Saturday, June 16, 2007


I don't have too much to say tonight. Just a quiet night, the inevitable crash after endorphin-land.

But there are some times when all I really want to do is put my hand up against the computer monitor and have that make sense. While I don't appreciate the oil on the glass, it seems like it's a decent way to get the message across.

So far it's never worked. Last time I tried it I had to paint my hand with messengers drawing function. This time I tried a picture. What's it mean? It doesn't really matter, and I couldn't really explain anyways. It's a hand, c'mon.

There it is. Keep up the good work Taylorsville. I think we're moving forward. We've got our ups and downs, but we're getting there. There's work to be done. I think I missed some opportunities this week, and that hurts a little bit.

Here's to you Friday night. Don't stop believin'

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Rachel Frost said...

Hooray for Friday nights! I was up really late last night talkin' to my roomie about everybody back home... and now I'm home! Hooray! Really sleepy though. In essence, good work on the hand thing.