Saturday, September 30, 2006

Take Me Home

Homecoming was spectacular. That's really the only way to describe it.

I was really worried about it throughout this past week, I didn't think that it'd work out at all, it was getting pretty stressful.

Honestly, there are very very few things that could have made today better. The day activity was a blast, it had everything a cool activity should have. A trip to the DI, papa murphey's pizza, an intense and mentally stimulating game where you get to know people and laugh. It was just so good. It's impossible to explain what our day activity was or how it worked, but it was a blast. We're definitely doing that again sometime.

Sidenote: I love this suit. I stole it from my brother, and it fits perfectly and I really like the look of it. I'm digging this.

Sidenote 2: I purchased a ninja vest today. (See picture). I am confident that it is among the best 3 dollars I have ever spent.

Dinner was delicious and relaxed, just a good feeling. We went and took a ton of pictures at Arrowhead park after that, in our formal stuff. We took 85 pictures, most of them pretty good. It was really fun to just walk around and find poses and whatnot. It was fun, and we got spectacular pictures. Score it.

We went over to the dance, and it was good times. It's like a region dance, cept a little crazier. I enjoyed it alot though, it was fun to see everybody all dressed up. Good times.

Afterwards, we went to Arctic circle to get shakes. We were the only group from homecoming that had this great idea, it was so fun. We were all dressed up and looking way smooth, and the people working knew we had just come from homecoming. We got our shakes, and just had fun hanging out and eating.

We took our dates home, and then departed for the evening.


Homecoming was a resounding success this year. Even when we got placed in a tough situation without a lot of time to get everything figured out, things turned out awesome. Why is that?

1) Great group of kids. We had some primo people in the group. I'm confident that the average GPA of the assembly was 4.0. The girls were all really really cool, and super fun to be around. They were all dressed very modestly, which the guys really appreciated. The girls weren't all "you're lame cause you're going the cheap route" and they were happy to roll along with whatever crazy ideas we had. It was really easy to get along with everybody.

2) Not too much. Total, we spent about 10 hours with everybody today. That's alot of hours, but it didn't ever get boring. We had a day activity with pizza and the game at my house and a short trip to the DI. We had a 3 hour break, and then dinner at kyles followed by pictures and the dance. We wrapped the evening up with icecream afterwards. We didn't have enough time to really get tired of our dates. We had time to take a nap between the day and evening activities. I didn't have to get up early, and I was home before 12. We didn't overschedule or overload.

3) Economically viable. Total money spent today: 39 dollars. 18 dollars for the ticket, 7 for the shakes. gave kyle 4 bucks for dinner, spent 9.50 at the DI. I'm not sure where my other two quarters went. Now, that's not too much money. It's more than I'd usually spend, but I'm happy with how much I saved. Granted, my parents funded the pizza for lunch, and I still owe kyle 4 more dollars for dinner. But, 39 dollars, that's not too shabby. I didn't have to feel bad about how much it was costing the whole time. Our dates didn't have to feel bad about how much money we were spending on them. It was a nice feeling.

So really, I had a blast today, it was so good. I'm so glad that I went, and really happy with my choice of a date. Thumbs up.

Me and kyle have made some rules for the future, based on our experiences tonight. Here they are.

1) For dances, we're not going to do the bout-a-thingy and corsage bit. We will inform the girls of this beforehand, so they don't spend money on us. We'll show up at the door with flowers for the girl when we pick them up for dinner. This way, we both save money, and are still able to give the girl flowers. We don't have to wear something funny on our chests all night. Score it.

2) Pictures on our own, not at the school. It was so fun taking pictures tonight, and didn't cost us a thing. We're going to have a few prints run off for the girls, but that won't cost more than 10 dollars total. We saved a ton of money, and had a ton of fun.

So that's what we're doing in the future. We're finding ways to have alot of fun for cheap. It's been a good day, things worked out well. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Well... I made $140 for tour... so, yeah, that's really, really good. But still, I almost would've preferred to go to homecoming... ugh. Having... well, bad situations like mine, sucks.

Courtney said...

homecoming was great! everyone looked awesome, and the dance was way fun! :D

Combat Kyle said...

Yeah, it was w00ber for sure. We shall do it again indeed. And I only spent about 34 dollars, but I didn't buy a Ninja vest either. Were the shakes really 7 bucks? ^o) Whatever, I'm not complaining.

Anonymous said...

Homecoming was amazing, I think everybody had the time of their lives. Man, it was just fantastic. And I have yet to document my adventures! I'll get on that...

Combat Kyle said...

Oh, one more thing...I like your title. It reminds me of Les Miserables. (L)(h5) (Date time! w00t)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys all looked soo cute! I like your pictures!!

Anonymous said...

... So... how long has it been since you posted? Oh, that's right: a very long time. Holy cow. Post already.