Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogaday Day 1!

It's day one, and it's go time.

I think that if I ever write a book, the main character is going to assume the super hero name of Captain Go Time. I love go time, there's power behind it. It brings out the best and worst in the competitors on the field of life. No more mediocrity. No more second-best. It's time to bring your A-game, time to show the world what you're made of. This is no place for those who aren't willing to bring everything they've got and lay it on the table. It's time to give them everything you've got. It's time to be the very best you can be, the ultimate and greatest form of you. In short: it's go time.

Today was sunday, and sundays are amazing. I love sundays. Not just because I get a nap, but because I get to go to church and do some home teaching usually. Sunday's just make me feel good, it's great.

Life theory. I think that's going to be blogaday day 7. That's something that I've been wanting to write for a while. It's similar to food theory, but much cooler. I think I might work on that throughout the week, and finally post it. That'd be cool, to actually work on something instead of just letting things spew out of my brain.

I have a great love for wikipedia. For the uninitiated, wikipedia is an encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Therefore, it is the greatest encyclopedia that the world has ever seen. It is a risky model, that's for sure. The fact that anyone can edit it leads to some trouble. I can go in there and write an article about myself. I can also go in there and change the article on world war II to involve me winning the battle against godzilla.

However, since everyone can edit it, there are scores and scores of people that would quickly roll back what I had done and fix it. The fact that everyone can edit it is a risk and a safeguard at the same time. It's like all biological systems, it balances itself out. There are natural systems in there that will fix problems as they arise. It's really awesome.

But the moral of the story is, I go to wikipedia several times a day and just learn stuff. I can honestly say I enjoy reading the encyclopedia. You can find anything you want on wikipedia. I would strongly recomend using wikipedia to all of you. It's better than MJ.

So, for some further reading, go wiki bat bombs, or Lafayette, or if you're up to have your mind blown out of the water, go read about memes.

In conclusion, libya is a land of contrast. Also useful if the wikipedia home page, that has articles of the day, current events, recently added stuff, and whatnot. I like to wiki-surf. It's fun and useful.

Also worth your time is google news. Google, in its quest to make the world's data more accessible, has made an awesome little tool that compiles a ton of news from all sorts of sources, and makes it easy to find. You've got sports, you've got US, you've got world, you've got Health, you've got science, you've got business. You can even make your own custom categories. I could get frisbee news if I so desired.

Google news
and wikipedia will keep you up to date, and make you a smarter person. Everybody loves a guy that knows what's going on in the world.

This post isn't too exciting, not too great. There's better stuff to come though. This is just day one. Tomorrow is bound to bring greater adventures. I'm going to cross country practice for the first time in a little more than a week tomorrow, I'm so excited to go run. It's going to be hard to come back in to it, but it'll be a great opportunity to show everybody that I'm not gonna fall over just cause I took a week off. I'm gonna be strong and jump right back in. My body isn't gonna know what hit it.

So, what's the news? Things are pretty good, it's been a good day. I'm going on scout camp next week, I'm excited for that. Hopefully this years will be a little less drama-bombed than last years. You can't really get drama on a scout camp, cause there aren't any girls. It's funny to remember last year though. Crazy talk really. I mean, what were you up to last year this time? I remember what I was up to. An adventure.

I'm excited to get back to school. I'm excited to start and finish my eagle project, and my summer homework. I'm excited to play halo for the first time in a month or so. I'm excited to go run tomorrow morning, and to get to bed tonight. So as for me, I'm out of here, but not before some good high quality Haiku action.


Ugly game face time.
Booking it across the way.
I run in wet socks.


Ph34r my l33t 5killzorz
I'll fragzorz you to your knees
from my mom's basement

See, Haikus are super fun. I'm not even good at them. But they're fun. You should all write them, and send them to me. Also, if you have any requests, now is the time to give them. Since i'm forced to write whether inspiration hits or not, I can do anything you guys feel like. So, send in the haiku's, send in the requests.

Tomorrow is monday. It's an opportunity to have a great day. It's an opportunity to make the world a better place. How are we going to make the world a better place? We're going to start with us. Perhaps it's a selfish idea, but perhaps that's the only way. History has shown us that the more good people there are around, the better a place does. How are we going to make the world a better place? We are going to improve ourselves. We're going to eat healthier, we're going to be nicer. We're gonna smile more, we're going to pick up the trash. We're going to do the little things. The power is within us to choose what we do. We can't tell them to stop smoking, but we can keep ourselves from smoking. We can keep our lungs healthy, and that's going to make the world a better place.

Christopher Thatcher, over and out.


Nick said...

Sure, sure, you and your mad action. Anyway, BlogADay is pretty cool, maybe I should steal it. The idea, that is. W00t to teh haikuz0rz, I need to write some soon.

Courtney said...

The pic is awesome. Yay for blog-a-day.