Sunday, July 02, 2006

Metal Greymon

It's been a week since I last wrote. Wow, that's crazy. It's not that I haven't had time to write, because I have. It's just that I've been lazy. This week has been interesting, I don't know quite how I feel about it. Lots of it has been great, and lots of it has been wasted. If I could go back and do it again, I'd do alot of stuff differently, but that's alright. Mainly, I'd wake up earlier, and actually accomplish something.

That's the problem with summer, it's that nobody is telling me what to do. On mondays/wednesdays/fridays I wake up and go to cross country practice at 7 in the morning. After a raging workout, I come home, and sleep till anywhere from 11 to 2. On tuesdays/thursdays, I sleep super late, and then don't do anything till it's time to go running at 8 in the evening. The real deal though, is that I wake up, and it's just me and Andrew at home. Andrew has been working on the DVD invitations the whole week, so he hasn't had much time to tell me what to do. Mom and Dad are at work, Steph is gone, Nathan and Michael are at work. I wake up, and I get to choose what I do. Unfortunately, I usually choose to waste the day.

However, I did get a little bit done. Monday we ran 14.4 kilometers. Tuesday I ran about 6.4, wednesday was probably around 8, thursday was none, Friday was frisbee, and saturday was no running. I read harry potter 6 in about 2 days, that was cool. I went to summer seminary on thursday, and that was way good. Summer seminary is great. You should all definitely come. You get a good spiritual lesson, and then you get to play frisbee afterwards (Assuming enough people stay). It really is cool, you should all come. Next time is Thursday, from 10 to 11. Be there, it's gonna be kicks.

But, back to not running thursday and saturday. First off, I'd like to point out that I have a problem with slackers. Slackers and me don't get along all that great. I figure that if you're going to do something, you might as well make it amazing. When I write a paper, I rarely write it to get it done, I write it to push the limits of that paper. I don't mean to push the limits of how well you can write a paper, but push the limits to what you can write about. I don't want to do the cookie-cutter topics, I want to be so creative ms. ward is knocked out of her socks. When I do stuff, I intend for it to be good. I want to be the best, I really do. I want to be the best at frisbee, I want to the fastest, I want to jump the highest, and throw the farthest. I want to be the valedictorian, I want to get a 36 on the ACT, I wanna get a 4.0. I'm not about the 3.9, I don't want the "almost" award. I'm not going to come and give it half my best.

Go big, or go home.

And that's why I'm ashamed of thursday and saturday. Thursday night rolled around, 7:30. Time to get ready for cross country. I'm sore, because we did a hard workout wednesday. I haven't accomplished anything all night, I'm in a bad mood. Eating dinner at 7:45, I need to hury and finish then get down to practice. My legs hurt, my glutes hurt, I don't want to adjust what I eat and my shot in order to not fall over when I run. I stay home.

Friday night rolls along, 2:40 AM. I look at the clock and realize that in 5 hours, I need to be out in front of the city building to get all ready to run a 5k. That's not alot of sleep. I hurt from frisbee, and I'm really low. I keep eating, but it won't come up, sigh. I'm not diabetic on friday nights, but I do a shot anyways, and I always go low because of it. I hurt, and I decide that I'm sleeping through the race.

2 times this week, I decided to be a slacker. I'm not proud of that. Where's the courage, the heart, the resolve to do my best? Why am I out there, if I'm gonna be a pansy and randomly sluff practice? I made a goal to go to every practice I could make it to. I missed it. I'm a slacker, and I'm not proud of that.

Moral of the story: Go big or go home. I came home today. Next week, I go big.

That's what's good about life. Next week just keeps on coming. There's always another practice to go to, another opportunity to prove myself not a slacker. Another really hard practice, another time to say "I hurt so much, but I'm gonna run anyways." Another day, another morning. Go time is always just a few steps away. It's always ready for you to take it. When the time comes, are you going to take it, or are you gonna leave it there for the next guy?

I missed it this week, next week I take it.

I went on a date tonight. Whoohoo! That was cool, good times indeed. I intend to go on many of them in the future. Score it.

Hmm, it's interesting how many people actually ended their yearbook messages with "score it."

So, this week I've thought alot about food. Mostly because there wasn't a ton of it readily available. No, it was available, it was just inaccessible.

See, in my brain it has begun to be called "Food Theory". Basically, all food is seperated into tiers.

Tier one food is ready to eat. You walk to the fridge, get it, and eat it. It's ready. It's string cheese, or a cookie, or a banana. No prep time, it's just go go go.

Then, you've got tier 1.5 food. It's tier one food with tricky packaging. You walk to the fridge, then spend a long time negotiating it into your mouth. For example, that turkey from Costco. Ultra thin slices, delicious, but definitely zip locked.

And then, there's the monumental leap up to tier 2 foods. This food requires minimal prep time, but it does require some. It may even need some assembly. One might have to add milk to cereal, or microwave a burrito. Still simple, but you must input work in order to output food. Tier two ladies and gentlemen.

Tier 3 requires instructions, even if they're little. If you have to check the packaging to find out how long you must heat it, it's tier 3. It requires knowledge, microwave prowess, and several steps. Mac and cheese, frozen pizza, whatever.

Tier 4 and 5 are scary. Tier 4 is stuff that in itself is nearly inedible, but after much arduous labor becomes food. What the crap are you going to do with a bottle of soy sauce? Pickles? That chunk of ham. The noodles, the whatever. The stuff you need to make a decent meal is generally tier 4.

Tier 5, is flour. It's just flour. It sits there, until you get a master craftsman who can change it into food. I don't know how they do it.

Mind you, I've had alot of time to think about food.

The problem with summer, and being home alone, is that there's not enough tier one through two foods around, and way too much 4 and 5. I'm not looking to cook a meal here folks, I'm looking to get in, eat, and get on with my life. I want a banana, but instead I've got a bucket full of rice. Rice, what is this?

So that's food theory. Yeah.

I do believe that I've found a solution to my waste of time woes. I hear that papa johns is hiring. This is good news. Monday morning, hopefully I'll go apply. Score it.

Also, for the umpteenth time, I'm gonna learn C++. Yay! I've started for reals twice. I've said I'd start at least 7. Honestly, I'm smart enough to learn it. I've got enough free time to learn it. I've got the resources available so that I could teach myself. It's go time everybody, it's go time.

Frisbee is moving along wonderfully. I'm improving my game alot, and everybody else is too. We're getting better. There is still a gaping hole where the old guard used to be. Brad is gone, and that means alot of the people he brought are gone too. Coach Farr and Christina don't come around anymore, and mama withers doesn't bring us half time cookies these days. Bouey is absent. Pretty soon, Andrew is off to Costa Rica, and Petey is off to Chile. The old guard is running away, and we're supposed to step up and fill the gap.

That's a big task. I can't be brad, that's crazy talk. He can run jump throw catch defend swat cherry pick dominate. Me, I just talk big.

So, frisbee isn't what it used to be. I don't go every week and be amazed. It's harder, it's lower quality, I'm not going to lie.

Is it still amazing? Heck yes.

We're getting there, we're getting there. In two and a half years, we're having a reunion game. The summer after we graduate, it's going to be old guard stand. It'll be fun to see. In two years time, can we get there? We've got alot to live up to, they're like legends to me. Either way, we're going to have a fun two years trying to get good enough to take them down.

It's a constant cycle really. It's been going on forever. The whole frisbee bit. This might be the biggest it's ever been, but probably not. People have been playing all through high school, then going on missions, leaving the newbies to watch the field. It's been happening for ages, and it'll continue to happen. What'll happen when the old guard comes back? By that time, we hope that there'll be a real rec league to play in. If there's not one by the time I get back, I'm writing some angry letters.

But, tangents aside, frisbee is coming along. Things look good for the club. I had some discussions with some people this week about what direction we want to go with it. Do we want to make it more exclusive, let fewer people in, and just be super high quality? Or do we want to let everybody in, and teach everybody how to play, and bring everybody up together? Both have their pros and cons.

With the fewer people, higher quality, things would be much easier. It's not hard to get 14 people to forehand. We could get super super good really fast. We could always have one game, with the same people, and a few subs. It'd be golden. But, then we'd leave people out, we wouldn't make frisbee huge, we'd just make it great.

With more people, you get a bunch of people that wouldn't otherwise play to come out, run around a bit, improve some skills. It's alot harder, and when you want to play, you've gotta have two games or something. It's hard to manage, but it makes it so you'll never be short on people to play a game with.

I really lean more towards letting everybody in. I want to teach everyone how to play, I want to give them skills that'll be useful for life. I want to get people so good, that when they're off at college, someone will fall in love with them because they're amazing at frisbee. I'll get a wedding invitation in the mail, and they'll have written on there: "You made it happen, you made it happen."

But, that plan has its critics. I call them Levi.

So what do you think? Comments would be great.

Hmm, life is good. I'm going to learn to program. One day, snake is going to fly. Haha, laugh all you want, one day. I don't know how, but one day. If I have to be rich, and hire someone to do it when I'm 80, I will. It'll happen. You just wait and see.

So, I intend to update this more. To tell the truth, I could post once a day, and I doubt I'd lose any real traffic. That was my fear, if I posted too much everybody'd be like "Whoa, too much to read, I'm out of here." But, after tracking my site heavily with Google Analytics, I figure I wouldn't lose too much. So maybe I will post more. Then again, maybe I won't.

However, I will promise at least one post a week. Even if it's worthless, it'll be there. This week was a slow week for blogs all around, but things are going to get better.

Ya know, I really want a digital camera. I love pictures, they're so powerful. When you get pictures and music together right, they're unstoppable. Anyways, picture of the week is coming soon. Score it.

So, review:

1)I'm ashamed of sluffing cross country
2)Lucky for me, go time comes around next week too.
3)Therefore, next week, I go.
4)Food theory. Tier one foods are heaven, tier 4 and 5 make me sad unless mom or james is around.
5)I'm going to learn C++
6)Frisbee is good, but old guys are leaving
7)One day, we're going to be the old guys. We better be good
8)Which to choose? A small elite frisbee club, or a big happy frisbee club? I say big, levi says small. What say ye?
9)come to summer seminary, thursday, 10 to 11.
10) I'ma update more. You should all do the same.

Alrighty, life is dandy. Work hard guys. I'm gonna work hard. I'm going to be faster than I have ever been during my whole life. Tomorrow, I'm going to be smarter than I've ever been before. Right now, I'm the best I've ever been. I've run more miles right now than ever before. My cumulative knowledge at this point is greater than at any other point in my life. If these trends continue, I'm going to be one fast fellow come track season.

Wow, writing always makes me happy. There's just something about it. Oh snap! I almost forgot something.

You know how all robots are made with a purpose? Sunny from I, Robot was made with tougher alloy so he could get the microbes to kill the bad guys. Guilty spark from Halo was made to operate the halo thingy. All solitary robots have a purpose. If you were to happen upon a space station and find a solitary robot, you better believe he's there for a reason. He was placed there for a very specific task. He's there for something, and you know it. Because you don't just put a robot on a hidden space station for no reason. You put him there to guard something, to do something. He's been waiting there for thousands of years for you to chance upon the hidden station and walk through that airlock. He's ready for you, waiting for you. With his help, you've gotta save the universe. That's just how it goes. There are no solitary robots on hidden outposts that don't have a purpose.

But what if you found one? What if you found the one, the single robot that was hidden on a space station without a purpose. What if you found the one that wasn't hiding the secret, wasn't there to help you save the universe. What if he was just there? How would that feel? There's always a reason for robots, but what if this one was the one that didn't quite have a purpose?

Where is this going? Is this some sort of parallel to life? No. I thought of it sometime during the week, in relation to someone I was talking with, someone that always makes me wonder about everything. I don't really remember why it came up. It was a parallel to something, I don't know what. Am I the robot without the purpose, or were they? I don't know.

For some reason though, it's significant. I don't know why, but it's significant. For some reason out there, to someone, there is one unique robot that isn't hiding the death ray. He's not the guardian to make sure you don't release the flood. He's not there to tell you the secret password to beat the evil snake lady. Somewhere out there, waiting for you or me is a robot. Calmly sitting, ready to say Hello. Why he's there, nobody knows. Why he's there, there's no reason. He's just there, waiting for us.

Not sure where that all came from. But it's significant I guess. Score it?

So howdy hey, I think it's bed time. I'm excited for tomorrow though, I love church.

So now I'm out of here, but I leave you with this. Make tomorrow better than today. Yeah, this week I sucked. I sucked as a runner, and I sucked at getting stuff done. Tomorrow comes, and I'm going to be better than I was today. I'm gonna run faster, harder, longer. I'm gonna wake up earlier. I'm gonna do something with my life. Tomorrow comes, what are you going to make of it?


Anonymous said...

Aww. Now I feel bad. And the "Almost Award" goes to...Courtney! With her 3.95.
Yay me.

Nick said...

Yay for 4.0hhh yeah. Definitely big. It might not be good, but for that, there's always Frisbee Fridays. That robot thing sounds like a movie in the making. .... Yeah, I just had a pretty good idea for that. Hmm. You make updating your blog sound easy. That's because you actually have crap to write about. On the average day, what I would write about, I either don't want anyone to see, or am very sure they wouldn't want to see it. So anyway, I'ma go work on my post.

Anonymous said...

I liked the "food theory"!