Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Better Days

Perspective is everything.

I began the day with the intent of writing a huge post about everything. I had the plan to talk about the snail mail to the moon plan. I wanted to talk about frisbee and cross country and school and sleep and english and everything.

As the day progressed, things changed. I wanted to get more philosophical. Towards the end of the evening, I was ready to write an emo post. I figure that the tired and blunt version of me deserves representation as well right?

And how here I am, at the end of the day, writing none of them. Tonight, you get the current version of me. I'm not the same as I was 20 minutes ago. In 8 minutes I'll be different. I'll feel like talking about different things. This is why I write this post.

There are a few facts about life that are undeniable. I believe that the first and foremost of these is that when you do good things, good things happen. I really believe that.

Further down the list of irreversible facts come this next little gem. There will be good days, and there will be bad days.

That's the real deal. And that's ok. It's alright, we're still kickin'. In every sea of sunshine there'll be a few dark clouds. In every black abyss you'll have the stray tulip to cheer you up. You're not going to get the absolutes.

Remember that. Remember that you yourself will wake up one day and suck at everything for the day. Accept that, and do your best anyways. We have no choice but to roll with the punches.
Even more important to remember, however, is that you're not alone. Your friends have bad days too. Your friends are just like you. Tomorrow your friend is going to come to school without their homework. Allow them that opportunity, and be supportive. Because after all, they're having a bad day.

What's the point? The point is that things will be ok. There will be bad days, and there will be good days. Bad days will always be followed by good days eventually, and bad days will be sure to come after those.

It's ok to have a bad day. Remember to be nice to those having bad days. How do you know that someone is having a bad day? You don't, you just be nice to everybody all the time. That way you're covered. We can all stand to be a little nicer. I know I can. I'm going to work on that. Will you too? Let's be nicer, more supportive. Let's say nicer things. Let's let other people spill their guys out to us. Let's be a friend.


Courtney said...

*sigh* ok, thatcher. i'll be nicer. i know i need to be, i can be brutal sometimes...but it's just so fun. :D i need to change. i'll try. but you gotta keep reminding me.

Combat Kyle said...

Teehee, could you tell I was having a bad day yesterday? Well, I guess I should say a bad fourth period...I was happy until physics came along. Even then I was happy. It all started with the handing-back of the test scores :( I've lost my Physics skills again. I honestly don't understand the concepts anymore. Makes me cry inside :'(
On a brighter note, .....well, I cant really think of a brighter note concerning Physics :D I'll keep working at that though, we'll see what happens.

Jaron Frost said...


I've really had a dose of "good day, bad day" lately. I suppose a lot of us have. It's life...

But I agree, we all need to try to reach out to each other and be nice whenever humanly possible. It just makes everything so much better. I'm just as guilty as anyone, and I'm gonna try my best, if everyone else will too. It just takes a small change in everyone to make a huge change.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you too! I will be part of this amazing change that is going to take place!