Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jay Murda

So, I really want to just bust out and write. But nah, no time, it's 12:36, and I'm not done with my homework yet. I'm close though, so this is good.

So, expect something good. Not tomorrow, cause I've got alot of work. Probably not Friday, cause I've got alot of frisbee to play. The forecast says it's going to be windy, and that makes me cry on the inside. However, we will fight through it, cause we're troopers. We're not about to let the forces of nature keep us from Frisbee Friday.

Tomorrow I write an English paper, the last real assignment of Sophomore year. Mmm mmm good. Tonight, I prepared a report on Jay Murda. Who's Jay Murda?

I'm Jay Murda.

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Anonymous said...

What!? I'm J Murda!