otherwise the list would be alot bigger. I think this could end up sorta cool, we might as well know what we're all writing right? So, leave me a comment telling me, cause I need some more names.

By the way, everything listed up there so far is pretty good I think. They are recomended by me. So go, spread the love.

Also worth noting, myspace is for suckers. Just say no. It's not even good. In fact, it's bad. If you're worried that there's somebody you'd never talk to except for myspace, learn to email. Just say no.

Hmm, what else, what else? I'm the scout camp dance champion of the world. Yeah, we did the Indian Lore merit badge at the district camporee, and I dominated the dance scene. After we were all done with the merit badge, we had a "pow wow" at the end, where everybody got in a big circle and indian danced. The top 20 were then sent to the semi finals, where they danced some more. Then, the top seven were selected, and then sent up on stage to dance it off. It was dance till you drop, as soon as you start sucking, you got pulled. The last two standing one.

That's right, I was one of those two. You can't touch this mad indian dancing skill. *shakes ceremonial stick at y'alls*

That's all I got, read the post underneath this one, it's a sorta good one. Leave me a comment telling me if there's any blogs I've missed. Keep up the good work.

Christopher Thatcher -out-

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riss. said...

this has given me new inspiration to blog. ready set go.