Sunday, July 30, 2006

Take a Knee

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long. I've been gone for a lot of the week, and being gone prevents me from writing. However, I am going to make a renewed effort to write more often. I love writing, and it accomplishes alot of goals that I've got. Therefore, there shall be more writing.

Life is good.

Total miles run this week: 1
Total games of DOTA this week: 0
Total unique sessions of frolicking in a fountain: 3
Total nights spent in a sleeping bag: 3

So the week has been awesome. The family reunion went really well. I enjoyed it. The montage thing worked out decently, and we had a good time. I went down the river a couple times, that was awesome action.

Youth conference was just amazing. It was the best youth conference I've ever been to. I learned a ton of awesome stuff, grew alot, and had some super awesome fun. I ate like crazy. I had 9 slices of pizza last night. Half of our meals were eaten in the cafeteria, and so I had about 3 meals for every one of those. That's 9 meals, score it. I just didn't stop, it was super. I got to do some water ballet in a fountain, and spend a good 3 hours talking to fluffy bunny on the radio. It was great times.

The trouble about Youth Conference is I know that it's slowly going to be leached out of my brain. I'm gonna forget, and that's not even good. I really want to remember all that stuff, I don't want to lose it. Of course, it's gonna. It's gonna seep out all secret like until all but the really big stuff is gone. So I'm gonna try to write it in the journal. I type so much faster than I write, it's ridiculous. I spent half an hour writing last night, and I could have typed it in about 7 minutes. So really now, typing is crazy fast.

The Frisbee drive has been receding lately. I haven't been throwing good for the last couple weeks. I think one of the issues is I've gotten way too excited about the biscuit and the hammer throw, and haven't been sticking to the basics too well. I gotta get back into the old school. I really haven't been throwing well, even just tossing around in my free time. Hopefully this next friday will be good, I'm always excited for it. It's a unique adventure, different from the rest of the week. It's a standing appointment, it's great.

But I'm thinking that maybe the frisbee club isn't going to be as huge and complex as I previously had planned. It'll prolly be alot more relaxed. I wanna teach a ton of people how to play, get them a little more conditioned, and make sure that there's always a good game going on when people want to play. Facilitating scheduling, facilitating good training sessions. If the people that actually end up joining and coming want more stuff to go on, I'm awesome with that, we can go really far. But really now, I'm not going to drag anybody. Because that's not what it's all about, we're just gonna get out there, have fun, learn some skills, and end up being able to run a mile without dying. That's my main goal there.

I had so much to write about this week. Alot of the main ideas are captured on the hard paper, so it might resurface later. For now, it's lost in my memory. I don't really like to write about events, I like to write about ideas. I had alot of ideas. Where do spiders go? They're always going somewhere, but I never know where. But anyways, I've got a raging plan. A most raging plan in fact.

This next week, going from July 30th to August 5th, is going to be blog-a-day. You might recall I did a blogaday in the past. That actually ended up bring out some awesome dynamics. My favorite ended up being a raging adventure in time management. So that's what this next week's goal is. A blog a day for 7 days straight. Can I do it? I sure hope so. I'm going to need inspiration and support. But really now, I believe in myself, I'm gonna do it, and I'm gonna be a better person for doing it.

Also, I'm going to host a haiku competition. My last competition is nearly done. I just need to ask Jason Liu how he did that poll on his site, so we can get to voting. That's really what it's taken so long, because we haven't had a good way to vote. But now all the sudden it looks like we might, so that'll wrap up soon.

Anyways, Haiku contest. For those of you that don't know, a haiku is a 3 line poem with 17 syllables. It goes 5-7-5. It's a short poem, and the trouble is getting meaning in within such a small canvas. The reason I chose a haiku contest is that it's universally possible. Nobody can't write a haiku. Haiku's are rarely serious things. You've got no time within 17 syllables to talk about the girlfriend that dumped you. You do, however, have the capability to write about your terrible halo skills. A haiku example will be up tomorrow for y'alls.

I don't have the details of the contest all figured out, but once I do I'll throw them up. In the meantime, start writing some if you feel like it. Send em to me, I'll post em up here. It's going to be great. I hope you'll all help out with this one. We had a ton of paint coming in for the last competition, let's see some raging haiku's.

So really, this post could have been deep. By all means it should have been deep. I've got so much to write about. I could write about bat bombs. Maybe they'll come out during blogaday. They're pretty ingenius. This post is just the gateway for something greater. Blogaday is coming, and it's gonna be raging. I'm excited.

It's 1:45 AM. It's time for bed. I only worked out about twice this week, and both were very little workouts. I ate like an animal, but I think that did alot of good. It gave my body a chance to build back a bunch of stuff it hasn't been able to stockpile because of the constant running. Wow, I love being a 16 year old guy. Things are pretty good. I've got some dates out there on the horizon. School will be starting soon, and I'm nothing but excited for that. Tomorrow is Sunday, and Sundays are always great. I'm excited to be here, things are good. Keep up the good work guys. I'll see you all tomorrow. G'night pals~


Courtney said...

Hey Thatcher, good to have you back. Except now I'm in Logan for the week...yeah. Anway, when I get back we have to have some serious night games, cuz I'm kinda sick of not doing anything. Yay for a blog-a-day. That sounds really good. I'll be reading. Um...We only have a month of summer left. Let's get this party started.

Nick said...

Yay! And did you ever think that maybe your Frisbee skillz have declined because of my absence? Oh. Yeah, no. Um... Homework probably needs to be started... And Blog-a-Day is awesome. I wish I could do that. I'm awesome at haikus. Well, I just suck a little less than I used to. Um... it's true about the night games, and it's true that we need to get the good ol' GT class together for something. I don't even care what, a movie, something. Score it!