Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ahhhh, it's 1:03 AM! I've gotta wake up in 5 hours.

How does this happen so fast? Where'd my evening go? I wanted to write tonight, I had things I wanted to do. But alas, no dice. This post is only here to remind me tomorrow of what I want to do.

So, what do I want to do tomorrow?

Well, I gotta write a real post. This is just the antecedent.

I have to talk about:
The race, driver's licenses, the Alliance, failure, and quite possibly some other stuff.

As for the Alliance. Well, I need to write some emails tomorrow.

In addition, the official unveiling is going to be postponed. I apologize for that. As we keep talking about and developing this project, we keep having new and good ideas. The scope of the project is growing, and as it grows, it requires more and more work. We're pretty busy right now, so things are going slower than we'd like, but that's alright.

So, never fear. This Friday you'll still get alot of new information. There'll be screenshots. There'll be good stuff for you. It just won't be the grand opening like we'd hoped.

We hope you'll understand. We don't want to let this baby out into the world until it's really ready for it. We are working as much as we can afford to to get it off the ground. I'm really getting in to it, I'm excited about it. It's shaping up nicely, but we've still got some work to do on it.

So, in conclusion: It's late, and the Alliance is going to be late as well. That's all I got for y'alls, go read the post beneath this one. G'night.

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Jaron Frost said...

We'll forgive you, Thatcher... Although, as a member of the Alliance, I can't really say that :) Oh, Nick kinda told me about the whole "everyone has a sword in their picture" idea, and I'm gonna take a couple soon against a plain wall, so it'll be relatively easy to 'shop. Assuming... we ARE going with the sword theme in the pictures.