Friday, May 26, 2006


I'm a champion. It's 3:01 AM, and I just finished my English essay. It's a fun essay, most of it is built around a musical chairs analogy. Yeah, that's right.

I finished, I did it, I'm a champion. I pulled it off. The last real assignment of Sophomore year. Fear me. Not only that, but I just smashed a spider most of the way. I'm pretty sure I didn't kill it though. But c'mon, how useful is a 6 legged spider anyways? That's right, not very.

So, I'm very happy. I pulled it off. w00tah.

My name's Chris, I win
My name's English, I'm teh sucks.
My essay roxxorz.

G'night all.


Anonymous said...

Way to be!! You're a wonder!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... my comment doesn't show up in the comments link.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now it does... okay. Well, whatever.

Anonymous said...

why are you always so damn happy? that's right, i am being just like Nick, but oh well. i don't get how you are always so freaking happy and expecting things to get even better. it's amazing! (and freaky)
good luck with the whole optimism thing. it exhausts me.

Anonymous said...

It's just cuz Thatcher's amazing like that...