Friday, December 22, 2006

My Facts

Fact Number One: Content is more important than style.

My computer is running just peachy, things are dandy again. I've got a lot of tweaking to do yet, but that's a good thing.

However, I plan on writing some water tomorrow. The plotline that I plan on following is not fully cemented in my head right now. I'm not entirely sure what is going to happen. I know how it'll end.
For me, it's about the ideas behind it. Great language and delivery is great, but I'm a man of substance. I see paragraphs and paragraphs that are nothing but description. They're great, I like them.

However, they don't accomplish anything. I think that's one of the big problems I've been having with English this year.

We've been worried about saying it well.

When all along we haven't been saying it at all.

It is much more important than the manner in which it is delivered.


Jaron Frost said...

Since it's Christmas and all, I shall use a Christmas analogy!

The wrapping paper might be pretty, but it's the stuff underneath that's important!

I agree with you, Thatcher.

Nathan said...

I used to argue with Harward all the time over this. 8-)

You don't have to be fluffy to keep the reader's attention; just interesting. ;-)

Merry Christmas, Thatcher! :-D