Friday, June 15, 2007


This morning I had the opportunity to cover for my mom at work while she helped my sister with her bridal pictures. My mom, who I love dearly, works in a little girls dress store. The dresses are made in San Francisco then shipped her to be sold in malls. Not too hard of a job, all I really had to do was run the sales. Somebody wants to buy a dress, I step in and make it happen. In theory.

Here's the transcript from the journal I kept. Hope you enjoy.


10:06 Am - Just got started, reviewed all the stuff I've got to do. Clear as mud. I hope no one comes in. I'm currently being paid to sit in a chair and write in my notebook. Two old ladies just passed by. I panicked, I thought they'd come in. But they didn't. Whew.

10:09 Am - Good some on B98.7. Makes me wonder why I only wanna listen to love songs after dark after frisbee friday... still a good song.

10:10 Am - I think I'll paint something for mom sometime today. I'm gonna sketch some ideas first though.

10:12 Am - A guy with a hat that says "Terminator just walked by... gasp! A lady just walked in mid write, and is like "Do you sell only girls?" and I'm like "As far as I know... wait! There's a tuxedo over there, in white!" then she left. 2 more customers. Woman and man. Man wants to be here as much as I do. Deep breaths. Oooh, another good song. They're gonna buy something. Deep breaths.

10:37 Am - Oh man, I survived. She was so nice, best customer ever. She was super friendly, and helped me out everywhere I needed help. I had to call for a dress check, and then I'm like, uhh, I don't know how to describe it... so she takes the phone and describes it for me, that was nice. She was patient, and totally reminded me when I needed it in a super nice way. I wanna be like her when I grow up. Yay for nice people!

10:44 Am - Just called my mom to tell her how good I did, yay! Man, another good song on the radio! I think it's five for fighting, so freaking good. "There's a reason for the world --> You and I." So good! Five for fighting - the riddle.

10:55 Am - I just got a fax from David (The Asian in San Francisco), saying he couldn't read the fax I sent him, so I redid it. Nice david, sending me the note and all. This job makes me feel important/special. Still really liking B98.7, pretty good. Gonna make it a preset once I hit the van.

11:19 Am - A lady just came in, doesn't look too serious. Just wrote out a TON of awesome ideas for heroes* (That means water). So excited about that, i've got some epic ideas. I almost wanna hire a professional writer to do this, I don't feel like I can do it justice. I'll try though, so cool.

11:24 Am - She was nice, just left. No complaints.

11:37 Am - Believe by cher is on. One of my favorite songs of the month. New lady in here, w/ kids. She snuck in while I was writing. Mmm, just left, new ones. Left, new lady. They come in waves. "How cute!" .... "You would." So freakin' excited about these water ideas. Rascal flats, what hurts the most? Yep.

12:32 Pm - Just made another sale, woot. Mom gets here in 15 minutes. Another frendly lady, from Idaho. Feeling pretty good about how today has been. No big mistakes, Hooray!

12:47 Pm - She's here! Hooray! Off to the barbecue

And there you have it, my day selling dresses. I was real successful, which was way cool. No complaints there. I did have to call my mom on the first sale I made to figure out how to do a credit card, but after that I had it down.

I spent a lot of time brainstorming and writing stuff for Water. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up, but it was looking really nice. I've got awesome and strong ideas up there, now it's just a matter of sharing. I almost wish I could just tell the story without having to write it down, all the details. I just want to ruin the ending right now. It was cool to notebook it though, getting all the characters down. All the sudden it changed from just an awesome scenario with cool play-outs to a genuine struggle with personal people that I started to care about. The characters started to gain a little bit of complexity, it was cool. The whole concept just makes me way happy. If it never gets written down, I want to explain it all to somebody one day so they can write it, it just makes me happy.

It's funny how many transformations the whole idea has gone through though. It initially started as something totally different. Every time I mow the lawn the thing changes. I think it's pretty stable right now though, considering I've got ideas on paper now. It makes me happy. Maybe I'll write something next week, I hope so.

In any event it's been a pretty good day. I made some money and had some fun. I hope I can keep moving ahead like this, it's feeling pretty good. There's still a lot of work to be done, but with a little help I think it can be handled. Here's to you summer~


Nathan said...

Laugh. Out. Loud. Once again, Thatcher proves himself a hero to all of us. 8-)

And I totally know what you mean about everything you said about ideas. It sorta drives me nuts sometimes, but it's a good feeling to have such a good story in your head. I look forward to reading some Water!

Frissa said...

Can't go wrong with love songs after dark.

Kortney said...

Congrats on not making mistakes. And i'm with Marissa on the love songs.

Jaron Frost said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel about the writing thing. My monster brainchild... the one I decided to start working on again last night (what was I thinking?!) is exactly that way. I love the story so dearly, and it sounds SO good in my head, but to actually write it out, it would take like 3000 pages and I could never do it well enough to be satisfied. But hey. I'm gonna try anyway. I must be insane. :)

The dress selling sounds like a fun experience! Oh man, I LOVE nice people too! If everyone could be like that... the world would be an incredible place!

Combat Kyle said...

I (L) B98.7 Its one of my presets, yo. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

im so glad i know someone who writes like i do. honestly. it's awesome, i sit down and write what's going on around me, and i put what time it is and everything. gosh... you are absolutey wonderful.