Monday, July 03, 2006


Long Overdue

The Pictures of the Week
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James, talking girl talk.

Kyle, ready to slay the dragon

The CIA never knew what hit them...

Levi saw kyle kissing a boy.

The Quote of the Week

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."
-GK Chesterton

Wow, bet none of you saw that coming. You haven't seen pictures in ages. Well la de da, here they are.

I'm trying something out here, seeing how Writely works out for me. It's an experiment, if it sucks, I'll not do it anymore. If it doesn't suck, score it.

Now that the pictures and that jazz are out of the way, I wanna give Kudos where Kudos are deserved. Mind you, these aren't charity Kudos. These aren't "most improved" Kudos. Most people won't ever get kudos. I still love them, I just don't give them Kudos. These are the real deal. Here come the kudos.

Kudos #1: Glen the Techie:

Very few people have actually seen Glen the Techie. He only appears at the exact moment he is needed. He's not one to hang around and socialize. He's all secretive, but when the world needs him, he'll pop out, save the universe, then end the transmission. He's mysterious, but he's got the skills.

Glen the Techie was the man from downstairs whenever we played a TV game for nerds last year. He's like, KUED's tech man. I'm pretty sure he lived in his office, and he wore a cool baseball cap. This was about the same time I was embroiled in all the stage crew slavery for Sharpe, so I had great respect for tech men. Whenever there was a problem, or something wasn't working, he'd switch the transmission from whatever we were currently seeing on the little projector, to his face. I assume he was using a webcam or something. But he'd totally take over, and we'd see past his techie face, into his lair. It was a mess of awesome cords and other such cool stuff. He was upbeat, he had mad haxxor skills, and he wore a cool hat. I wanna invite him to a barbecue.

Angry Lady from washington: "There's a huge delay, something is lagging somewhere."
Glen (Cutting in): "I've traced the signal all the way from here to washington, and it's crystal clear and strong, the holdup is coming from your building."
Me: "Techie Glen OWNAGE!"

So, here's to you, Glen the Techie. We haven't forgotten the services rendered. Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration to us all. Maybe next time, when the world needs your help, we'll get a glimpse of your glory.

Kudos #2: Hai Ho

The Cross Country team's token asian. He's a trooper. He just doesn't stop. He hasn't been running for too long, but he just doesn't quit. He's ALWAYS there. Always ready. He's got the skills. To Hai Ho, kudos, hang in there.

Kudos #3: Ms. Ward

One of the best English teachers I've ever had, and I've had some good English teachers. She knows what she's doing. Sure, sometimes she looks like she needs a little medication, but she always gets us thinking. She really just knows her stuff. It's no guesswork. She knows exactly how to get me to do my best. She makes me want to write that paper, and to kick that paper's butt. No myspace for Ms. Ward. No relating to us. She doesn't wanna be a student, she just wants to kick butt. Guaranteed she can outrun me in a mile. Go go go Ms. Ward.

Kudos #4: Ms. Peck

Another English teacher, but she gets the award for the nerds, not for the English. What can you really say about a teacher who spends nearly every day after school with the nerd team? She gave that her all. She put up with us, and made us amazing. It was Peck, not Jason or Levi. Sure, Jason and Levi had skills, but c'mon, they didn't wear the same dress to every game. Peck did, and she kicked butt. You don't want to make Peck mad. You don't wanna dissappoint Peck. You don't wanna laugh during round two, she'll swear at you. Peck really was just amazing. You've got to understand, for the three years I was on the nerd team, she was always there. Always with us, every step of the way. At every nerd party, at every game. At nearly every practice. Then, you've gotta think, she's been doing this for ages. For countless years, she's always been there. Always making amazing teams, always being nice to the nerds, giving them a team to be with. Making Theron feel cool, making me feel smart. I learned more from the nerd team than from any other experience in school ever. She's been doing it forever. I don't know how many kids owe Peck that 36 on the ACT, that perfect score on the test 3 years later. Peck's been raising champions forever. So, here's to you Peck, thanks for the cookies.

I think that's all I've got for now. There'll be more to come, but not too many more. You don't wanna throw kudos around too much, they'll lose their value. You can't flood the market. If everybody has a million dollars, it won't mean anything, except that bread is gonna cost a whole lot more. If everybody got kudos, it wouldn't be special. It's supply and demand baby.

Alos, I haven't forgotten about the Paint contest. Voting will begin very soon. And I've already got another contest brewing, I'm even more excited for this one than for the paint. So stay tuned. Well, g'night all. Keep up the good work. Have a great 4th of July, yay for America.


Nick said...

Congratulations on the pics, that video is awesome. I love Levi. Iapkow, of course. Check my blog tomorrow for that one. Spoon! Also, good choice on (some) of the Kudos. I'm gonna do a list of my heroes. That sounds like a good idea. There's quite a few, so... yeah. Look out, here I come!

Anonymous said...

lol. gotta love the kudos. :D
what happened to "101 reasons it's great to be a guy"? remember that little convo? haha. good times.