Monday, June 11, 2007


Happy Sunday evening everybody. Just a few random thoughts for tonight.

I'm very bad at complimenting girls. I know there's so much to compliment, and I always want to express my great respect for them when they do awesome things. Problem is, I'm so conditioned to complimenting guys that I end up telling the girls that their throw was manly, or that they're a stud. I figure they know what I mean, but I got to work on that.

Paint is really really cool. I'm way happy with how my flying man turned out. Yeah, it does look like the flying peter petrelli picture from heroes. It's not a rip off though, it's just what came out. I can't really paint all that well, but it does always make me happy. I like it.

Just a thought-> I'm looking at my options for employment this summer, and right now things are wide open. If any of you know of anywhere that's hiring, or anybody that wants a good able-bodied manly man to work for them, let me know, eh? If where you work is looking for somebody, I'd love to check out the option. I'm open to pretty much anything, so let me know if you want.

Mr. Rogers was a very impressive guy. Whenever I think about him or read about him I can't help but admire the person that he was. I have absolutely nothing but love and respect for him. If the world had a little bit more Mr. Rogers in it, we'd all be doing a little bit better. Don't forget the gentle guy.

There's something super awesome about having something waiting for you. At PLC, I smiled a ton because I knew that once I got home I had a nice clean room waiting for me. It seems small and stupid, but it was a big deal to me. It was so nice to have that little poster waiting for me too, that made me pretty happy.

I'm going to work on taking it to the limits. You've all heard me talk about it, and chances are I'll just keep talking about it. You know the plan, it's going to be intense.

I think I'm also gonna work on some more water. It's been forever, and I've had some cool ideas. No promises, but it's something I'd like to pursue.

This cat is headed to bed, I hope you're all doing well. Good luck in your various pursuits, I'll catch you all later.


Kortney said...

I need to clean my room. And, i'm glad you liked the poster. Definitely a suprise?

Jaron Frost said...

I LOVE Water! Be sure to tell us when you update it! :D

And, no worries on the complimenting girls thing. I don't think I know how to talk to guys. :S