Sunday, December 10, 2006

Like a good neighbor; State Farm is there.

That google ad appeared on the top of my blog about a month ago. I found it hilarious, so I saved it. Look out, a bird!

Ok, announcement: This week is going to be intense.

Why? Because I'm going to be wearing a cool shirt on monday, and an even COOLER shirt on Friday. I rarely get this excited about what I'm going to wear. This might even be as cool as the time we wore capes to school.

Announcement 2: So, remember how I said we were gonna do ACT prep a while ago? Yup, I still mean it. Therefore, this Friday, 5:30, my house. If you need the address leave me a comment and I'll get it to you. It's going to be good. Because c'mon, everybody wants to do good on the ACT. If we work together, we'll all do better. It'll be a fun adventure.

There are going to be a lot of great posts this week.
Coming up --->
  • My big art deal
  • Five choices I made that put me where I am today
  • The Five places I love the most
  • The Five things I'd do if I were a delinquent
  • Flow Theory
I expect more. I just didn't want to say too much in case something goes terribly wrong.

Announcement the Third: I can drive other people on Friday. You know what that means? It's adventure time.

Announcement the Fourth: This blog just got upgraded to beta. I'm going to pimp it out soon-like.

Announcement the Fifth: The Taylorsville Alliance is back from its Hiatus! It's party time! This time is a lot more relaxed, I'm going to have fun with it. I'm going to approach it as less of a project and more of an adventure.

Announcement the Sixth: I might just make a snow man for Athletics tomorrow, I'm pretty excited about that.

Announcement the Seventh: I'm starting my eagle project this week. Rejoice! I'm going to need your help though. Wednesday me and the scouts are going to do all the manufacturing of the whisper phones. They're still going to need to be painted, so that's where you, my friends, come in. Some time next week I'm going to have a painting party. There's gonna be some painting, then some fun stuff going on. You should all come.

Announcement the Eighth: It's snowing, and I hope you're all having a great day. In the event that you are not having a good day, I offer you this piece of advice.

Think about the last time you got attacked by a bird. Can't remember it? Dang, life is pretty good, you're free of bird attacks. Thank your lucky stars for Orkin pest control.


Courtney said...

wow, that's a great advertisement. thank goodness for orkin. ;) i can't come to the act prep, but let me know about the painting party. ;) i'll totally help as much as i can. :D

Nick said...

Thanks Orkin. You're teh uber hotness. And painting? What did I miss? Oh, right, Eagle. Good work. ACT prep sounds fun, I'm there. I want to help with the tutoring, 'cause I feel bad for a few folks. Anyways, good work, I'm excited for Flow Theory. Should be good, eh? 'Cause apparently we're all from Canada now.

Combat Kyle said...

I'll be to the ACT prep when I get back from teh Swim Meetz0rz. Its a big'n this Friday though, so don't know when I'll be home. Its Region, or District, or somethin feirce. Either way, sounds fun.

Fun ad, fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

so now you can drive a bunch of people. . .you're going to drive them to the bell concert on saturday, right? *wink*wink* alright just kidding but that's so exciting. . ACT prep, Eagle project, good luck!